Saturday, November 6, 2010

NFL Weekend Preview: Week 9

This is legitimately the longest weekend of the year. Even longer for me since it's the Broncos bye week, although perhaps that is a good thing. I am guaranteed not to have to suffer another Bronco loss this weekend, and there is still captivating NFL football upcoming. The league is more unpredictable than normal this year, and it's showing in my picks which are far from stellar. Oh well, here is this week's pathetic attempt at perfection...I'm destined to fall flat on my face, but this is fun for me.

Buccaneers at Falcons - The Buccaneers have clearly enjoyed a charmed season, but I'm still not sure they are good, or at least good enough to win this very important NFC South game on the road. I think the Falcons are just a bit better. Falcons 27 Buccaneers 20

Bears at Bills - Playing home games in Canada still seems like a slap in the face to me. Despite the fact that this Bills team is winless, I think there are several NFL teams worse than they are. Feels like they are due to get their first win this weekend, but I'm not going to predict it. Bears 24 Bills 20

Patriots at Browns - The Browns may not be a good team, but they are capable of putting the fear of God into good teams, which is a good start. The Patriots show up in Cleveland with a single loss, and I feel like they get a good scare a week after Halloween, but not their second loss. Patriots 26 Browns 23 (in OT)

Jets at Lions - Although I can't say why, exactly. I think the Lions get this one. Lions 21 Jets 13

Saints at Panthers - The Saints have struggled thus far this year, but the Panthers could teach classes for college credit about struggling. A week after beating the Steelers, the Saints continue to get healthy in Carolina. Saints 34 Panthers 13

Dolphins at Ravens - Game of the week on paper. If the Ravens are a legit contender, they need to get this one. Also, I'm not saying Miami is bad at scoring in the Red Zone, but consider this: They have scored 10 Field Goals in their past two games and only 2 Touchdowns. You need to put it into the end zone to beat Baltimore. Ravens 27 Dolphins 16

Chargers at Texans - The Chargers have the AFC West right where they want it. They appear to be hopelessly out of the race. The Chiefs have a healthy lead halfway through the season, but will I be shocked if somehow San Diego flies to the finish and wins the West? Not really. I think they get another win this weekend. How bad are the Chargers special teams? Statistically they are first overall in the NFL offense AND defense, and yet somehow they are 3-5. Chargers 31 Texans 28

Cardinals at Vikings - I would be uncomfortable that Brad Childress was in over his head if he were the night manager at Wendy's. This latest three week rental of Randy Moss at the rather exorbitant price of a 3rd round pick is a tour de force of incompetency. Despite the fact that this team seems to be run by an invalid, I can't pick against them when their opponent is the Cardinals on the road. Vikings 21 Cardinals 10

Giants at Seahawks - While not a great team, the Hawks are pesky at home in the Northwest. Seems from things I've heard, picking them to win at home is the trendy pick. When the starting quarterback is Charlie Whitehurst making his first I don't feel like being trendy. I'm not saying Whithurst is bad, because who knows? Dude was drafted in 2006 and his career stats to this point are zero passing yards, 13 rushing yards, and a rushing touchdown. Tim Tebow is more established as an NFL player at this point. I'm going to pick against the unknown commodity, even acknowledging that he may be great. Here is a photo of the dude...I don't know if he still looks this awesome, but if so, I'm cheering for the guy. You gotta like a quarterback that looks like Stoner Jesus. Giants 33 Seahawks 20

Colts at Eagles - Allegedly, The Eagles are favored in this one. I don't understand why. Colts 31 Eagles 17

Chiefs at Raiders - When was the last time this was a big game? It's been at least 20 years, right? This game is like Aliens vs. Predator for a Broncos fan like me, no matter who wins, I lose. I still am skeptical of the Chiefs, but putting my faith in the Raiders feels wrong too. I just don't know how to pick this one, but I guess I'll go Silver and Black. Raiders 27 Chiefs 24

Cowboys at Packers - One of my favorite uniform matchups ever. At the beginning of the season this looked like it would be a big important game, but that was before the Cowboys folded like a poker player holding an 8 and a 2. Gotta take the Packers here, right? WRONG! For no reasonable reason, I'm going to take the dreadful 'Boys led by the incomparable Jon Kitna and Wade Phillips. Cowboys 28 Packers 13

Steelers at Bengals - Steelers are due for a bounce back, and the Bengals are just not very good. Steelers 37 Bengals 14

Week 8: 6-7
Season to Date: 64-53

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