Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Broncos Gameday Recap: Game 9 - vs Chiefs

Broncos 49 Chiefs 29
Head and Shoulders above the Chiefs.

More please! I'm not sure what got into the Denver Broncos on Sunday, but I'd like to bottle it and have it poured out on to the field each Sunday. We are two days away from the game now, so breaking it down feels silly, plus I am feeling exceptionally lazy right now, so I'm not going to do a full breakdown. However, I will say that I attended the game on Sunday, and jumped up and down repeatedly and lost my voice from joyful cheering.

I had a good feeling about the game, but that meant I thought we might win on a last minute field goal or something, not run the Chiefs out of the building. I can't help shake the feeling that this was an aberration, and the mediocre Broncos will make their return to the field against the Chargers next Monday night, but for one day, we were the kings of the world in the NFL, and it felt good.

Just a few random thoughts about the game:

Brandon Lloyd: How has this guy gotten to be an elite receiver this year after so many years of being a journeyman? Weird, but delightful. He was incredible on Sunday.

Tim Tebow: Yes, he threw his first pass, for a touchdown no less, and of course, I'm cheering for the kids. Hopefully he'll give a lot to Broncos football over the coming years, but for the love of all things holy, Denver. Can we tone down the irrational exuberance a touch whenever he comes into the game? It's embarrassing how wild the stadium gets every time he walks onto the field. The bated breath and ultra enthusiasm is not quite warranted just yet. Let's let him earn our adoration, instead of just blindly cheering each time he takes a sip of water, okay? Thanks.

Kyle Orton: That'll do. Fantastic game. Nuff said. This guy is actually earning the accolades and is treated as an afterthought by Broncos fans which is weird to me.

Matt Cassel: Wow, was he awful. If you look at his stats, you'd think he was making a case for a Pro-Bowl appearance. However, if you watched the game, you'd realize why stats can not always be trusted in the NFL. His stats were 33-53 for 469 yards and four touchdowns. However, he was constantly missing open receivers, making poor decisions, and just plain stinking up the joint. You'd have loved to have started him on your fantasy team, but if you're a Chiefs fan, he's a big reason you lost.

Instant Replay failure: Felt like home cooking, but in the first quarter on the bomb to Jabbar Gaffney that made the score 21-0, the Chiefs challenged, but the refs declared that the replay system was inoperable, so the call on the field would stand. Somehow in the second half, it was working well enough to reverse a call for the Broncos that ended up being called as a Brandon Lloyd touchdown after further review. I do sort of feel bad about this. How come the Broncos got a chance to have a play reviewed later on if that chance was denied the Chiefs earlier in the game? Fortunately, this game was a no doubter, so it's not like anyone can say that the Broncos didn't earn this win.

49 points: Yup. I just wanted to type it again to see how ridiculous it looks to see that the Broncos actually scored that many. I still find it hard to believe days after.

Todd Haley: Get over yourself. It's not as much fun to be on the losing side of things, is it? Remember that you yourself won by 20 on this very same field 11 months ago. Shake Josh's hand, already. Oh, and we'll try to make sure that our instant replay system is operable next year for ya.

Orange Jerseys: The NFL needs to mandate that these things become the Broncos permanent jerseys ASAP. They are beautiful. The Broncos are supposed to wear orange.

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