Friday, October 1, 2010

NFL Weekend Preview: Week 4

Yup, it's McNabb Bowl I this weekend.

Wow, I was miserable picking games last week. 7-9 is a disgrace. Look, no one ever said I was good at this. That's okay, this is bounceback weekend, and I'm feeling good. All picks guaranteed to be correct or your money back...of course, you pay nothing to read this site. So that works out to...hmmm....I'm not very good at math, but I'm telling you: This is a GOOD deal. MONEY BACK GUARANTEE this weekend!

49ers at Falcons – The Cowboys start at 0-2 and the world starts quaking for Wade Phillips to get fired. The 49ers were expected to be good, and thus far have fallen flat on their face yet I haven’t heard a ton of calls for Mike Singletary’s head. Part of that is because the spotlight is forever upon America’s team, but shouldn’t the drums start beating for Mike soon? The drums will at least get a tiny bit louder after yet another San Francisco disappointment this weekend. Falcons 29 49ers 19

Bengals at Browns – This game between these two teams always seems to be a bit wacky, I remember a few years ago when both of these teams were terrible, yet it seemed like they were about to combine for three hundred points…and this was with Derek Anderson playing quarterback for the Browns. I feel like something wacky should happen yet again here, but I’m going to predict a normalish game. Bengals 26 Browns 13

Jets at Bills – Remember how panicked Jets nation was after losing to the Ravens by 1 on opening night? Multiply that by a million if they lose to the Bills, actually multiplying it by a million might not be enough. Fortunately for the Jets, I don’t know if the Bills are capable of taking down a high school team at this point. I’m going to ride the Jets on the road here. Jets 24 Bills 10

Seahawks at Rams – Someone has to win this crazy division, and as odd as it might sound, this could actually be an important game to help decide that. The Rams might actually not be as bad as we thought coming into the year…and I base that solely on the fact that somehow they beat Donovan McNabb and company by two touchdowns last week. The Seahawks need to win this one if they want to continue the early season feeling that they are legit. I’ll say they do it in a close and surprisingly exciting game. Seahawks 26 Rams 23

Broncos at Titans – Once again, I don’t think the Broncos are good enough to beat this week’s opponent, but I think they are well enough coached to not get blown out. For the sake of my Broncos, I hope they play better than they did against the Colts when they were buried by their own mistakes, and I also hope that we get the bad Vince Young this week. There is a chance if everything breaks perfectly for the Broncos that they could sneak out a win, but I have a bad premonition of seeing Broncos defenders chasing after Chris Johnson as he scampers down the sidelines for long run after long run. Titans 31 Broncos 20

Lions at Packers – The Lions have to be the unluckiest team in America. They get jobbed against the Bears, fall just short against the Eagles, and get scheduled against a desperate 0-2 Vikings team last week. Their quest for their fourth win in their last forty-four games now sees them facing a highly talented and angry Packers team on the road in Lambeau after losing to their rival the Bears. I think the Pack will be motivated, and I wish Detroit could catch a break. However, I’ll take Green Bay to beat what will be the best 0-4 team in the NFL after Sunday. Packers 30 Lions 19

Ravens at Steelers – How great would it be if the quarterback pu-pu platter gets the Steelers a 4-0 record, and the first game that Ben Roethlisberger gets back he gets blown out? It would be fantastic, I say, and that’s how I’m rooting. Although that would require the Browns to go into Pittsburgh and rout the Steelers, which I don’t see happening. As for this week, I see a low scoring thud-fest in one of the NFL’s more prickly rivalries. Steelers 17 Ravens 14.

Panthers at Saints – The Panthers are very bad to this point, like seriously, hide your eyes terrible. The Saints have been okay, but far from how dynamic they were at the start of last season. I say this is the week that they put things together a bit more, and since the Panthers have lost every game by 13 thus far, I see no reason to stop predicting that trend. Saints 23 Panthers 10

Colts at Jaguars – The Colts looked pedestrian, and won last week in Denver because the Broncos loved making crippling mistakes, and Peyton Manning knows how to take advantage of crippling mistakes. Jacksonville has been a tough place for number 18 in the past, but the Jags just don’t look good right now. If this were a slightly more impressive foe for the Colts, I’d predict an L here, but the Jags just aren’t good enough. Colts 30 Jaguars 16

Texans at Raiders – The Raiders do suck, but a few times a year they put everything together and surprise a good team at a terrible time. The Texans are clearly a good team, and they are ripe for a “looking past this game” kind of game. In what may be akin to me stupidly picking the Lions to win on the road last week, this week I’m taking the Raiders to win against Houston. Raiders 19 Texans 16

Redskins at Eagles – The McNabb return to Philly was already going to be a marquis event, but add to it the NFC offensive player of the month recapturing the electricity he had as a lad in Atlanta…well, you have a potential Vick versus Donovan masterpiece on your hands. The problem with these things is that on paper, they always look tremendous, but they often fizzle. I’m predicting a bit of a fizzle. Eagles 27 Redskins 6

Cardinals at Chargers – The Chargers are 1-2 and the Cards are 2-1…and apparently we live in bizzaro world, because that account of the standings just doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. I feel that both teams will be at .500 at the conclusion of Sunday’s action. Decisively. This is about the point the Chargers start getting their act together. Chargers 33 Cardinals 17

Bears at Giants – The Bears are due for a loss, as it’s hard to believe that they can last much longer without a defeat, and it’s nearly impossible to believe that they are one of the three final undefeated teams. I don’t think loss number one comes at the hands of the Giants who look pretty dreadful the past few weeks. Bears 17 Giants 10

Patriots at Dolphins – Tom Brady doesn’t do well in Miami. The Patriots defense is cover your eyes awful…I mean, they gave up 30 to the BILLS for heavens sake…The Dolphins have been playing some pretty strong football to open the season, and I like them as a wild card team right now. I also like them on Monday night against Tom Bieber, er Brady. Dolphins 33 Patriots 27

Week 3: 7-9
Season to Date: 28-20

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