Sunday, October 17, 2010

Did you bring me a Monkey?

What better way to say, "Happy Birthday, We love you!" than with the gift of a plush animal wearing licensed NFL gear?

Perhaps my favorite birthday present I received for my birthday this year wasn't even a surprise. It was SUPPOSED to be a surprise, but my son is not so good at keeping secrets. My birthday was on a Friday, and on Tuesday of that week while I was at work, my wife and kids went to Build-a-Bear and made me a Monkey and decked him out in his very own Broncos uniform.

My wife told my son Luke to not tell me about it, but he's 3. I got home from work while he was napping, and my wife and daughter went to the grocery store when I got home. About 10 minutes later, Luke woke up from his nap and the very first thing out of his mouth was, "Dad! We went to Build-a-Bear and made you a Broncos Monkey today!"

So, even though it wasn't a surprise, I was very pleased to get my monkey. He comes with his own jersey, helmet, and pants. Luke also has a Build-a-Bear Bear with a Broncos uniform, so we have decided to deck them out in their full football uniforms on Broncos Game Days, and just let them hang out in nothing but their jerseys the rest of the week. (They look a little better without the pants and helmets, but it's fun to have them in full uniform for the game.)

As you can see, Gameday at our house is serious!

Are you ready for the confusion, though? named my monkey "Bear." Yes, he is a monkey named Bear. My son's bear is creatively named "Broncos Bear." So on a Sunday at my house "Bear" and "Broncos Bear" get dressed for the game, only they aren't both Bears, but they are from Build-A-Bear. Got it?

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