Sunday, September 5, 2010

Broncos Gameday Recap: Preseason Game 4 - at Vikings

Vikings 31 Broncos 24

Vertically Striped Socks favorite Matt Willis had a solid game!

Life is too short to spend too much time watching the final preseason game. It is truly the most brutal game of the already brutal exhibition season. These games all suck, but the final game is the suckiest bunch of sucks to ever suck. Technically the Broncos lost to finish 1-3 in the preseason...but really, who cares.

I watched a tiny bit, and here is a brief recap of everything you need to know. LenDale White continued the 2010 preseason tradition of Broncos getting hurt as he is now out for the year with a torn achilles tendon. Brett Favre did nothing more strenuous that stand on the sideline rocking a ballcap, for some unknown reason Kyle Orton did play a tiny bit...and even scored a relatively easy touchdown against the Vikings scrubs. Tim Tebow had the first snap of the game dong off of his hands and bounce to a linebacker who scampered in for a touchdown and the next time he had the ball he threw an interception directly into the hands of a safety that he just didn't see. However, he also tossed a beautiful arching deep pass into the hands of Matt Willis for a very nice long bomb touchdown and played with a strong amount of poise as well, so it was a decent outing after his first two possessions.

Brady Quinn's stats looked nice, but I must confess I didn't see him play, as the lure of the park was calling, so I took the kiddos out to the park late in the second quarter and didn't get back until the game was almost over. Like I said, life is too short to spend too much time on the final preseason game. The best thing about that game is that it means the next time the Broncos convene on an NFL field, it will be for real...September 12th in Jacksonville! So, until next time, GO BRONCOS!

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