Saturday, September 25, 2010

NFL Weekend Preview: Week 3

Yeah, the Packers-Bears rivalry is a little bitter, but then, they've played each other 178 times now...

Only an average picking week for me in Week 2 after a very solid Week 1; I try to get back on track in Week 3 with another round of glorious NFL football. September is truly a spectacular month. And yes, your eyes do not decieve you, I did take the Lions on the one said I was sane. Enjoy Week 3.

Titans at Giants:
Two teams licking wounds from a week ago. I think the Giants are better than the giant egg they produced last week against Peyton Manning. Giants 23 Titans 16

Steelers at Buccaneers: The Bucs are undefeated, but their wins are against Cleveland and Carolina...they get stomped by the first good team they play this season. Steelers 27 Buccaneers 10

Bengals at Panthers: In the battle of the big cats, the visitors are clearly superior to the home team. The Panthers are just awful right now. Bengals 23 Panthers 13

Browns at Ravens: I think the question is less about who will win this game, and more
like, "Will the Browns even be able to score?" Barring a Josh Cribbs huge play for Cleveland, I'm going to say no. Ravens 27 Browns 0

Cowboys at Texans: When was the last time these two Texas teams played and you flat out expected the younger team from Houston to win? Oh, that's right, never before. Well, I expect it this week, followed by a lot of drama in Dallas over the coming week. Texans 30 Cowboys 20

49ers at Chiefs: A team everyone was expecting to break out versus a team no one believed in, and they both have gone in a direction opposite what was expected. I don't think the Chiefs are completely for real, but I think they ride home crowd and the season opening momentum for another week. Chiefs 26 49ers 23

Lions at Vikings: Favre and company are at home licking their wounds after starting 0-2. The Lions are also 0-2, but they have put up some epic struggles against the Eagles and Bears the past few weeks. Here is my upset special, and one that I'm a little afraid of making, because it means backing the Lions on the road...but here I go anyway. Lions 20 Vikings 19

Bills at Patriots: The Pats are going to be hungry after just getting handled by the Jets in a game everyone was expecting them to win. The Bills are just looking for a soft place to land, however Foxborough is not terribly soft. Is it possible for the Bills to score negative points in this one? Okay, probably not, but they aren't going to score too many positive ones either. Patiots 34 Bills 6

Falcons at Saints: The world champs are winning, but far from impressively. Still, they are winning, which is sort of the point. It's tough to go to Louisiana and beat this team...I don't think the Falcons can do it. Saints 24 Falcons 21

Redskins at Rams: There was no excuse for the way the Redskins lost against the Texans, they had that game. Losing to the Rams would be an even bigger travesty. I don't think Mike Shanahan is going to let them lose this one, although I expect it to be somewhat close. Redskins 26 Rams 19

Eagles at Jaguars: Mike Vick is now holding the reigns to the Eagle offense and holding them well, and the Jags looked like sick cats last week in San Diego. Eagles 27 Jaguars 14

Raiders at Cardinals: Something tells me this isn't the FOX game of the week. Both of these teams are terrible, but there is something about Bruce Gradkowski playing quarterback in Oakland that I like, and there is nothing about Derek Anderson that I like playing quarterback anywhere. Raiders 14 Cardinals 9

Chargers at Seahawks: The Chargers tend to struggle early in seasons, but fortunately for them, they are playing in Seattle this weekend. I don't think the Seahawks have anything close to the firepower necessary to beat San Diego. Chargers 31 Seahawks 10

Colts at Broncos: In the battle of the ponies this weekend, once again, visitors are more talented than the home squad. Peyton Manning tends to dismantle the Broncos, and it's not like this year's edition of the Broncos defense is anything noteworthy. I think my Broncos play hard, but are just outclassed. Either way, I'll be at Invesco Field cheering them on. Colts 28 Broncos 17

Jets at Dolphins: Miami hasn't shown a lot of flash this year, but they have won thus far. This is a matchup of polar opposite teams. The Jets like to brag about the size of their turds when they take a dump, and the Dolphins would probably talk about how it was a tough game and they respect their opponents and thought the game was a hard fought win if they won the Super Bowl by one hundred. Of course, the Dolphins might not score 100 points all season, but I think they have enough to take down the Jets in a division rivalry that has gotten even nastier with Jason Taylor switching sides. I'll take the quiet team over the braggarts in this one. Dolphins 13 Jets 10

Packers at Bears: Green Bay is a good team, and I'm not sure I believe the same about Chicago. This rivalry IS football. They have played 178 times with the Bears winning 90 and the Packers winning 82 with 6 ties. However, the NFL's oldest rivalry gets even more heat as they face off for the 179th time as they will play with the Monday Night spotlight on them, and both teams are undefeated. Soldier Field will be bouncing, and I am hoping for a good game. Packers 33 Bears 24

Week 2: 9-7
Season to Date: 21-11

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