Saturday, April 28, 2012

Vertically Striped Radio - Episode 160 - 04-28-12 -

With the NFL Draft, NHL and NBA Playoffs, and Baseball all going on, Craig had to talk a decent amount of sports with Face at the top of the show. After they got through the mandatory sports discussion, we ticketed some deserving Wankers and then Face and Craig went head to head in a Magnificent Seven list of our Top 7 NES Games.

The show finished up with our television correspondant Elevation called in and took a good chunk of the show discussing The Walking Dead. The guys even sneaked in a tiny bit of Mad Men talk before wrapping things up with a music recommendation of "Never Had Nobody Like You" from M. Ward.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Vertically Striped Radio - Episode 159 - 04-21-12 - Bald is Beautiful

The show that killed Dick Clark keeps churning along. Things get a bit off the rails as Craig watches sports while doing the show. While trying to keep the show on track, we catch the tail end of Bruins-Capitals, we call the final few outs of a perfect game pitched in Seattle by the Chicago White Sox's Philip Humber, and Craig keeps his eye on a Nuggets victory in Phoenix which sealed a playoff berth for Denver. In between all that sports action, Craig and Face talk a good deal of...sports.

Despite the fact that things were pretty loosey-goosey, it was actually a pretty fun show. (And not entirely based around sports.) The Whale showed up as Face and Craig went head to head in the Magnificent Seven with Top 7 Bald Guys.

The show finished up with the Vertically Striped Radio television correspondant Elevation calling in and gabbing about Mad Men and The Walking Dead with Craig. We wrapped up with a music recommendation of "Same Thing" from the Barenaked Ladies.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Vertically Striped Radio - Episode 158 - 04-14-12 - Out of control

After doing the first minute of the show on mute, Craig was kind of off for the entire show. Face was somewhat distracted watching the Bruins and Capitals, but somehow he managed to help break down the Death Pool contenders and pretenders.

Craig and Face spent some time breaking down the NHL playoffs, the oddness that is Darts as Spectator Sport in England, and Kelly Shoppach performing the worst slide into second base in the history of Major League Baseball.

Then the Ed called in and we quickly lost control. At one point we had Craig, Face, Ed, The Whale, Elevation and Nalax all on the line. Things started going nuts and Ed started comparing women to cars and demanding everyone's love life history. It was like the anchor fight in really got out of hand fast.

We finished up with a recommendation of "No Way Down" from the new The Shins Album "Port of Morrow".

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Vertically Striped Radio - Episode 157 - 04-07-12

After a long time away, Craig decided to open with a Johnny Cash bang! We discussed our Dead Pool choices, Craig's dream of his non-existant iPad starting to inexplicably run Windows 95 and 26 Dollar Hot Dogs among other things.

The Ed dialed in and we rambled on with him for a bit, and he "played a tape" of Craig from the past when allegedly Craig hated Peyton Manning. The guys also chatted with Ed about the new Nike NFL uniforms and lamented the atrocious decison of the Seattle Seahawks new uniform choice.

Craig had a Magnificent Seven list of seven memorable things from his 2012 Road Trip to Tennessee, and Face and Craig finished up with an impromptu ranking of their Top 5 NFL logos. Also, Craig chastized Larry Fairish for his decision to talk bad about The Muppets movie despite not seeing the whole thing. The show finished up with Craig recommending "Montezuma" from The Fleet Foxes.