Friday, October 15, 2010

NFL Weekend Preview: Week 6

One of this weekend's biggest matchups is...Texans-Chiefs?? Did someone proof read this blog post?

Finally! I'm back on the winning side of picks last week. This bizzaro NFL world plugs on, and I'm trying like mad to hold on for the ride. Many thanks and a big shout out to my cousin Tawni who called me up Friday morning to ask if I would like to attend the Broncos-Jets game with her. I found it funny that she had to ask if I was interested! You bet, cuz, and many thanks for the ticket! Anyway, here is how I see these games going this weekend...

Falcons at Eagles – Suddenly Atlanta is everyone’s NFC darlings as they have followed up an close opening day loss to the mighty Steelers with four straight victories, but before we start getting too excited about Matty Ice (Just a dreadful nickname, by the way) and the Dirty Birds let’s remember their wins have come against the Arizona Cardinals (Who might be the worst 3-2 team in history), The Cleveland Browns (need I say more?), the struggling Saints, and the winless 49ers. The Falcons have certainly looked solid, but how about you get a signature win before we start crowning you the NFC favorite for the Super Bowl. That said, Kevin Kolb is starting for Philly this weekend, and the Eagles just aren’t very good. I think if it were Vick, I’d take the Iggles, but with Kolb, I’ll pick the Falcons, but just barely. Falcons 20 Eagles 19

Chiefs at Texans – The Kansas City Chiefs have to be the favorite to win the West right now. (So naturally, I still think the Chargers will do it.) The Texans laid a massive egg against the Giants last week. The Chiefs are probably slightly undervalued right now as they are probably better than we think, and the Texans are clearly overvalued as they appear to be not nearly as good as we thought a month ago. However, I’m still picking the team with cows on their helmets over the team with arrowheads. Texans 27 Chiefs 24 (in OT)

Saints at Buccaneers – The Bucs are to this point in the season one of the biggest positive surprises in the NFL. The Saints have been quite disappointing in their title defense thus far. I just can’t in good conscience take the Bucs right now, though. Saints 20 Buccaneers 13

Dolphins at Packers – The Packers opened the season with people thinking they are great. I think we need to downgrade that now, though. This is an average team. Of course, the Dolphins are also a pretty pedestrian team as well. So I’ll take Green Bay over Miami in the Average Bowl. Packers 23 Dolphins 14

Chargers at Rams – It’s just past the quarter pole, the Chargers look to be in disarray and are several games behind the division leader after having just dropped a game to Oakland that was so sad it sent this poor boy into convulsions.

In other words, the Chargers are right where they want to be and here comes their late season roll…Well, maybe not, but if I had to guess, that’s what I’d guess. It helps to be playing the Rams who may be looking to the stands for Wide Receivers, as they are hurting in the “people to throw the ball to” department. Chargers finally break out big.
Chargers 38 Rams 3

Ravens at Patriots – The Randy Moss trade may have been a very solid move, but I think it also signifies that Bill Belichick doesn’t think his team has what it takes this year. The Ravens look like a beast to me. I’ll take Baltimore to go into New England and thump the Pats just like they did in the postseason last year. I’ll even predict the exact same score. Ravens 33 Patriots 14

Lions at Giants – Well, the Giants have clearly been up or down…Nary a close game to this point. They have won by 13, lost by 24, lost by 19, won by 14, and won by 24. Egads and Yikes…will the real New York Giants please stand up? One thing I’m not going to do is predict a close game here, and when the opponent is the Lions, well…I think I’ll pick New York to win big instead of lose big. I realize the Lions won 44-6 last week, but this is the Detroit flipping Lions. No way they blow a team two weeks in a row, not when they have only won four games in the past two and a half years. Giants 33 Lions 10

Browns at Steelers - This has to be the lock of the week, doesn’t it? It’s in Pittsburgh, the Browns are starting a rookie, Big Ben is coming back, the Steelers defense has been eating teams alive…Explain to me the scenario where Cleveland wins this game. I thought so, you can’t do it either. Steelers 29 Browns 7

Seahawks at Bears – Can Marshawn Lynch carry the Seahawks to an NFC West title? Why not? I’ll take a goofy upset here. Seahawks 20 Bears 10

Jets at Broncos – The Broncos looked dreadful last week in Baltimore. The Jets are coming on, and yet I really want to take Denver. Not because I think they are going to win, but because I’m going to be at the game cheering them on, and I hope they do win. They aren’t going to, though. Sigh. Jets 33 Broncos 23

Raiders at 49ers – How little are the Raiders respected? The Niners are 0-5 and off to a miserable start, and yet they are six and a half point favorites over the Raiders. The Niners shouldn’t be that big a favorite against San Jose State at this point. I’ll take the underdog Raiders to win outright. Raiders 22 49ers 19

Cowboys at Vikings – The battle of the underachievers! The Vikings have been putrid, but I think there is slightly more dysfunction in Dallas right now. Plus the Vikings get to play at home. Vikings 27 Cowboys 20

Colts at Redskins – The Colts aren’t as scary as they once were, and the Redskins have looked fairly legit…at least when they aren’t losing to the Rams by two touchdowns. Still, I’m going to take Peyton Manning here, because as long as number 18 is on the field, I don’t like going against him unless I feel very strong about it. Colts 31 Redskins 17

Titans at Jaguars – Ugh, Monday night football has quite the drop off from Vikings-Jets last week. These two teams are part of the four team 3-2 logjam in the AFC South. I’m going to say that the Jags are the worst log in that jam. Titans take this one on the road moderately easily. Titans 33 Jaguars 17

Week 5: 8-6
Season to Date: 41-35

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