Thursday, November 11, 2010

NFL Weekend Preview: Week 10 (Thursday Night Edition)

Thursday football is already upon us, which means that crappy weather is soon to descend and that we are closer to the end of the regular season than the beginning. This makes me sad, but try to remember to hold on to the football while we have it, as the football season grows up too quickly, and before you know it you’re standing at the Super Bowl as a proud parent watching your season get it’s diploma in it’s cap and gown and thinking to yourself, I remember when you were just a little preseason! My point, life moves quickly, so watch a lot of football or you might miss something.

Ravens at Falcons – Pretty good game to kick off the Thursday slate what with two of the six teams standing at the top of the league standings with 6-2 records. So on a technicality of three days, the winner here gets to be the first team to seven wins in the NFL. The Falcons are tough to beat at home with Matt Ryan. He’s only lost once ever in the Georgia Dome, and I only bring it up because he lost to…THE BRONCOS! (Look, Broncos fans have limited opportunities to brag these days, so when I see one, I jump on it.)

This game matches up the two quarterbacks with some of the dumber nicknames in sports. Matt Ryan has picked up the nickname Matty Ice, clearly a dumb reference to a terrible beer, however that nickname is at least somewhat organic and not nearly as objectionable as the nickname which was “given” to Joe Flacco in a produced event called “The Nickname” earlier this year. (I swear I’m not making this up.) The NBHHCM (which is short for the National Basketball & Hip-Hop Culture Month Foundation, but I’m sure you already knew that.) had this event which they called “The Nickname” in the misguided spirit of following after LeBron James’ “The Decision.”

In this event (held on September 10th, 2010) the NBHHCM in association with something called “Dunkadelic Sports Marketing” released the new official fan logo and nickname of Joe Flacco. The name? “BL Cool J No. 5” (BL can stand for Be Like OR Baltimore Loves, of course.)

And here of course, is the new BL Cool Joe No. 5 logo...

Joe, I’m not sure how you got caught up with the good folks over at NBHHCM or Dunkadelic Sports Marketing, but I just want you to know. It’s okay to say no, man.

Look, I know I just put the Ravens at number one in the Powerlines rankings, but I cannot feel okay about myself and pick the Ravens this week after learning about BL Cool J No. 5. So, I’ll go with the home team in a game that I think should be pretty close. Falcons 20 Ravens 17

Week 9: 9-4
Season to Date: 73-57

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