Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Powerlines: Week 4 NFL Power Rankings

From the people who brought you Eagledog, it's Gator Chicken! (And the week 4 Power Rankings, too.)

I know the NFL likes parity, but wow! Only 3 undefeated teams after just 3 weeks, even more odd is that the Chiefs are one of the three. We are nearly to the quarter pole, and if you think you have any idea who the best teams are, you're an idiot. I pride myself on being an idiot, so here is where I say the power lies. List is subject to change, lots and lots of change...

1. Steelers (3-0) – Before the season started, people were worried how bad this team would be without Roethlisberger for the first month. With the defense that appears back to 2008 standards, it appears the concerns were overstated, and they only figure to get better when their big oaf of a quarterback comes back from suspension.

2. Packers (2-1) – I can’t kill the Packers too much for losing in Chicago to the undefeated Bears with a revved up Monday Night crowd. That’s tough sledding against your biggest rival. I still think at the end of the season that Green Bay will be better than Chicago, though.

3. Saints (2-1) – How many Saints fans are pulling a “What have you done for us lately?” routine with kicker Garrett Hartley? “Sure you nailed a pressure kick against the Vikings to get us into the Super Bowl, hit 3 kicks of over 40 yards in the Super Bowl, AND executed a successful onside kick to start the second half of the Super Bowl, but now you’re going to shank a 29 yard kick to win a game in overtime? You suck, Hartley!” Apparently even the Saints themselves are pulling this, as they are looking into new kickers, pro sports everybody!

4. Colts (2-1) – You wouldn’t know it from the stats, as on paper, Peyton Manning had a big day against the Broncos. However, if you watched the game. (And I was there, so I was definitely watching.) He seemed a little off. Also, the defense tightened up when the absolutely needed to, but Kyle Orton was moving the ball with ease in between the 20 yard lines.

5. Bears (3-0) - Huge win against the Pack. I'm not a big fan of the Bears, but those throwback uniforms they were wearing Monday night were pimp. They looked like the coolest High School team ever.

6. Jets (2-1) - Team Manic-Depressive. Two weeks ago, they looked like they had hit rock bottom after losing to the Ravens and looking dreadful. Now both the Jets and their fans are making plans to be in Dallas in February. I'd feel better if they were a little more consistent, but I have to admit that they are much better thus far through three games than I was anticipating at the outset of the year.

7. Ravens (2-1) - Baltimore righted the ship against Cleveland...sort of. I was expecting them to win by a bit more, and was surprised that Cleveland scored 17 against their defense. I feel like we'll know a lot more about them after next week against the Steelers.

8. Falcons (2-1) - This team has been solid this year, and I am believing in them, but how many of their fans are experiencing Vick regret?

9. Texans (2-1) - The Texans were sort of playing with house money against Dallas after starting 2-0 and getting a win against their nemesis the Colts, but I still thought they were going to win the battle of Texas due to the inferiority complex that comes with being the Cowboys little brother. They are still out to a good start, and clearly that game meant more to the Cowboys, but I think a contender puts their foot down on the struggling Cowpokes.

10. Patriots (2-1) - The Pats will need to win every game 42-35 by the looks of it. Bill Belichick's team is defense optional.

11. Bengals (2-1) - After getting killed by New England in week 1, Cincy has kind of slipped below the radar, but they are there lurking right now.

12. Eagles (2-1) - Best story of the first month so far has to be the redemption of Michael Vick. Playing well doesn't mean he's turned into a good person, but at least he's fun to watch again...and really, when it comes to sports, that's mostly what matters. I'm all for having guys with good character, but at the end of the day this is entertainment, not a morality play.

13. Cowboys (1-2) - Wow did Wade Phillips need that win. I feel like the Cowboys are about to go out and string together a bunch of wins now. This team may be dumb, but they are also talented.

14. Vikings (1-2) - The Lions came to town at just the right time. Minnesota now needs to go out and beat someone impressive. Brett Favre is still likely to regret coming back this season.

15. Chiefs (3-0) - The Chiefs have had a nice little start, but let's not get too overly excited about beating the 49ers, Chargers, and Browns.

16. Titans (2-1) - The perfect cure for Vince Young's quarterback woes is coming...a home date against the Broncos defense!

17. Dolphins (2-1) - What a terrific game against the Jets on Sunday night. For once, everyone was cheering FOR Miami. Once basketball season rolls around, that will change quickly.

18. Seahawks (2-1) - Perhaps this will be the first team in NFL history that bases most of it's offense on Kickoff returns. Not a strategy I would associate with a champion, but it sure worked on Sunday.

19. Chargers (1-2) - Is this the typical early season malaise, or are the Chargers actually not that good anymore?

20. Cardinals (2-1) - I am baffled that this team is over .500. Talk about something I don't expect to last. I'd put more stock in a BP popularity resurgence in Louisiana than in the Cards right now.

21. Giants (1-2) - That opening season romp over the Panthers seems less impressive now that the Panthers look about as fierce as a wet noodle and the Giants have getting obliterated ever since.

22. Redskins (1-2) - I think the reason that the Eagles may have been so quick to dump McNabb to a division rival is because they knew he just isn't very good anymore. Skins still have some hope, but Shanahan will need to do better than losing by two touchdowns to the Rams.

23. Jaguars (1-2) - This team has flat out sucked since opening the season win versus Denver. It's gotta be tough to find reasons to put on teal and root for this team if you live in Northeast Florida.

24. Buccaneers (2-1) - You knew they wouldn't stay undefeated TOO long. This is a young team that has the opportunity to grow and get better this year, but they have a long way to go before they are contending.

25. Broncos (1-2) - The Broncos are playing hard for Josh McDaniels, which is a good sign. They don't seem like they are going to get blown out much, but I can sure see them losing a lot of relatively close games.

26. Rams (1-2) - The Rams beat Washington by two touchdowns. Wait...What?

27. Lions (0-3) - Perhaps the best 0-3 team in America!

28. Raiders (1-2) - Every year I think, this is the year the Raiders finally won't completely suck. Every year I am wrong.

29. 49ers (0-3) - Mike Singletary's team looks lost. Perhaps he should moon them and see what happens?

30. Browns (0-3) - Well, at least it appears safe to say that they won the Peyton Hills for Brady Quinn trade. The Browns will take whatever wins they can get.

31. Panthers (0-3) - Masters of the thirteen point loss. They are three for three in losing by thirteen this season thus far.

32. Bills (0-3) - This is too depressing to even mock. I'm sorry, Buffalo. You deserve better.

And now, for no reason in particular: Dancing Elmo.


Monday, September 27, 2010

Vertically Striped Radio - Episode 75 - 09-27-10 - "Do a Show!"

Vertically Striped Radio - Episode 75

If Face Ventura yells, "Do a Show!" enough, eventually I break down and give in. Brought to you with limited commercial interruptions, This show answers the age old question, "What would happen if we did a show with zero prep while watching a Bears-Packers game?" We start talking about the movie career of Diane Lane, who would win a fight between Juggernaut and the Incredible Hulk, discuss the week in football and determine where Face's expectations for the women in his life should be. Not as bad as it could have been considering there was zero prep.

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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Broncos Gameday Recap: Game 3 - vs Colts

Colts 27 Broncos 13

The Broncos did their best at Invesco on Sunday, but the Colts and their own mistakes kept them from a win no one expected them to get anyway.

Sometimes you're just outclassed. Today was not necessarily one of those days, however. The Broncos actually outgained the Colts 519 yards to 365. Gaining yards only matters if you're able to finish off drives, however. The Broncos got into the Red Zone five times today, and came away with a whopping 13 points. That is not getting it done. Also, handing the ball over to the Colts deep in their own territory is bound to hurt you. The Broncos did that twice, along with failing on three of four fourth down conversion attempts. Just too many mistakes by the Broncos today. While the Colts were not terribly sharp today, they are certainly good enough to finish the job and if you start to beat yourself.

In case you were unaware, this number 18 guy is pretty good.

If you look at the stats, Peyton Manning had a pretty good day. However, I have to say that he looked a little bit off. He still was able to connect for a trio of touchdowns, and a very solid passing day, but he failed on a lot of plays where normally you'd expect him to succeed. I'll give part of the credit to the Broncos, but I also think he was a bit off. Someone who wasn't off was Austin Collie, as the Colts wideout went bonkers today with 12 catches for 171 yards and two touchdowns. Very impressive day for Austin today.


Somehow Brandon Lloyd has turned from mediocre receiver to super star thus far this year. I didn't see it coming, but it has been fun to behold.

Brandon Lloyd: When did this journeyman turn into this big of a stud? Lloyd was making huge plays all day including a beautiful 48 yard touchdown catch from Kyle Orton. 169 yards on 6 catches and a touchdown...not too shabby.

Gaffney is now Kyle's go to guy.

Jabar Gaffney: Gaffney looks like he is quickly becoming Orton's security blanket. He pulled down 12 catches today for 140 yards and was making some tough grabs at big points in the game.

A record setting day number wise, but probably Kyle's worst effort thus far this season.

Kyle Orton: He put up some crazy good numbers, even though this was probably his worst game of the season. His second quarter interception simply should not have been thrown, as if Jacob Lacey didn't intercept it, the other man covering Eddie Royal probably would have. It was an atypical terrible decision from a man who has become quite good at not making terrible decisions in general. Other than that play, which set up a Colts touchdown, Orton had a big day. He threw for the second most yards in Broncos history today, flinging the rock for 476 total passing yards. (Although a decent chunk of that came in garbage time.) His touchdown pass to Brandon Lloyd was a thing of beauty, right on target deep in the end zone thanks to some sterling protection from the offensive line.

The Defense was stuffing the Colts run game all day.

The Defense: They lapsed a few times, but in general, the defense looked fairly competent against one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. Although they were unable to force a turnover, they did a decent job getting off the field on third downs allowing the Colts to go 6-14 on third down. They also did a fairly good job of holding down the Colts offense, and the running game in particular. Peyton Manning is always going to get his, but the loss today should not be pinned on the defense.

The Negatives:

Laurence Maroney failed to make a great first impression with Broncos fans today.

Laurence Maroney: It took less than two quarters for Broncos fans to start disliking Maroney. He does a good job of turning promising plays into 3 yard gains, and makes very little happen in general. He had one good play off of a catch at the beginning of the 4th quarter, but apart from that, he was generally miserable. He averaged a whopping 2 yards per carry with a long gain of 6. He failed to get into the end zone from very close proximity a bunch of times, and in general it appeared that Broncos fans will be quick to boo the newcomer from New England. (Making this performance even more difficult to swallow is the fact that Peyton Hillis went for 144 yards and a touchdown for Cleveland today. Although Brady Quinn looked pretty good standing on the sideline holding a clipboard today, so I guess the trade wasn't a complete loss for the Broncos.)

Perrish Cox's new nickname is likely "Toast" after the way he was continually burned today.

Perrish Cox: The Rookie can be exciting at times, but he was burned on two touchdown passes, and his first quarter punt muff handed the Colts 3 early points, and Peyton Manning is generally good enough that you don't need to hand him extra points for free. I have high hopes for Cox, but today was one of those growing pains days for the rook.

Red Zone Offense: When you move the ball as well as the Broncos did today, you need to score more than 13 points. The Broncos were rather inefficient once they got inside the 20 today, only managing two field goals on their five trips to the crimson area. The total lack of a run game certainly shares part of the blame for this, as when a team shows a complete lack of running ability (Unless you count 47 total rushing yards as a success) it usually can't punch it in when it matters most. Oddly enough, the Broncos play-action fakes were wildly successful. One would think the Colts would respect the run less considering the Broncos were terrible at it all day. However, time after time, the play fakes worked. Weird.

Final Thought:

There is no shame in losing to the reigning AFC champs. The Broncos might have had a shot today if they could just make the big plays at the big moments, but despite being pretty successful throwing the ball today, it didn't translate into points, and there were too many failures and drive killing errors to overcome a team as talented as Indy. Still, the Broncos played like a team that I could be proud of as a Broncos fan, even if they failed to actually win the game. As odd as it sounds, I think this young team grew up a little today. There is still a long way to go, but they're learning. Go Broncos!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

NFL Weekend Preview: Week 3

Yeah, the Packers-Bears rivalry is a little bitter, but then, they've played each other 178 times now...

Only an average picking week for me in Week 2 after a very solid Week 1; I try to get back on track in Week 3 with another round of glorious NFL football. September is truly a spectacular month. And yes, your eyes do not decieve you, I did take the Lions on the one said I was sane. Enjoy Week 3.

Titans at Giants:
Two teams licking wounds from a week ago. I think the Giants are better than the giant egg they produced last week against Peyton Manning. Giants 23 Titans 16

Steelers at Buccaneers: The Bucs are undefeated, but their wins are against Cleveland and Carolina...they get stomped by the first good team they play this season. Steelers 27 Buccaneers 10

Bengals at Panthers: In the battle of the big cats, the visitors are clearly superior to the home team. The Panthers are just awful right now. Bengals 23 Panthers 13

Browns at Ravens: I think the question is less about who will win this game, and more
like, "Will the Browns even be able to score?" Barring a Josh Cribbs huge play for Cleveland, I'm going to say no. Ravens 27 Browns 0

Cowboys at Texans: When was the last time these two Texas teams played and you flat out expected the younger team from Houston to win? Oh, that's right, never before. Well, I expect it this week, followed by a lot of drama in Dallas over the coming week. Texans 30 Cowboys 20

49ers at Chiefs: A team everyone was expecting to break out versus a team no one believed in, and they both have gone in a direction opposite what was expected. I don't think the Chiefs are completely for real, but I think they ride home crowd and the season opening momentum for another week. Chiefs 26 49ers 23

Lions at Vikings: Favre and company are at home licking their wounds after starting 0-2. The Lions are also 0-2, but they have put up some epic struggles against the Eagles and Bears the past few weeks. Here is my upset special, and one that I'm a little afraid of making, because it means backing the Lions on the road...but here I go anyway. Lions 20 Vikings 19

Bills at Patriots: The Pats are going to be hungry after just getting handled by the Jets in a game everyone was expecting them to win. The Bills are just looking for a soft place to land, however Foxborough is not terribly soft. Is it possible for the Bills to score negative points in this one? Okay, probably not, but they aren't going to score too many positive ones either. Patiots 34 Bills 6

Falcons at Saints: The world champs are winning, but far from impressively. Still, they are winning, which is sort of the point. It's tough to go to Louisiana and beat this team...I don't think the Falcons can do it. Saints 24 Falcons 21

Redskins at Rams: There was no excuse for the way the Redskins lost against the Texans, they had that game. Losing to the Rams would be an even bigger travesty. I don't think Mike Shanahan is going to let them lose this one, although I expect it to be somewhat close. Redskins 26 Rams 19

Eagles at Jaguars: Mike Vick is now holding the reigns to the Eagle offense and holding them well, and the Jags looked like sick cats last week in San Diego. Eagles 27 Jaguars 14

Raiders at Cardinals: Something tells me this isn't the FOX game of the week. Both of these teams are terrible, but there is something about Bruce Gradkowski playing quarterback in Oakland that I like, and there is nothing about Derek Anderson that I like playing quarterback anywhere. Raiders 14 Cardinals 9

Chargers at Seahawks: The Chargers tend to struggle early in seasons, but fortunately for them, they are playing in Seattle this weekend. I don't think the Seahawks have anything close to the firepower necessary to beat San Diego. Chargers 31 Seahawks 10

Colts at Broncos: In the battle of the ponies this weekend, once again, visitors are more talented than the home squad. Peyton Manning tends to dismantle the Broncos, and it's not like this year's edition of the Broncos defense is anything noteworthy. I think my Broncos play hard, but are just outclassed. Either way, I'll be at Invesco Field cheering them on. Colts 28 Broncos 17

Jets at Dolphins: Miami hasn't shown a lot of flash this year, but they have won thus far. This is a matchup of polar opposite teams. The Jets like to brag about the size of their turds when they take a dump, and the Dolphins would probably talk about how it was a tough game and they respect their opponents and thought the game was a hard fought win if they won the Super Bowl by one hundred. Of course, the Dolphins might not score 100 points all season, but I think they have enough to take down the Jets in a division rivalry that has gotten even nastier with Jason Taylor switching sides. I'll take the quiet team over the braggarts in this one. Dolphins 13 Jets 10

Packers at Bears: Green Bay is a good team, and I'm not sure I believe the same about Chicago. This rivalry IS football. They have played 178 times with the Bears winning 90 and the Packers winning 82 with 6 ties. However, the NFL's oldest rivalry gets even more heat as they face off for the 179th time as they will play with the Monday Night spotlight on them, and both teams are undefeated. Soldier Field will be bouncing, and I am hoping for a good game. Packers 33 Bears 24

Week 2: 9-7
Season to Date: 21-11

Vertically Striped Radio - Episode 74 - 09-25-10 - The Musical Surprise Edition

How can music surprise you? VSR counts some of the ways on the show today. Craig unveiled his Power Rankings, needless to say, he enjoys the the NFL RedZone channel.

Face, The Whale, and Craig talked a lot of football, discussed plans for "The League", Craig shared his vision for replacing the Tooth Fairy with the Tooth Moose, Craig talked a bit about an interesting social experiment done in Washington DC in 2007, and we discussed the sort of person who enjoys pentagrams.

The music recommendation was "Like a Rolling Stone" by Anberlin. So take in a High School football game, raise a glass of Scope, and enjoy Episode 74 of VSR!

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Powerlines: Week 3 NFL Power Rankings

We've had zoo animals and photos of random people on the train, this year's random photos to accompany the Powerlines...Weird Animal Mashups! Say hello to Eagledog!

Two weeks of games are in the books, and while we still don't really know anything, at least we are beginning to gain some type of grasp on the haves and the have nots of the NFL. There is still plenty of time for this list to get turned on it's head, but for now, here is how I see the current league structure to be situated. Feel free to consult this chart before making your NFL spread picks, or if you prefer go to ESPN.

1. Saints - They haven't started super strong, but they are doing enough to win games. And until the Super Bowl champs at least lose one game, I keep them at the top.

2. Packers - Green Bay is looking strong offensively and defensively. How much is Aaron Rodgers looking forward to his next opportunity to take down Favre?

3. Steelers - The offense is somewhat pedestrian, but the suffocating defense of two seasons ago appears to be back. Undefeated even without Big Ben, things are looking good in Steel town.

4. Texans - Gary Kubiak has his team playing well, and his offense is out of this world right now, but he needs to show more guts. Punting in OT when you reach your opponents 35 yard line is simply unacceptable.

5. Colts - Peyton Manning is lurking, and without the pressure of trying to go undefeated...which is something that has hung over them a lot in recent seasons. The Colts are still a powerhouse.

6. Ravens - The defense looks great, but Joe Flacco needs to get going.

Look Golden Boy, that haircut looks stupid.

7. Patriots - I'm begging and pleading, Mr. Brady. For the love of all that is holy and good. Cut your hair.

8. Dolphins - Very boring for a good team. Undefeated teams usually average more than 14.5 points per game.

9. Jets - Never has a team needed a big win like the Jets needed that Patriots win. And to celebrate...let's get drunk and drive while intoxicated in the city with the most cabs on earth. Jets...talented, but stupid. Very, very stupid.

10. Giants - Blow out the Panthers, get destroyed by the Colts. I may need another month to know whether or not this team is any good.

11. Bengals - Looked dreadful in New England week 1, then had a super impressive win against the Ravens. After that tough two week opening stretch, they figure to get fat against the likes of the Panthers, Browns, and Buccaneers.

12. Chargers - Although they appear incapable of starting a season strong, they should still easily be the best team in the AFC West.

13. Falcons - Put up a fight against the Steelers, and demolished a hapless cards team. The Falcons are poised to rise

14. Bears - Jay Cutler is the top rated passer in the league right now. Yeah, I know. Ice storms in hell, pigs flapping their wings, etc. etc.

15. Vikings - Brett Favre doesn't appear to be terribly emotionally invested in playing this season. Percy Harvin's headaches are a serious concern, I think losing Chester Taylor hurt them more than they are willing to admit, and overall, this team just seems to be missing something this year. They might get it back, but as a devout disliker of Favre, I hope they don't.

16. Redskins - Should have lost to the Cowboys, and snatched defeat from the jaws of victory at home against the Texans. It's hard to tell whether Mike Shanahan should feel happy or sad to be 1-1 right now. They could very easily be either winless or undefeated. I guess it's a happy medium right now for a team that seems to be playing exactly to their talent level right now.

17. Eagles - The quarterback drama in Philly feels very much like a coach who is getting orders on which player to play from the owner. That said, if I were coaching the Eagles, I'd start Mike Vick too. He has shown flashes of the insanely good player he was at times in Atlanta. Kevin Kolb may be getting the shaft, but what has Kevin Kolb ever done to earn the right to keep his job through an injury?

Is it possible to look more confused on a regular basis than this man?

18. Cowboys - This is perhaps the dumbest team in America. I'd say that Wade Phillips looks perplexed as a result of his 0-2 start despite his talented squad, but to be fair, I think Wade Phillips looks perplexed whether he is coaching an 0-2 team, brushing his teeth, checking the mail, or eating a sandwich. Perplexed is his default move. If he doesn't beat Houston on Sunday, he may be looking perplexed in the unemployment line.

19. Chiefs - I'm not ready to believe in Matt Cassell and the undefeated Chiefs just yet. The opening night win against San Diego was impressive; but the weird weather, late start, and history of the Chargers starting slow all have me thinking that it was a slight fluke and beating the Browns isn't overly impressive for any team. I want to see them start beating some upper echelon teams in non-fluky games before I anoint them a contender.

20. Titans - Destroyed the Raiders opening day...but who doesn't? The Steelers then came into Tennessee and put a licking on the Titans and made Vince Young look so bad he was forced out of the game. The Giants come into town now with both teams needing a big win to get back on track. Can Vince bounce back? I'm curious to see.

21. Jaguars - It was all they could do to beat the Broncos in week 1, and the Chargers curb stomped them. This team is so lacking. It lacks much star power, it lacks decent uniforms, it lacks interesting story lines, and it lacks for fans. I am consistently cheering against this franchise on principle. That principle being that Jacksonville shouldn't have a pro football team. Move these guys to Los Angeles already.

22. Buccaneers - This may just be the worst 2-0 team in recorded history. The schedule maker had been kind to start the season, but it's about to get much tougher with games against the Steelers, Bengals, and Saints. I'll be shocked if this team that is currently 2-0 isn't 2-3 in three weeks.

23. Broncos - These guys play hard, and they mean well, but my team just isn't too good. There is some potential for them to really improve this season, but I don't think the Broncos contend for another year or two.

24. Seahawks - This team was fortunate to have all the breaks go their way in Game One against the 49ers, and last week they had every possible break go against them. I'm curious to see what happens when they finally get involved in a close game.

25. 49ers - Before the season everyone was riding the 49ers as the hot dark horse team. Apparently everyone forgot that Alex Smith is still Alex Smith.

26. Raiders - The Raiders are frisky when Bruce Gradkowski is playing. He deserves this shot to start. Curious to see if they continue to rally around him.

27. Lions - The Lions have the potential to win six or seven games this year. That is huge for a team that has lost 39 of it's past 42 games.

28. Cardinals - Tough to win when your best player is on Dancing with the Stars.

29. Browns - Also tough to win when your best player is mainly a special teams guy.

30. Panthers - Who knew that Matt Moore was going to be THIS bad.

31. Rams - Rookie Sam Bradford has already thrown 80 passes in just 2 games. This is not a recipe for winning.

32. Bills - The Bills are not just bad, they are pathetic and sad. This team is like a walking advertisement for taking anti-depressants.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Training my girl correctly! Ellie and the Broncos.

No one is going to ever be able to tell my daughter Ellie that she's a bandwagon Broncos fan! Since the year she was born, we've been getting decked out on Broncos opening day in our Bronco gear and taking our photos. I thought this was a fun little photo montage to share. Go Broncos and Go Ellie!







Sunday, September 19, 2010

Broncos Gameday Recap: Game 2 - vs Seahawks

Knowshon Moreno is gaining comfort and yards in the Broncos offense.

Broncos 31 Seahawks 14

Woah! That was kind of fun! The Broncos actually looked good today! Thanks to an exceptionally sharp Kyle Orton and a turnover crazed Seattle team, today's game turned into a laugher. A team like the Broncos doesn't get to be involved in too many laughers, so enjoy it Denver. We may have to wait awhile before we are THAT comfortable in the 4th quarter again.

Matt Hasselbeck drops back to pass and all of Seahawk nation gasps in horror.

The day started out a little sketchy. The Seahawks took the opening drive and converted three third downs and basically ran the ball right down the Broncos throats. They even scored a touchdown that was nullified by penalty, and then Matt Hasselbeck began what would be his daylong "I'm making a terrible throw" virtuoso performance with Champ Bailey making an impressive leap to snag the ball and wrestle away the momentum Seattle was beginning to build. Hasselbeck had just an atrocious day, tossing three interceptions on amazingly off target tosses. The turnovers were a huge reason this game turned out to be so easy for Denver. In addition to the interceptions, the Broncos also had their first touchdown set up on a muffed punt. It was on that muffed punt that I learned that my team employed a player named "Cassius" which I thought was pretty swell. Cassius Vaughn was the recipient of a fortunate bounce in which he was able to recover the muff before tumbling out of bounds.

Hey look! The Broncos have a guy named Cassius...and he's recovering a fumble!

The Hawks never seemed to fully recover from the succession of mistakes that handed Denver a 17-0 Halftime lead. It seemed that the Broncos might be giving back the game at the start of the third quarter, but a quick Seahawk touchdown was quickly matched and exceeded, and it soon became apparent that this game belonged to Denver. The end result was a surprisingly easy 31-14 victory, and a reason to hold on to a little bit of hope as the schedule starts to get tougher.


We'll start with the negatives, because there just aren't too many that need mentioning when you win by seventeen, but there are a few concerns from this one.

Rushing defense: The Seahawks were averaging 5.5 yards per carry, and at times they seemed like a hot knife through butter. The Broncos were struggling getting off of the field on third down, especially at the beginning of the game. They are having trouble making stops that don't involve turnovers, which is a bad sign when Peyton Manning is up next on the schedule. The defense was not the reason the Broncos won this game, although when they really needed to make plays, they did. Of course, it didn't hurt that Matt Hasselbeck was throwing the ball right at them.

Special teams: The punt coverage team seemed a bit shaky thus far this season, and allowing Golden Tate to run back a punt 63 yards at the start of the third quarter helped Seattle get on the scoreboard. The return game can also use some fine tuning, as although Perrish Cox has shown some flashes of brilliance, running the ball out of the end zone can be dangerous...especially when you get tackled at the five.


Trust me, it sounds weird to me too, but Kyle Orton is currently contending to make a Pro Bowl run.

Kyle Orton: Number 8 has been spectacular thus far this season. That's right, I said spectacular. Tim Tebow jerseys are proliferating at an alarming pace, and yet Orton has been giving us no reason to think that we will see #15 on the field any time soon. As long as Kyle is putting up numbers like 25-35 for 307 yards and 2 touchdowns with zero interceptions...let's hope Tebow develops splinters in his butt from all the pine he is riding. It's hard to have a quarterback controversy when it's so abundantly clear that Orton belongs at number 1. Here is to hoping this hot start continues.

Rookie Demaryius Thomas made quite the first impression against Seattle today.

Demaryius Thomas: The rookie played in his first NFL game today, but he looked like a rock solid veteran. Making big play after big clutch play, Thomas ended the day with eight catches for 97 yards and a touchdown. Needless to say, Denver took notice of the rookie. We hadn't seen him before today, but the reason that the Broncos picked him in the first round seemed abundantly clear today.

Run, Knowshon, Run!

Knowshon Moreno: The second year running back is starting to blossom in Josh McDaniels' offense. Gaining 51 yards rushing and 67 recieving along with a touchdown, Moreno looks more confident and powerful than at any point during his rookie season last year. Some people were already starting to whisper the word "bust" around him, but I think he may just pan out to be okay. It'll be interesting to see how he deals with the competition from newly acquired Laurence Maroney...assuming that Maroney ever heals, that is.

The man with the plan...and the shirt that looks like a traffic cone.

Josh McDaniels: The team held composure very well throughout the game, looked tremendously prepared, and the decisions made by the coaching staff seemed very solid and smart. I go back and forth on how I feel about our boy wonder coach, but right now, it's hard to criticize his team.

Most important thing to note in this photo and something that made me tremendously happy today...The Broncos are once again using the exceptionally cool argyle end zone. (And there was much rejoicing in the Vertically Striped Socks offices!)

Final Thoughts:

We still don't really know who this Broncos team is. We should know more in a week after facing off against the Colts. Thus far, The Jaguars have outlasted them, and they ran away from Seattle due to the fact that the Seahawks couldn't stop making crippling mistakes. We seem to have a team that will play smart football, and will play hard. Really, that's all I can ask for, and it's a pleasure thus far to cheer for this team. The schedule is about to ramp up dramatically in difficulty, so we'll see how McDaniels and company do against the varsity of the NFL. Thus far, I'm impressed with the efforts that the boys are giving on the field. We may be rebuilding, but the team looks like it is headed in the right direction, even if there are stumbles along the way this season.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Vertically Striped Radio - Episode 73 - 09-18-10 - A Pirate's Life For Me!

Vertically Striped Radio - Episode 73
On the eve of International Talk Like a Pirate Day, the VSR crew was feeling quite piratey. I opened the show with about 45 seconds of forced pirate talk which I enjoyed despite being not very good at. Face Ventura, The Ed, and John "Elevation" Kline all called in and helped discuss pirate type items. Ed told us the story of when he was 15 and was sailing in Lake Michigan, took a wrong turn, and ended up fighting pirates in the Nile. Then he tried to mutiny on my show and talk boxing, and I had to Keelhaul him...which is what we will now call having to use the mute button forcefully. After the mutiny was put down, we discussed the Top 7 Pirates of all time and somehow started talking NFL uniforms yet again. Somehow it always comes back to sports uniforms with us. I also played a taped conversation that I had with Seahawk fan Aaron Young from The No Name Show ( where we made a wager on the outcome of tomorrow's Broncos-Seahawks game. GO BRONCOS! We played a selection of pirate shanties throughout the show, including Yo Ho Yo Ho, A Pirates life for me, A Pirate looks at forty, 15 Men on a dead man's chest, and the last Saskatchewan Pirate. A good time was had by all...Arrrgh!!!

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Friday, September 17, 2010

NFL Weekend Preview: Week 2

Week 2 is ready to roll, and you'd think some of the bloom would be off the NFL rose. NOPE! I love me some football. It's time for the second weekend of wonderful, HOORAY FOOTBALL! I went 12-4 last week with my picks, which was a solid way to kickoff the year. I'm not crazy about my picks this week, as I don't have a ton of bold picks, so we'll see how we do. Enjoy the games...

Ravens at Bengals: Many pundits were hailing the Bengals for their acquisition of Terrell Owens as being a final piece to go along with the other offensive parts in Cincinnati to create a juggernaut. What may have been forgotten in all those accolades is that Chad Johnson isn’t all that good anymore, Terrell Owens is getting really old, and Carson Palmer isn’t all that good anymore. Although the Bengals DO lead the league in quarterbacks who are also brothers, so that’s something. As for the Ravens, they suffocated the Jets offense on Monday night in a dismally boring game. Their offense will need to manage a little more than ten points per game, though, if they are going to keep winning. Or maybe they don’t need to if Ray Lewis and company keep throttling teams as completely as they throttled New York. I think the Ravens get a few more points this week, and the Bengals won’t be able to match. Ravens 24 Bengals 10

Dolphins at Vikings: Two teams that both struggled in week 1. Of course, the Vikes struggled against the World Champs, and the Dolphins struggled winning a low scoring game against a dreadful Bills team. I don’t think Minnesota is going to be as good as they were last year, but I still think they are good enough to win at home against a very average Miami squad. Vikings 22 Dolphins 16

Bears at Cowboys:
Chicago is lucky that the NFL fiercely enforces their dumb rules, otherwise Calvin Johnson and the Lions would have beaten them last week. I don’t think their luck continues in Big D. The Cowboys were defeated last week due to two weird plays to end each half, so long as they can avoid trying a dumb desperation play to end the first half and as long as Alex Barron can avoid doing another two point take down on the deciding play of the game, the Cowboys should have enough firepower to win their home opener against the Bears. I say they avoid all these things, and have a big day. Cowboys 27 Bears 13

Eagles at Lions:
Is there such a thing as a loss you can feel good about? If so, the Lions experience that last week, coming within a whisker of winning on a call that the segment of America that doesn’t cheer for the Bears felt was incorrectly called. I might be inclined to pick the Lions if Matthew Stafford was going to start at QB, but with Shaun Hill back there, I just can’t pick Detroit. The Eagles will also start a quarterback that didn’t start the season as the starter, due to Kolb being injured last week too, but Mike Vick looked like the pre-dog fighting conviction era Atlanta quarterback last week…which is a good thing. He looked even better considering he was wearing that beautiful kelly green Eagles jersey. (Can Philly just go back to that full-time immediately, please?) I’ll take the visitors in this one. Eagles 26 Lions 20

Cardinals at Falcons: How many calls per week do you think Kurt Warner is fielding from Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt? Twenty? Thirty? “Please, Kurt. We need you back immediately!” The Cardinals are a shadow of what they have been the past few years, and the drop off from Warner to Derek Anderson is staggering. I don’t think the Falcons are all that great either, but they should be able to defeat this shell of an NFC West team. Falcons 29 Cardinals 13

Bills at Packers:
When one of the worst teams in the NFL visits one of the better teams, it’s probably a good idea to back the home team. I’ll take Aaron Rodgers and company in a romp. Packers 37 Bills 3

Steelers at Titans: This may secretly be one of the best matchups of the week. Maybe it’s not even a secret. The Titans have looked reborn ever since the point that Vince Young took the reigns last season, and they are making a solid argument for being on of the better teams in the league. I also have a feeling that the Steelers, while not elite, are a stronger team than most people think. This should be a fun game to watch if you like hard hitting football. I’m going to take the Titans in a squeaker. Titans 20 Steelers 17

Buccaneers at Panthers: At 1-0, Tampa may very well be at the high water mark of their season. Sadly, they don’t get to play at home? Against the Browns every week…they might be a contender if they were allowed to do so. That week one win does little to change my opinion that this is an awful, awful football team. Not all hope is lost for them this week, though, as apparently playing quarterback for the Panthers means that by default you will suck. Matt Moore was a rather atrocious 14-33 passing with 3 interceptions for a 32.6 passer rating…not so good. Moore was sacked by Osi Umenyiora late in the game and then replaced by Jimmy Clausen who went 0-2 and managed a better passer rating than Moore despite NOT COMPLETING A PASS. We’re not sure who is going to play quarterback for the Panthers on Sunday, but either way, at least the Bucs have a shot. Although, I still think they lose. Panthers 13 Bucs 6

Rams at Raiders: The two teams that fled Los Angeles fifteen years ago hook up this weekend, and it’s hard to say which team is more pathetic at the moment. The Rams were the worst in the league last year, but have some hope with their new rookie quarterback Sam Bradford. Last week, Saint Louis is lucky Bradford’s arm didn’t fall off, as he tossed fifty-five throws into the Missouri air against the Cardinals. That is too much throwing, and it’s hard for ANY team to win when your offense is that unbalanced. The Raiders had problems of their own, as their free-agent quarterback also looked dreadful, and they were slaughtered by the Titans. I am giving the edge in this matchup to the Raiders, although I hope to not see a minute of this dreadful game. Raiders 20 Rams 13

Chiefs at Browns - The Chiefs have got to feel like a million bucks right now after taking out the Chargers, and the Browns just lost to Tampa. All signs point to a Chiefs victory, so naturally, I'm going to take Cleveland. Browns 16 Chiefs 9

Seahawks at Broncos
– I had two things confirmed watching my Broncos play on Sunday against Jacksonville. 1. The solid citizens that Josh McDaniels has amassed on his football team will play hard for him. 2. Those solid citizens are also only marginally good football players. The result of these two facts is that I think we will see a team in Denver trying very hard and losing very often. The Seahawks were the surprise of Week 1…Unless you read here on Vertically Striped Socks last week where I told you before their game with the 49ers that they would win, that is. Seattle thumped the Niners and made people wonder if against all odds…the Seahawks may be decent this year. I think the Hawks fall back to earth a little bit this week, and the
Broncos play just hard enough to win their first game in 2010. Broncos 27 Seahawks 24

Texans at Redskins – Houston is bound to have a little bit of a letdown after finally vanquishing their nemesis the Colts, but I think even with a let down that this team is still good enough to go into Washington and take down Donovan McNabb and the Redskins, who despite beating the Cowboys in a big divisional game, only scored 6 offensive points in the contest, as Mike Shanahan’s high flying system was more than a little bit ineffective. The Skins only won thanks to boneheaded plays by the Cowboys. The other team in Texas plays smarter ball, and I don’t think that Washington will sweep the state. Texans 31 Redskins 20

Jaguars at Chargers – San Diego was embarrassed on Monday Night against the Chiefs. The Chargers may not be as good as they have been in recent years, but I just have a hard time seeing this average Jacksonville team travelling cross-country and putting the Chargers in an 0-2 hole. Not that it’s impossible, as San Diego has been very bad in September the past few years, but I’ll be surprised if they don’t take care of the Jags at home. Chargers 34 Jaguars 19

Patriots at Jets – A whole offseason of preening, and the Jets come out on opening night…the first regular season night in their new stadium and they get beaten down by the Ravens so badly that at the end Dustin Keller ran out of bounds shy of the first down because he just wanted to get out of there. The Jets managed a whopping 6 first downs all game and only 9 total points while taking 125 yards in penalties. The defense looked decent, but lost defensive line stalwart Kris Jenkins for the rest of the year, and now Darrelle Revis has a tweaked hamstring. The season could probably have started better for Jets fans…Now here comes the big bad Patriots and a grumpy Randy Moss and New York faces the very real possibility of starting this season of Hard Knocks and high expectations with a whimper and a two game losing skid. In fact, I say that is exactly what happens. Patriots 21 Jets 17

Giants at Colts – The Manning Bowl goes down Sunday night with big brother Peyton playing the unfamiliar role of coming off of an early season loss and Eli looking hot. I have a feeling the Colts are in for a down year by their lofty standards, but I don’t think they lose their third meaningful game in a row. I’ll take the Colts and company to get it done at home. Colts 33 Giants 30

Saints at 49ers – Coach Crazy and his San Francisco 49ers are licking their wounds from opening day, but it’s not as if things are about to get easier. You lost? Here come the champs. Have fun! I’ll take the Saints to hand the Niners their second straight big loss. Saints 30 49ers 13

Week 1: 12-4
Season to Date: 12-4

Monday, September 13, 2010

Broncos Gameday Recap: Game 1 - at Jaguars

Champ and company fought hard, but came up a little shy on Sunday.

Jaguars 24 Broncos 17

So, Broncos fans. This is what we can expect from our team, they are a hard working yet ultimately not very talented team doing just enough to keep it close but not enough to truly threaten to win. At least, that is what we can expect if this season reflects in any way it’s opening game. I’m hopeful for more, but I don’t know that it’s wise to expect much more.

The Jacksonville game was marked by weirdness and mistakes. The weirdness included an extended lightning delay before playing the fourth quarter, random winds and rain, and the fact that somehow Brandon Lloyd looked like a Pro Bowl wideout. The weirdness included Ryan McBean falling in love with grabbing facemasks, handing thirty yards and decisive momentum to the Jaguars on a drive where they wrestled control of the game for good. Another weird sequence involved another Jaguar touchdown play during which the Broncos decided to try and play defense with only 10 players to try and ramp up the difficulty for some unknown reason. The result was a relatively easy touchdown pass, so I’m thinking it would be best if they avoided that strategy from now on.

This game seems to indicate that the Broncos are counter-punchers. Every time the Jags scored, the Broncos matched it…well, right up until the end when Brandon Lloyd JUST missed getting his second foot down on a fourth down attempt for a touchdown that would have tied things up late in the fourth. Once that happened, it was clear it wasn’t going to be the Broncos day. They fought valiantly throughout, but this team needs to get some breaks, and failing to cause a turnover while giving up two is just something that this team is not talented enough to overcome.

When the lightning and dust had settled, the Broncos were left on the wrong end of a 24-17 score in a game that was imminently winnable throughout the day. The Broncos were going up against a rather dull Jacksonville team that, much like the Broncos, are not exactly overflowing with playmakers, and yet they were able to do enough to beat Denver. Harder games are ahead for the Broncos, which is disconcerting considering how they fell short in this one.

Anyway, let’s get to the positives:

Matt Prater: His kickoffs could have used a bit more oomph, but he nailed a 54 yarder which continues his career long trend of being money from way downtown and being shaky on the gimmies. I almost would rather see Prater line up for a 57 yarder than a 34 yarder at this point.

Brandon Lloyd came this close to tying up the game late in the 4th quarter.

Brandon Lloyd: Five grabs for 117 yards, Lloyd looked every bit of the All-Pro caliber wide receiver that no one ever thought he was. I don’t know if this was an early season mirage in muggy Florida or the start of a season long trend, but Brandon Lloyd is clearly the early season surprise on the Broncos roster.

Knowshon Moreno looked solid on Sunday. Here's hoping this continues.

Knowshon Moreno: His stats aren’t overwhelming, but he looked solid when given opportunities. He was making some nice moves and getting tough yards. I wasn’t overly impressed with Moreno last season, but yesterday he looked good. Not great, but we’ll take good at this point.

Kyle Orton...slow and steady lost this race, but he couldn't have played too much better.

Kyle Orton: Continuing his solid play from the preseason, Orton had a very good game. He still is unable to make things happen AT ALL once things break down, as he just kind of falls in a heap when the pressure comes, but at least he is making some good solid and smart throws. He was just shy of three hundred yards on the day, and only had one interception that ended the game when he was forcing things trying to make something happen to tie the game up in desperation time.

4th and Short: The Broncos defense turned the tide of the game by stopping the Jags from converting on a very short 4th down attempt. It led to a game tying touchdown, unfortunately, the momentum swung back.

Eddie Royal: Looks like year 3 could look more like his glorious rookie year, and less like his sophomore disappointment.

And the negatives:

Ryan McBean - Seriously dude, you have a cool name, but stop grabbing facemasks. A cool name can only take you so far. Josh McDaniels looked like he was about to pop a blood vessel in his face he was so angry at you.


Correll Buckhalter - His running was nothing special, as he still looked hurt, and his first half fumble killed a drive that looked like it had some serious potential. That fumble killed the Broncos chance at grabbing the early lead and hurt the offensive momentum.

Defensive pressure: Or should I say the lack thereof. David Garrard didn't look rushed all day. The lack of Elvis Dumervil is glaring right now.

Don't blink, you'll miss Tebow's contribution.

Tim Tebow: Okay, this isn't really fair, as he wasn't a negative so much as a non-entity on the football field. Two rushes for two yards, not exactly lighting the world on fire in his first appearance, but he did the most he could with the exceptionally limited chances he had. Still, if you were in northern Florida to see your Gator hero, you were underwhelmed.

A few random thoughts about the Jaguars and the game on Sunday:

No full grown adult male should ever wear that much teal.

1. Teal? Really? Yuck.

MJD...kind of reminds me of a bowling ball. Small and powerful and just kept knocking over pins.

2. Maurice Jones-Drew is a stud. That little guy is fun to watch. I have no idea how someone that small can be that powerful.

Those ominous clouds led to a brutal lightning delay.

3. Look I get the whole safety first angle, and I understand why it has to be done, but lightning delays really suck. Here, lets rest for 45 minutes before we start the 4th quarter. Threw off the whole football day vibe. (Well, not totally off, it was still a glorious Sunday.)

Final Thought:

The Broncos played how we hoped against a somewhat boring team with limited resources...and they still lost. Granted, it's hard to win on the road, and the Broncos are not exactly a loaded team, but'd hope for better. I'm trying to be positive, but this could be a long year. And now, up next is a Seattle Seahawks team that we thought would be weak yet yesterday they demolished the San Francisco 49ers. Stay strong, Broncos fans...We shall overcome...eventually. Go Broncos!

Yeah, I posted a cat video. So?

Sometimes you have to post things to your blog for no other reason than they make your kids happy. It's a fatherhood thing.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Vertically Striped Radio - Episode 72 - 09-11-10 - My Daddy Taught Me Good

Football is back! Sound the Air Sirens...we can pretend like we're in Sterling, Kansas.
Face Ventura and the Whale joined Craig for this episode, and a good time was had by all. We booked some Wankers for their Wankery type behavior, including calling out a small town for their odd practice of having air raid sirens blare four times a day.

We had a moment of silence in memory of the 9-11 tragedy, had a story about python wrestling, and learned about the confidence that comes with Spiderman pajamas.

Today's show also commented on the odd new rivalry that has recently developed between The Ed and "The Memphis Four" with a new feature we're calling "World News with Craig's Movie Response" a feature that may or may not make it's return, but was fun either way.

We also heard from a wonderful crime witness in Kansas City along with an even better auto-tune effort from our friends on the internets. In a show of support for our friends the Memphis Four, the Vertically Striped Music Recommendation was a surprisingly good music effort from a random band I just found out about this week called Memphis 4 Now.

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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

NFL Weekend Preview: Week 1

Football!!!!! Yeah, baby!!! The NFL is back!!! We've waited all year for this weekend, and it's finally here. I know people like to sing that Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, but clearly, they are wrong. When the NFL returns, all is right with the world. We're at that time of year where everyone can dream big. Even Broncos fans are having dreams of finishing 8-8 dancing in their heads as the season gets ready to kick off...hope springs eternal! Thursday night is the appetizer, and then Sunday is the main course. We even get two Monday night games for dessert. Life is good during Week 1. The only drawback to week one is that we have no feel for what our teams are REALLY like yet. So here are my best guesses, which are sure to be terrible, but I make them anyway. Enjoy the games, people!

Vikings at Saints:
The Super Bowl champs ALWAYS win this Thursday night game. I don’t think Brett Favre’s body is totally ready to hit the field for four quarters just yet, but he’s going to attempt to do just that in his return to the scene he was battered like a punch ball in the NFC Championship Game. I foresee bad things for the men in purple. I think they make it a good game, but the Saints prevail. Saints 34 Vikings 27

Panthers at Giants: Matt Moore gave the Panthers some life at the end of the year last season, but I am not sure he will be enough to put Carolina up over the top of the Giants as they open up their new home on opening day. I think the Giants get out to a strong start opening weekend. Giants 31 Panthers 17

Falcons at Steelers: Dennis Dixon under center for the first of what should be four games until Ben Roethlisberger takes his job back for the Steelers should make me nervous, as should the idea that Matt Ryan is starting year three for Atlanta, and theoretically is going to really start putting things together to get closer to elite status after a down Sophomore year. However, as the season is ready to kick off, I sorta like the Steelers chances this year and I’m a little down on the Falcons. I like this to be a good but low scoring game that Pittsburgh pulls out at the end. Steelers 16 Falcons 13

Browns at Buccaneers: On paper, this is one of the uglier matchups of opening weekend…So I’m going to predict a crazy, fun, high scoring game between two bad teams, because those are always a good time and they seem to happen once or twice a year. Browns 41 Buccaneers 38

Broncos at Jaguars: I expect this will be an ugly slugfest. I am hoping my favorite team has something this year, but I’m not expecting a ton. This is one they COULD win, but I just have a feeling they fall just short. Jaguars 17 Broncos 10

Colts at Texans: Um, the Colts ALWAYS beat the Texans. I don't see why this game should be any different. Colts 27 Texans 21

Dolphins at Bills: The Dolphins are not an exceptionally exciting team, but they seem to play a solid brand of football. The Bills don't even know which town is their permanent home. Plus, the Bills are just routinely bad. I'm going to take the Fish (Yes, Dolphins are mammals, but it's more fun to call them "the Fish" than "the Mammals". Dolphins 24 Bills 16

Lions at Bears: I think the Lions might actually have a decent season, but they have won only two games in the past two years, so history tells me to go with the Bears. Although, I think at the end of the year, Detroit might actually have a better record than Chicago, I think the Bears take the early lead in the race to stay out of the bottom of the division. Bears 19 Lions 16

Raiders at Titans: The Titans are a mystery, but the Raiders are a known commodity...we know they suck. I'll go with the known commodity to do what it does. Titans win big. Titans 30 Raiders 10

Bengals at Patriots: The Patriots are entering that territory where they have been good for so long that they are getting boring. It's probably more fun to pick this wacky Bengals team, but in the end, I'm going with boring but excellent over enigmatic but interesting. Patriots 27 Bengals 17

Cardinals at Rams: This game ties Browns/Bucs for least interesting matchup. I don't think this one will be fun to watch, though. Cardinals 17 Rams 3

49ers at Seahawks: The world has annointed the 49ers as the de facto favorites for the NFC West, Therefore, I like this weak Seattle team to shock them on opening day. Clearly, I could be wrong, but this is my upset special. Seahawks 20 49ers 10

Packers at Eagles: The Pack has had expectations raised, and I think it may be deserved. I'm wary of the new look Eagles with Kevin Kolb at quarterback. We're used to seeing them be a good team, but there is no guarantee that will continue. I think the Eagles struggle this year. Packers 29 Eagles 23

Cowboys at Redskins: Donovan McNabb makes his Redskin debut against a familiar enemy. There is a lot to like about what's going on in Washington, and as a Bronco fan, I will always have a soft spot in my heart for Mike Shanahan, but I think the Cowboys are just the better team here. I'll take the visitors from Dallas in a close game between these two blood rivals. Cowboys 17 Redskins 16

Ravens at Jets: We've heard a lot of noise from the Jets during the offseason. Time to put up or shut up, and they're going to have to open with a mighty tough team. I think this is the beginning of a tremendously disappointing season for Gang Green. Ravens 24 Jets 21

Chargers at Chiefs: The Chiefs are not nearly as talented and San Diego, but they always seem to give San Diego a good game at Arrowhead. Add the excitement of an opening night game in front of a National television audience, and I think they'll be ready to give Philip Rivers and company a challenge. Chargers 27 Chiefs 24 (O.T.)

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Broncos Gameday Recap: Preseason Game 4 - at Vikings

Vikings 31 Broncos 24

Vertically Striped Socks favorite Matt Willis had a solid game!

Life is too short to spend too much time watching the final preseason game. It is truly the most brutal game of the already brutal exhibition season. These games all suck, but the final game is the suckiest bunch of sucks to ever suck. Technically the Broncos lost to finish 1-3 in the preseason...but really, who cares.

I watched a tiny bit, and here is a brief recap of everything you need to know. LenDale White continued the 2010 preseason tradition of Broncos getting hurt as he is now out for the year with a torn achilles tendon. Brett Favre did nothing more strenuous that stand on the sideline rocking a ballcap, for some unknown reason Kyle Orton did play a tiny bit...and even scored a relatively easy touchdown against the Vikings scrubs. Tim Tebow had the first snap of the game dong off of his hands and bounce to a linebacker who scampered in for a touchdown and the next time he had the ball he threw an interception directly into the hands of a safety that he just didn't see. However, he also tossed a beautiful arching deep pass into the hands of Matt Willis for a very nice long bomb touchdown and played with a strong amount of poise as well, so it was a decent outing after his first two possessions.

Brady Quinn's stats looked nice, but I must confess I didn't see him play, as the lure of the park was calling, so I took the kiddos out to the park late in the second quarter and didn't get back until the game was almost over. Like I said, life is too short to spend too much time on the final preseason game. The best thing about that game is that it means the next time the Broncos convene on an NFL field, it will be for real...September 12th in Jacksonville! So, until next time, GO BRONCOS!