Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Powerlines: Week 4 NFL Power Rankings

From the people who brought you Eagledog, it's Gator Chicken! (And the week 4 Power Rankings, too.)

I know the NFL likes parity, but wow! Only 3 undefeated teams after just 3 weeks, even more odd is that the Chiefs are one of the three. We are nearly to the quarter pole, and if you think you have any idea who the best teams are, you're an idiot. I pride myself on being an idiot, so here is where I say the power lies. List is subject to change, lots and lots of change...

1. Steelers (3-0) – Before the season started, people were worried how bad this team would be without Roethlisberger for the first month. With the defense that appears back to 2008 standards, it appears the concerns were overstated, and they only figure to get better when their big oaf of a quarterback comes back from suspension.

2. Packers (2-1) – I can’t kill the Packers too much for losing in Chicago to the undefeated Bears with a revved up Monday Night crowd. That’s tough sledding against your biggest rival. I still think at the end of the season that Green Bay will be better than Chicago, though.

3. Saints (2-1) – How many Saints fans are pulling a “What have you done for us lately?” routine with kicker Garrett Hartley? “Sure you nailed a pressure kick against the Vikings to get us into the Super Bowl, hit 3 kicks of over 40 yards in the Super Bowl, AND executed a successful onside kick to start the second half of the Super Bowl, but now you’re going to shank a 29 yard kick to win a game in overtime? You suck, Hartley!” Apparently even the Saints themselves are pulling this, as they are looking into new kickers, pro sports everybody!

4. Colts (2-1) – You wouldn’t know it from the stats, as on paper, Peyton Manning had a big day against the Broncos. However, if you watched the game. (And I was there, so I was definitely watching.) He seemed a little off. Also, the defense tightened up when the absolutely needed to, but Kyle Orton was moving the ball with ease in between the 20 yard lines.

5. Bears (3-0) - Huge win against the Pack. I'm not a big fan of the Bears, but those throwback uniforms they were wearing Monday night were pimp. They looked like the coolest High School team ever.

6. Jets (2-1) - Team Manic-Depressive. Two weeks ago, they looked like they had hit rock bottom after losing to the Ravens and looking dreadful. Now both the Jets and their fans are making plans to be in Dallas in February. I'd feel better if they were a little more consistent, but I have to admit that they are much better thus far through three games than I was anticipating at the outset of the year.

7. Ravens (2-1) - Baltimore righted the ship against Cleveland...sort of. I was expecting them to win by a bit more, and was surprised that Cleveland scored 17 against their defense. I feel like we'll know a lot more about them after next week against the Steelers.

8. Falcons (2-1) - This team has been solid this year, and I am believing in them, but how many of their fans are experiencing Vick regret?

9. Texans (2-1) - The Texans were sort of playing with house money against Dallas after starting 2-0 and getting a win against their nemesis the Colts, but I still thought they were going to win the battle of Texas due to the inferiority complex that comes with being the Cowboys little brother. They are still out to a good start, and clearly that game meant more to the Cowboys, but I think a contender puts their foot down on the struggling Cowpokes.

10. Patriots (2-1) - The Pats will need to win every game 42-35 by the looks of it. Bill Belichick's team is defense optional.

11. Bengals (2-1) - After getting killed by New England in week 1, Cincy has kind of slipped below the radar, but they are there lurking right now.

12. Eagles (2-1) - Best story of the first month so far has to be the redemption of Michael Vick. Playing well doesn't mean he's turned into a good person, but at least he's fun to watch again...and really, when it comes to sports, that's mostly what matters. I'm all for having guys with good character, but at the end of the day this is entertainment, not a morality play.

13. Cowboys (1-2) - Wow did Wade Phillips need that win. I feel like the Cowboys are about to go out and string together a bunch of wins now. This team may be dumb, but they are also talented.

14. Vikings (1-2) - The Lions came to town at just the right time. Minnesota now needs to go out and beat someone impressive. Brett Favre is still likely to regret coming back this season.

15. Chiefs (3-0) - The Chiefs have had a nice little start, but let's not get too overly excited about beating the 49ers, Chargers, and Browns.

16. Titans (2-1) - The perfect cure for Vince Young's quarterback woes is coming...a home date against the Broncos defense!

17. Dolphins (2-1) - What a terrific game against the Jets on Sunday night. For once, everyone was cheering FOR Miami. Once basketball season rolls around, that will change quickly.

18. Seahawks (2-1) - Perhaps this will be the first team in NFL history that bases most of it's offense on Kickoff returns. Not a strategy I would associate with a champion, but it sure worked on Sunday.

19. Chargers (1-2) - Is this the typical early season malaise, or are the Chargers actually not that good anymore?

20. Cardinals (2-1) - I am baffled that this team is over .500. Talk about something I don't expect to last. I'd put more stock in a BP popularity resurgence in Louisiana than in the Cards right now.

21. Giants (1-2) - That opening season romp over the Panthers seems less impressive now that the Panthers look about as fierce as a wet noodle and the Giants have getting obliterated ever since.

22. Redskins (1-2) - I think the reason that the Eagles may have been so quick to dump McNabb to a division rival is because they knew he just isn't very good anymore. Skins still have some hope, but Shanahan will need to do better than losing by two touchdowns to the Rams.

23. Jaguars (1-2) - This team has flat out sucked since opening the season win versus Denver. It's gotta be tough to find reasons to put on teal and root for this team if you live in Northeast Florida.

24. Buccaneers (2-1) - You knew they wouldn't stay undefeated TOO long. This is a young team that has the opportunity to grow and get better this year, but they have a long way to go before they are contending.

25. Broncos (1-2) - The Broncos are playing hard for Josh McDaniels, which is a good sign. They don't seem like they are going to get blown out much, but I can sure see them losing a lot of relatively close games.

26. Rams (1-2) - The Rams beat Washington by two touchdowns. Wait...What?

27. Lions (0-3) - Perhaps the best 0-3 team in America!

28. Raiders (1-2) - Every year I think, this is the year the Raiders finally won't completely suck. Every year I am wrong.

29. 49ers (0-3) - Mike Singletary's team looks lost. Perhaps he should moon them and see what happens?

30. Browns (0-3) - Well, at least it appears safe to say that they won the Peyton Hills for Brady Quinn trade. The Browns will take whatever wins they can get.

31. Panthers (0-3) - Masters of the thirteen point loss. They are three for three in losing by thirteen this season thus far.

32. Bills (0-3) - This is too depressing to even mock. I'm sorry, Buffalo. You deserve better.

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