Monday, November 22, 2010

Broncos Gameday Recap: Game 10 - Broncos at Chargers

Chargers 35 Broncos 14
Subtle. Stay Classy, San Diego.

I knew that thumping of the Chiefs was a mirage. Welcome back to the crappy Broncos season. After an initial amazing drive where the Broncos marched down the field like a machine, the highlights for Denver were pretty much over. Things were going well for most of the first quarter, but after the Broncos stopped the Chargers where the punting unit came on, Mike Scifres took the long snap and tossed a 28 yard reception to Mike Tolbert to convert a 4th and 14, and the game swung to the home team for good.

Mike Tolbert gashed the Broncos all night to the tune of 111 yards.

I don't really know who you blame this on. The Chargers are just better than the Broncos. The Broncos are bad. They are unable to stop people, they are unable to sustain offensive momentum, and they are just not very talented. Not sure there is much in the way of scheming that can be done to take away the disadvantage of not being as talented as your opponent. This is a bad team, and it's not going to get better for awhile.

They need to draft well and stockpile some talent. I'm not sure that McDaniels is going to be around long enough to see this turn around, and frankly, I'm not sure he should.
Between trading away Jay Cutler, Brandon Marshall, Peyton Hillis, Tony Scheffler and Alphonso Smith, and then getting rid of three valuable draft picks for a backup quarterback who has amassed all of 1 career throw to this point, I'm thinking that a rebuilding effort suffers with this kind of personnel decision making.

The Broncos are a big bowl of meh right now. Not much interesting or captivating, nothing to look forward to, and little hope that things are going to turn around soon. Broncos nation needs more signs of hope, and one freak blowout win in the middle of the season isn't enough to make us forget that the team is 3-7 and amongst the dregs of the NFL.

Hey look, there goes another Charger down the field!

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