Saturday, April 7, 2012

Vertically Striped Radio - Episode 157 - 04-07-12

After a long time away, Craig decided to open with a Johnny Cash bang! We discussed our Dead Pool choices, Craig's dream of his non-existant iPad starting to inexplicably run Windows 95 and 26 Dollar Hot Dogs among other things.

The Ed dialed in and we rambled on with him for a bit, and he "played a tape" of Craig from the past when allegedly Craig hated Peyton Manning. The guys also chatted with Ed about the new Nike NFL uniforms and lamented the atrocious decison of the Seattle Seahawks new uniform choice.

Craig had a Magnificent Seven list of seven memorable things from his 2012 Road Trip to Tennessee, and Face and Craig finished up with an impromptu ranking of their Top 5 NFL logos. Also, Craig chastized Larry Fairish for his decision to talk bad about The Muppets movie despite not seeing the whole thing. The show finished up with Craig recommending "Montezuma" from The Fleet Foxes.

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