Friday, October 22, 2010

NFL Weekend Preview: Week 7

Yup, it's this weekend. Favre vs. Rodgers III. The circle is complete.

For the second straight week I improved my pick percentage. I feel ready for a perfect week. Not that I'm going to go perfect, but I'm READY. Also, although it doesn't even have any relevance to this post. "Yankees, Yankees, Yankees! They lose all their games!" Good luck to the Rangers in the World Series, and thank you for making sure New York doesn't go back to back. A grateful nation salutes you.

Bengals at Falcons
- Atlanta rebounds from a tough loss last week against the Eagles in a big way. Falcons 27 Bengals 10

Redskins at Bears - Feels like a low scoring snooze fest of a game to me. Bears 13 Redskins 6

Rams at Buccaneers - At the beginning of the year, who would have thought that neither of these teams would have a losing record when this game happened? The Rams will have a losing record after it's over, though. Buccaneers 24 Rams 19

49ers at Panthers - West coast team flying East to play a team that they should probably beat. I'm not so sure they do. I refuse to believe in the 49ers. The dreadful Panthers get their first win. Panthers 23 49ers 20

Bills at Ravens - There aren't a ton of hard and fast rules in NFL predictions, but when the worst team in the league goes on the road to play one of the top 2 teams in the league, I think it's probably wise to take the home team. Ravens 38 Bills 3

Eagles at Titans - I have the Eagles as the best team in the NFC right now, and yet, I think they'll have trouble against a middle of the pack AFC team this weekend. I am still going to take Philly to win, but I think it'll be close. Eagles 17 Titans 16

Jaguars at Chiefs
- I don't want to pick this Chiefs team, but the Jaguars are not good enough to take on the road to me. Chiefs 27 Jaguars 14

Steelers at Dolphins - Steelers are due for a random letdown game, why not in Miami? Dolphins 19 Steelers 16

Browns at Saints - I read that Bill Simmons feels like the Browns can with this game. I don't share his convictions. Saints 23 Browns 16

Cardinals at Seahawks - I like the Hawks to level the Cardinals record at 3-3...and I also think the Cards don't sniff over .500 for the rest of the year. Seahawks 24 Cardinals 14

Patriots at Chargers
- The Chargers have been dreck on the road, but have been pretty decent at home. The Pats usually seem to have San Diego's number, but the Chargers need this one. Chargers 26 Patriots 23

Raiders at Broncos
- Broncos should win, but I don't know that they are good enough to blow anyone out. I'm going to pick this one with my heart though. Broncos 27 Raiders 0

Vikings at Packers
- Favre Bowl III. I'm not going to hype this one any more than necessary, as it's probably going to get plenty already seeing as how it is THIS game. Packers 29 Vikings 13

Giants at Cowboys - Are the Cowboys really this bad? Sure, why not? Giants 21 Cowboys 7

Week 6: 9-5
Season to Date: 50-40

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