Wednesday, November 24, 2010

NFL Weekend Preview: Week 12

I’m on fire! 11-5 last weekend, and I’m so overconfident that I was planning on climbing onto the roof and shouting, “I am a golden god!” a little bit later on today. Also, with Thanksgiving upon us, let us give thanks for NFL football and a bone chilling warning that we may not have it next year if the lockout comes to fruition. So remember to snuggle up this holiday weekend and be thankful for what we have while we still have it.

Patriots at Lions – All season the refrain on the Lions is that they are good, but just fall apart at the end. Maybe they aren’t good, or else you start winning some of these games. I still think they are better than their record indicates, but not much. As for the Patriots, they may just be the best team in the NFL right now. Detroit fans are used to losing Thanksgiving games, so what’s one more? Patriots 33 Lions 21

Saints at Cowboys – A two game win streak for the Cowboys makes this game slightly more interesting than it looked a few weeks ago, but the Jason Garrett bounce has to be just about up, right? The Saints have been putting it together over the past month, and my preseason pick that they would repeat, while still dubious, looks less ridiculous than it did. Saints 31 Cowboys 24

Bengals at Jets – Two teams touted as some of the more interesting teams in the league before the season began. The Bengals have fallen flat on their face with the low point having to be choking up a 31-14 halftime lead to Buffalo. It’s hard to believe that they will be able to bounce back in just four days from that. While the Bengals have underachieved worse than anyone this side of the Cowboys or Vikings, the Jets have lived up to the hype, even if they have done so in an exceptionally lucky way. While a good team, the Jetropolitans are NOT as good as their record would indicate, however I see their luck continuing on Thanksgiving night, as somehow the Jets rally in the 4th quarter again as has become their custom. Jets 30 Bengals 26

Packers at Falcons – I hate when people break out the “NFC Championship Game preview” followed by a question mark, but these are two of the stronger teams in the NFC, and it’s possible this will be our final although, I think the Eagles will be involved somehow in that game. Either way, should be a pretty interesting game and the best game of the week on paper. Packers 24 Falcons 21

Steelers at Bills – The Steelers are too good for Buffalo. What more can I say? Steelers 38 Bills 14

Panthers at Browns – Despite the fact that the Browns lack a glowing record; Is it safe to say they have been the feel good story of the season, thus far? Colt McCoy is going to sit this game out, and I’m always a little hesitant to pick a team quarterbacked by Jake Delhomme, but he’s going up against his old team which is so bad that even the Jake factor can’t scare me off of the Panthers. Looking at the Panthers quarterback depth chart is frightening. Starting Brian St. Pierre and the backup right now is Tony Pike. Yes, this is allegedly an NFL team, although it would be tough to convict them of that in a court of law. Browns 31 Panthers 13

Jaguars at Giants – It’s the Jekyll and Hyde game! It’s impossible to tell whether either of these 6-4 teams are good or not, due to their 8 combined losses all being by double digits and the fact that although they have both won more than they have lost, when they lose, they lose BIG. I’m just bummed because for the second year in a row a terrible Jags team is continually being shown in the “In the hunt” column whenever sports shows talk playoff picture. I’m making this pick hoping that it happens and we can quickly remove this Jaguar team from the hunt. Giants 29 Jaguars 17

Vikings at Redskins – Are the Vikings going to get a post Chilly bump in the same way the Cowboys got a tiny bit of rejuvenation once they jettisoned Wade Phillips? I hope not, but seeing as how their next two games are against Washington and Buffalo, I could see it happening. They are still a crappy team that has underachieved, but they get a brief moment in the sun over the next two weeks. Vikings 21 Redskins 17

Titans at Texans – Which is harder to overcome? The emotional strain of allowing a team to move the ball the length of the field with less than a minute to go to score a touchdown to beat you after you basically laid up with a first and goal situation and had to settle for a field goal OR having your starting quarterback be named “Rusty”? I’m going to guess the Texans get over their malaise quicker than the Titans get over their “Rusty.” Texans 27 Titans 17

Chiefs at Seahawks – The Chiefs are so ready to fall into collapse mode, but the NFL schedule makers won’t let them. The Seahawks this week after the Cardinals last week. The NFC West makes up for a multitude of sins. Chances are excellent that the Seahawks will lose to fall below .500 on Sunday and still be leading that horrible division. Chiefs 20 Seahawks 17

Miami at Raiders – Two teams that combined to score three points last week face off. The Raiders had all sorts of mojo working before facing the Pittsburgh buzzsaw, so perhaps they can get it back here. The Dolphins will likely once again be starting third-stringer Tyler Thigpen who failed to score, but did not fail to make a multitude of mistakes last Thursday against the Bears whilst getting shut out. My gut tells me the Dolphins win, and that is how I’m going to pick it, so you should probably bet the Raiders. Dolphins 16 Raiders 13

Rams at Broncos – The Rams haven’t won in Denver since Jimmy Carter was president. The Broncos have won six straight home games against NFC teams, and the Rams are winless on the road. Those, my friends, are trends. I have very little confidence in my boys, but I’m picking them to win anyway. Broncos 23 Rams 20

Eagles at Bears – Apropos of nothing except the fact that these two teams are playing in the same place where it happened in 1988...Remember the Fog Bowl? Crazy they played a game in something like this...
Good game on paper with both teams at 7-3, but I feel like the Eagles are much MUCH better than Chicago. Eagles semi-big here. Eagles 28 Bears 13

Buccaneers at Ravens – At 7-3 yet in third place in their division, do you think the Bucs are slightly annoyed that someone from the NFC West will make the playoffs? The Bucs continue to be solid this year, and bring a punchers chance to Baltimore, but they’ll need to be very special to beat the Ravens, and I don’t think they’re going to be quite that good. Ravens 27 Buccaneers 21

Chargers at Colts – The Chargers always play the Colts tough, and they need to stay hot to keep chasing down the Chiefs. The Colts are also in a divisional battle, but they are better than the Jags and Titans whom they are battling. I’m going to say the game means more to the red hot Chargers, and they go into Indy and put down the Colts. Chargers 31 Colts 28

49ers at Cardinals – The winner of this Monday Night battle of 3-7 teams could potentially be only a game out of first place in the NFC West if the Chiefs can manage to take down the Seahawks on Sunday. How do you know the NFL is an unstoppable beast right now? This game is going to get good ratings for ESPN despite being the battle for the NFC West basement. 49ers 21 Cardinals 13

Week 11: 11-5
Season to Date: 91-69

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