Saturday, April 14, 2012

Vertically Striped Radio - Episode 158 - 04-14-12 - Out of control

After doing the first minute of the show on mute, Craig was kind of off for the entire show. Face was somewhat distracted watching the Bruins and Capitals, but somehow he managed to help break down the Death Pool contenders and pretenders.

Craig and Face spent some time breaking down the NHL playoffs, the oddness that is Darts as Spectator Sport in England, and Kelly Shoppach performing the worst slide into second base in the history of Major League Baseball.

Then the Ed called in and we quickly lost control. At one point we had Craig, Face, Ed, The Whale, Elevation and Nalax all on the line. Things started going nuts and Ed started comparing women to cars and demanding everyone's love life history. It was like the anchor fight in really got out of hand fast.

We finished up with a recommendation of "No Way Down" from the new The Shins Album "Port of Morrow".

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