Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Powerlines: Week 13 NFL Power Rankings

The Koalaphant, a creature that never forgets AND eats nothing but eucalyptus.

The NFL is finally starting to make at least a small amount of sense. Enough where I felt like it was a good idea to sort the teams into some sort of ranking order, again. You may disagree with my rankings, and you're probably right, but this is how I see the NFL at the current moment, feel free to disagree in the comments.

1. Falcons – Matt Ryan is a machine at home. Bad news for the NFC, seeing as how Atlanta has the inside track on homefield advantage throughout the playoffs. I don’t feel super great about the Falcons at number 1, but there are plenty of reasons to doubt the next five teams on this list.

2. Patriots – For a team at the top of my rankings, they feel very vulnerable. Even as I’m watching them on Thanksgiving falling behind to the Lions, I think to myself that they can be had, and then I look up, and they have put 45 up on the board and are winning a laugher. Weird team that is just finds ways to win. Huge game upcoming against the Jets which could and probably will determine the AFC’s top seed. By the way, they lost by 20 to the Browns this year. Still feel great about them?

3. Ravens – Just because you may have forgotten…This team lost to the Bengals this year. Still feel great about them?

4. Steelers – If God doesn’t knock the ball out of Stevie Johnson’s hands, the Steelers would have lost to the Bills. Still feel great about them?

5. Jets – Were given a gift win on a desperation heave in Denver, and then had back to back overtime games with the Browns and Lions. Still feel great about them?

6. Saints – Lost by 10 to the Cardinals this year. Still feel great about them?

7. Packers – All four of their losses this year have come by only three points each, and two of those were in overtime. I actually do feel kind of good about them, but they DO have 4 losses.

8. Eagles – I sure hope this team is able to win enough down the stretch to claim an NFC playoff spot. Why? Because I enjoy watching Mike Vick.

9. Bears – Yes, they are 8-3 and have won games against the likes of the Packers and Eagles. Still, something about this team feels fraudulent, and I can’t help but think they make the playoffs, perhaps even get a first round bye, but that they will end up losing at home in their first game in the postseason.

10. Chargers – Here comes the late season rise of the Chargers. Putting their foot down on the Colts was a clear statement that they are for real. The only question is are they going to be able to keep it up and track down the Chiefs for the AFC West? I think they will do it, but they absolutely MUST beat KC in their head-to-head rematch in San Diego.

11. Giants – Coming from behind against Jacksonville to end their two game skid was critical. Can they regain the mojo that gave them a five game win streak? Remains to be seen, but this is a team I would not want to play in the postseason if I’m an NFC team.

12. Colts – It’s weird to see a Peyton Manning team rated this low this late in a season. They are in real danger of missing the playoffs entirely, or at least, they would be if the rest of their division weren’t comprised entirely of frauds like the Titans, Jags, and Texans.

13. Chiefs – They aren’t terrible, but I think they get overtaken by San Diego and won’t have enough to claim a Wild Card.

14. Buccaneers – If you want me to take you seriously, Tampa, you need to actually beat someone with a winning record. Still, coming off the season they had last year, this season has been a marked improvement for the Bucs.

15. Dolphins – They might be able to win two or three divisions in the NFL, however they are stuck with the Patriots and Jets, and therefore will be watching the playoffs from the couch like the rest of us.

16. Jaguars – Playoff charts may show them as “Also in the hunt” but don’t be deceived. There will be no hunting in Jacksonville this year.

17. Texans – I’d say all the fight is out of the Texans, but did you SEE Andre Johnson throw down on Cortland Finnegan? Sadly, winning that fight doesn’t count towards playoff standings.

18. Raiders – If you’re an Oakland fan, you can look at this season as half-empty in that there are only five games remaining and you have a losing record, or you can look at it as half-full in that you still will have your best season in eight years with just two more wins.

19. Rams – The best team in the NFC West checks in at number 19. I hate the NFC West and the fact that one of these dreadful teams will take a playoff spot from a team that should actually be there.

20. 49ers – How sad was Monday night’s game? It matched up two 3-7 teams with either having a chance to move within a game of the division lead with a win. Again, I hate the NFC West.

21. Cowboys – So, you think the Cowboys had quit on Wade Phillips yet? I think the worst case scenario for Dallas fans is that Jason Garrett does just well enough that Jerry Jones removes the interim from his name tag and they are stuck with another crappy coach for half a decade.

22. Titans – Never trust a quarterback named Rusty.

23. Vikings – or a quarterback that is literally rusty, for that matter.

24. Browns – Peyton Hillis is a stud, and yet another reminder why the past two years in Denver have not been so good on the personnel front. For the pleasure of dumping Brady Quinn on the Broncos, not only did the Browns get Hillis, they also got a sixth rounder in 2011 and a conditional pick in 2012. What a disaster for Denver.

25. Seahawks – Got thumped by the Chiefs on their home field, yet still are very much in the hunt for the playoffs. I hate the NFC West.

26. Redskins – Is Dan Snyder ready to fire Mike Shanahan yet? Probably not, but if you heard the rumor how surprised would you REALLY be?

27. Lions – Legitimately, are the Lions cursed? They should be better than they are, yet here we are and they have a whopping 2 wins.

28. Broncos – Fire Josh McDaniels already. This season was already bad enough before we got tossed lumped into the cheating section of the NFL with the New England Patriots. We’re too crappy of an NFL team to be cheating.

29. Bills – Blaming God is nothing new, Stevie Johnson. Buffalo has spent the past decade questioning God about why they’ve been stuck with the Bills. By the way, don’t blame God there…YOU dropped the ball.

30. Cardinals - Watching this team on Monday night gave me hope that the Broncos can get at least one more win this year. Their defense is almost as bad as their offense. They have fallen fast from the team that almost won the Super Bowl two years ago.

31. Bengals - The nicest thing I can say about the Bengals is that my 3 year old son really likes their helmets because of the tiger stripes. Seriously, that's the nicest thing I could think to say.

32. Panthers - Well, at least they aren't going 0-16.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Broncos Gameday Recap: Game 11 - vs. Rams

Rams 36 Broncos 33

It's pretty much to the point where Broncos fans should be cheering for losses to improve the draft position, isn't it? This season has been a rough one for the Denver faithful, made even harder by the fact that our coach is apparently taking after his mentor's example and running with it. It's bad enough that the organization was fined for illegally taping practices, but if you're going to cheat, shouldn't you at least win?

Enough moaning about the season, in the latest episode of the epic tragedy that is the 2010 Broncos season, the Broncos jumped out to an early lead, then let the Rams go on a rather unsightly 33-3 run before ALMOST coming back. In the end, it was another in a string of numbing losses that are beginning to just bleed together into a splendid tapestry of failure. I mean, when you're giving up 36 points to the mediocre at best Rams offense, you clearly have failed as a franchise.

Even the excitement of a comeback was not to be. Kyle Orton has put up some pretty good numbers this year, but one thing we have really learned about him this season is that when the game is on the line and he has his last opportunity to rally the troups, he will fold like a Texas-hold em player holding a 7 and a 2. Orton is good at garbage time, but he lacks the Elwayness (Yeah, I just made that word up.) to engineer a game winning drive.

Granted, Orton's defense didn't do a whole lot to help him. 36 points?!? To the Rams? I don't feel like breaking this thing down. I was there, and the crowd was dead. It was the most empty that Invesco Field has been for a game since the stadium opened. There is no hope for the Broncos, and the only thing that would energize the fan base at this moment is if Pat Bowlen would cut loose Josh McDaniels. It's dark times for the Broncos fan base, and we're just not happy with the team. Hopefully we can draft well and turn this thing around next year. As for now, Josh McDaniels has really changed the culture in Denver...used to be the Broncos were always competitive, even in their down years. Now we don't have the expectation of even mediocrity, and we're reduced to wondering how high our first pick will be next year. I liked the old culture better, I must say.

A few thoughts about Sunday's game:

Sam Bradford is the real deal. He looked about as composed as I've ever seen a rookie quarterback. I was impressed.

Brian Dawkins is washed up. He likes to flap his arms and gesticulate, and he will occasionally make a big hit, but that doesn't mask the fact that he's getting beaten in coverage, and he's more inclined to try to strip the ball than just make a tackle. Stripping the ball is good, but you really need to make a tackle, Brian.

Knowshon Moreno is improving and is actually starting to like like he may have been a good pick.

Dominating opening drives for the Broncos are not to be believed. For the third straight game, Denver opened the game with an authoritative drive down the field for an easy looking touchdown. Denver's record in those games? 1-2.

Brandon Lloyd is the brightest spot it a somewhat dark season for Denver. He's routinely making amazing catches and has become an elite receiver which no one saw coming, and still am scratching my head at that fact.

Eddie Royal is exciting. Not always in a good way, but the dude makes exciting things happen.

For a split second, the snow was falling, the Broncos had rallied from down 20 to down just 3 points left with the ball and momentum of having just partially blocked a Rams punt, and it felt like it was going to be a special game with a memorable ending. Sadly, it turned out to be another loss that will be quickly forgotten.

Can we never wear those blue pants again? The monochrome look just seems so minor league footballish. Yuck.

I'm not turning in my Broncos fanship, but I must say that this season has not been fun. I find myself wondering how Lions fans do this year after year after year. I have a whole new respect for them. And Mr. Bowlen, if you're reading this. Can we please get a different coach in here, already? I know, we haven't even given him two full years yet, but 5-16 over the last 21 games has not exactly been good times, you know? Oh well, Go Broncos!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Vertically Striped Radio - Episode 83 - 11-27-10 - The Much too Early for a Christmas Special Christmas Special

It was the "Much too early for a Christmas special, Christmas Special" on Vertically Striped Radio. We had a duel of Canada versus Mexico comedy kids to see which border nation people would prefer, with the McKenzie brothers doing battle with Cheech and Chong. Face and the Whale joined in and we discussed the best and worst things about Christmas, and we listened to a woman who has truly embraced the real spirit of Black Friday. Our movie club now has a name, and we unveiled it today as the "He-Man Movie Watchers Club" held it's second session as we discussed the "Christmas" movie Die Hard. I finished by unveiling a new VSR holiday tradition of being serenaded by the worst version of "O Holy Night" that has likely ever been recorded. It's so bad that it's wonderful. We finished with the music recommendation of Frank Sinatra's "Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas." and a little "Feliz Navidad" thrown in at the end to honor Face. Merry Christmas much too early, everyone!

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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

NFL Weekend Preview: Week 12

I’m on fire! 11-5 last weekend, and I’m so overconfident that I was planning on climbing onto the roof and shouting, “I am a golden god!” a little bit later on today. Also, with Thanksgiving upon us, let us give thanks for NFL football and a bone chilling warning that we may not have it next year if the lockout comes to fruition. So remember to snuggle up this holiday weekend and be thankful for what we have while we still have it.

Patriots at Lions – All season the refrain on the Lions is that they are good, but just fall apart at the end. Maybe they aren’t good, or else you start winning some of these games. I still think they are better than their record indicates, but not much. As for the Patriots, they may just be the best team in the NFL right now. Detroit fans are used to losing Thanksgiving games, so what’s one more? Patriots 33 Lions 21

Saints at Cowboys – A two game win streak for the Cowboys makes this game slightly more interesting than it looked a few weeks ago, but the Jason Garrett bounce has to be just about up, right? The Saints have been putting it together over the past month, and my preseason pick that they would repeat, while still dubious, looks less ridiculous than it did. Saints 31 Cowboys 24

Bengals at Jets – Two teams touted as some of the more interesting teams in the league before the season began. The Bengals have fallen flat on their face with the low point having to be choking up a 31-14 halftime lead to Buffalo. It’s hard to believe that they will be able to bounce back in just four days from that. While the Bengals have underachieved worse than anyone this side of the Cowboys or Vikings, the Jets have lived up to the hype, even if they have done so in an exceptionally lucky way. While a good team, the Jetropolitans are NOT as good as their record would indicate, however I see their luck continuing on Thanksgiving night, as somehow the Jets rally in the 4th quarter again as has become their custom. Jets 30 Bengals 26

Packers at Falcons – I hate when people break out the “NFC Championship Game preview” followed by a question mark, but these are two of the stronger teams in the NFC, and it’s possible this will be our final although, I think the Eagles will be involved somehow in that game. Either way, should be a pretty interesting game and the best game of the week on paper. Packers 24 Falcons 21

Steelers at Bills – The Steelers are too good for Buffalo. What more can I say? Steelers 38 Bills 14

Panthers at Browns – Despite the fact that the Browns lack a glowing record; Is it safe to say they have been the feel good story of the season, thus far? Colt McCoy is going to sit this game out, and I’m always a little hesitant to pick a team quarterbacked by Jake Delhomme, but he’s going up against his old team which is so bad that even the Jake factor can’t scare me off of the Panthers. Looking at the Panthers quarterback depth chart is frightening. Starting Brian St. Pierre and the backup right now is Tony Pike. Yes, this is allegedly an NFL team, although it would be tough to convict them of that in a court of law. Browns 31 Panthers 13

Jaguars at Giants – It’s the Jekyll and Hyde game! It’s impossible to tell whether either of these 6-4 teams are good or not, due to their 8 combined losses all being by double digits and the fact that although they have both won more than they have lost, when they lose, they lose BIG. I’m just bummed because for the second year in a row a terrible Jags team is continually being shown in the “In the hunt” column whenever sports shows talk playoff picture. I’m making this pick hoping that it happens and we can quickly remove this Jaguar team from the hunt. Giants 29 Jaguars 17

Vikings at Redskins – Are the Vikings going to get a post Chilly bump in the same way the Cowboys got a tiny bit of rejuvenation once they jettisoned Wade Phillips? I hope not, but seeing as how their next two games are against Washington and Buffalo, I could see it happening. They are still a crappy team that has underachieved, but they get a brief moment in the sun over the next two weeks. Vikings 21 Redskins 17

Titans at Texans – Which is harder to overcome? The emotional strain of allowing a team to move the ball the length of the field with less than a minute to go to score a touchdown to beat you after you basically laid up with a first and goal situation and had to settle for a field goal OR having your starting quarterback be named “Rusty”? I’m going to guess the Texans get over their malaise quicker than the Titans get over their “Rusty.” Texans 27 Titans 17

Chiefs at Seahawks – The Chiefs are so ready to fall into collapse mode, but the NFL schedule makers won’t let them. The Seahawks this week after the Cardinals last week. The NFC West makes up for a multitude of sins. Chances are excellent that the Seahawks will lose to fall below .500 on Sunday and still be leading that horrible division. Chiefs 20 Seahawks 17

Miami at Raiders – Two teams that combined to score three points last week face off. The Raiders had all sorts of mojo working before facing the Pittsburgh buzzsaw, so perhaps they can get it back here. The Dolphins will likely once again be starting third-stringer Tyler Thigpen who failed to score, but did not fail to make a multitude of mistakes last Thursday against the Bears whilst getting shut out. My gut tells me the Dolphins win, and that is how I’m going to pick it, so you should probably bet the Raiders. Dolphins 16 Raiders 13

Rams at Broncos – The Rams haven’t won in Denver since Jimmy Carter was president. The Broncos have won six straight home games against NFC teams, and the Rams are winless on the road. Those, my friends, are trends. I have very little confidence in my boys, but I’m picking them to win anyway. Broncos 23 Rams 20

Eagles at Bears – Apropos of nothing except the fact that these two teams are playing in the same place where it happened in 1988...Remember the Fog Bowl? Crazy they played a game in something like this...
Good game on paper with both teams at 7-3, but I feel like the Eagles are much MUCH better than Chicago. Eagles semi-big here. Eagles 28 Bears 13

Buccaneers at Ravens – At 7-3 yet in third place in their division, do you think the Bucs are slightly annoyed that someone from the NFC West will make the playoffs? The Bucs continue to be solid this year, and bring a punchers chance to Baltimore, but they’ll need to be very special to beat the Ravens, and I don’t think they’re going to be quite that good. Ravens 27 Buccaneers 21

Chargers at Colts – The Chargers always play the Colts tough, and they need to stay hot to keep chasing down the Chiefs. The Colts are also in a divisional battle, but they are better than the Jags and Titans whom they are battling. I’m going to say the game means more to the red hot Chargers, and they go into Indy and put down the Colts. Chargers 31 Colts 28

49ers at Cardinals – The winner of this Monday Night battle of 3-7 teams could potentially be only a game out of first place in the NFC West if the Chiefs can manage to take down the Seahawks on Sunday. How do you know the NFL is an unstoppable beast right now? This game is going to get good ratings for ESPN despite being the battle for the NFC West basement. 49ers 21 Cardinals 13

Week 11: 11-5
Season to Date: 91-69

Monday, November 22, 2010

Broncos Gameday Recap: Game 10 - Broncos at Chargers

Chargers 35 Broncos 14
Subtle. Stay Classy, San Diego.

I knew that thumping of the Chiefs was a mirage. Welcome back to the crappy Broncos season. After an initial amazing drive where the Broncos marched down the field like a machine, the highlights for Denver were pretty much over. Things were going well for most of the first quarter, but after the Broncos stopped the Chargers where the punting unit came on, Mike Scifres took the long snap and tossed a 28 yard reception to Mike Tolbert to convert a 4th and 14, and the game swung to the home team for good.

Mike Tolbert gashed the Broncos all night to the tune of 111 yards.

I don't really know who you blame this on. The Chargers are just better than the Broncos. The Broncos are bad. They are unable to stop people, they are unable to sustain offensive momentum, and they are just not very talented. Not sure there is much in the way of scheming that can be done to take away the disadvantage of not being as talented as your opponent. This is a bad team, and it's not going to get better for awhile.

They need to draft well and stockpile some talent. I'm not sure that McDaniels is going to be around long enough to see this turn around, and frankly, I'm not sure he should.
Between trading away Jay Cutler, Brandon Marshall, Peyton Hillis, Tony Scheffler and Alphonso Smith, and then getting rid of three valuable draft picks for a backup quarterback who has amassed all of 1 career throw to this point, I'm thinking that a rebuilding effort suffers with this kind of personnel decision making.

The Broncos are a big bowl of meh right now. Not much interesting or captivating, nothing to look forward to, and little hope that things are going to turn around soon. Broncos nation needs more signs of hope, and one freak blowout win in the middle of the season isn't enough to make us forget that the team is 3-7 and amongst the dregs of the NFL.

Hey look, there goes another Charger down the field!

Super Mario Brothers Song Tournament: 4 Seed vs 5 Seed

4 Seed - Poizunus - Super Mario Beatbox


5 Seed - Super Mario RC Car

You can vote for your favorite over at the Dameshek.com message board. To go to the section of the message board where you vote, click here.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Vertically Striped Radio - Episode 82 - 11-20-10 - Gonna Fly Now!

It was the pre-game party for the Colorado Rapids as they prepared for the MLS Cup Championship game. (Which they won!) VSR celebrated by barely talking about them, although I did declare that I was very interested in the game. (I ended up watching it at a Rapids party that was VERY amped about the game, which was fun.)

Face Ventura and The Whale called in, and we discussed the upcoming "Much too early for a Christmas Special Christmas Special" that we will be doing next week. We also unveiled the final first round matchup in the Super Mario Music tournament.

The main discussion of the show revolved around the 1976 Epic movie "Rocky" which was pretty much universally loved on for 40 minutes.

The show closed with a recommendation of "Do You Realize" by The Flaming Lips, and if you hold out to the very end you can hear a reading of "The Big Orange Splot" a kids book that I just love.

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Thursday, November 18, 2010

NFL Weekend Preview: Week 11

I'm doing great at picks, if getting half right is great. (I'm pretty sure that's not correct.) Thankfully the Eagles salvaged a .500 week for me by throttling the Redskins. Here is this week's effort. I hope to get at LEAST half right this time. I'm very good at this.

Bears at Dolphins: Ah, what a great game this was in 1985 when the Dolphins were able to ruin the Bears perfect season. Tonight's game has slightly less importance, and I predict it will be infinitely less memorable. Dull game, with the Phins pulling it out. Dolphins 19 Bears 10

Bills at Bengals: For as poor as the Bills season has been, the Bengals are only one game ahead of them, and if my prediction comes true, they will be equally crappy record-wise at the end of this one. Yeah, that's right. I'm calling for a 2 game Bills win streak. Bills 26 Bengals 23

Lions at Cowboys: Is the Jason Garrett resurgence a one game phenomenon, or are the Cowboys legitimately going to be better if only because Wade Phillips is no longer calling the shots? I'll say Wade was that bad, at least when it comes to this week. Cowboys 33 Lions 23

Redskins at Titans: It's hard to come back from as rough of a butt-kicking as the Skins endured on Monday night against Mike Vick and the Eagles. I think the Titans lay the wood to Shanny and company, although I think Randy Moss remains a non-factor again this week for Tennessee. Titans 34 Redskins 17

Cardinals at Chiefs: Don't be fooled by the gaudy numbers he put up last week in Denver. Those were all in crunch time, and when the game mattered and the Chiefs needed him, Matt Cassel was a train wreck. He may put up decent stats and a win this week at home, but only because the Cards are a weak team. Chiefs by default here. Chiefs 23 Cardinals 17

Packers at Vikings: The final time the Packers will be on the same field as Brett Favre, or at least that's what we have been led to believe, and I'm clinging to the hope that it's actually true. Favre has atrophied to the point where he is nearly pitiable, although I still hope that Green Bay stomps him. I can't be completely rational in making this pick, but I'm going to make it a blowout anyway. Packers 37 Vikings 17

Texans at Jets: The Jets are pretty lucky to be in the spot they are, as they could just as easily have lost in Denver along with their past two games that both went into OT, so while they are 7-2, they could just as easily be 4-5. They are contending right now, but something about them makes me think they are not completely legit. I'll take Houston in a bit of a surprise win, as the Texans have been stumbling a lot lately, but they feel due. Texans 28 Jets 24

Raiders at Steelers: Common sense says take Pittsburgh at home, but the Raiders came in last year and pulled this game out, and I feel like they are poised to do it again. Why not? Raiders 20 Steelers 17

Ravens at Panthers: The Ravens are really good and the Panthers are really bad. Sometimes it's as simple as that. Ravens 44 Panthers 7

Browns at Jaguars: The Jags are masters of hanging around the playoff picture, despite not being any good. They did it last year, and they are doing it again. Cleveland is a team that is a legitimate threat to pull an upset every week, and although I really want to take them this week, I think Jacksonville finds a way to get this win at home. Jaguars 17 Browns 16

Buccaneers at 49ers: The Bucs have been solid but not spectacular all year long, and the Niners have been terrible. Naturally, I'm going to take the Niners here to throw you off the scent. 49ers 27 Buccaneers 20

Seahawks at Saints: The Seahawks are the division leader in this game, but they aren't going to look like it. The Saints are better and they are at home. Saints big. Saints 30 Seahawks 10

Falcons at Rams: This game is likely more important to the Rams than the Falcons, and although the Falcons are better I think I'm going to take the Ra... No, I'm going to take Atlanta. I was close to going Saint Louis, but the Falcons are just better. Falcons 26 Rams 19

Colts at Patriots: No matter who wins, it feels like we're going to see this one again in the playoffs. Huh? I'll take the Pats in the regular season this year. Patriots 31 Colts 27

Giants at Eagles: Can the Mike Vick match the performance from Monday night? Are the Giants going to rebound from the egg they laid against Dallas? Can I keep asking questions? What does it all mean? Eagles 20 Giants 17

Broncos at Chargers: Last week with the Broncos scoring 49 had a blind squirrel finding a nut feel to it. The Chargers are poised to take the AFC West, and this game will help. Chargers 38 Broncos 21

Week 10: 7-7
Season to Date: 80-64

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Broncos Gameday Recap: Game 9 - vs Chiefs

Broncos 49 Chiefs 29
Head and Shoulders above the Chiefs.

More please! I'm not sure what got into the Denver Broncos on Sunday, but I'd like to bottle it and have it poured out on to the field each Sunday. We are two days away from the game now, so breaking it down feels silly, plus I am feeling exceptionally lazy right now, so I'm not going to do a full breakdown. However, I will say that I attended the game on Sunday, and jumped up and down repeatedly and lost my voice from joyful cheering.

I had a good feeling about the game, but that meant I thought we might win on a last minute field goal or something, not run the Chiefs out of the building. I can't help shake the feeling that this was an aberration, and the mediocre Broncos will make their return to the field against the Chargers next Monday night, but for one day, we were the kings of the world in the NFL, and it felt good.

Just a few random thoughts about the game:

Brandon Lloyd: How has this guy gotten to be an elite receiver this year after so many years of being a journeyman? Weird, but delightful. He was incredible on Sunday.

Tim Tebow: Yes, he threw his first pass, for a touchdown no less, and of course, I'm cheering for the kids. Hopefully he'll give a lot to Broncos football over the coming years, but for the love of all things holy, Denver. Can we tone down the irrational exuberance a touch whenever he comes into the game? It's embarrassing how wild the stadium gets every time he walks onto the field. The bated breath and ultra enthusiasm is not quite warranted just yet. Let's let him earn our adoration, instead of just blindly cheering each time he takes a sip of water, okay? Thanks.

Kyle Orton: That'll do. Fantastic game. Nuff said. This guy is actually earning the accolades and is treated as an afterthought by Broncos fans which is weird to me.

Matt Cassel: Wow, was he awful. If you look at his stats, you'd think he was making a case for a Pro-Bowl appearance. However, if you watched the game, you'd realize why stats can not always be trusted in the NFL. His stats were 33-53 for 469 yards and four touchdowns. However, he was constantly missing open receivers, making poor decisions, and just plain stinking up the joint. You'd have loved to have started him on your fantasy team, but if you're a Chiefs fan, he's a big reason you lost.

Instant Replay failure: Felt like home cooking, but in the first quarter on the bomb to Jabbar Gaffney that made the score 21-0, the Chiefs challenged, but the refs declared that the replay system was inoperable, so the call on the field would stand. Somehow in the second half, it was working well enough to reverse a call for the Broncos that ended up being called as a Brandon Lloyd touchdown after further review. I do sort of feel bad about this. How come the Broncos got a chance to have a play reviewed later on if that chance was denied the Chiefs earlier in the game? Fortunately, this game was a no doubter, so it's not like anyone can say that the Broncos didn't earn this win.

49 points: Yup. I just wanted to type it again to see how ridiculous it looks to see that the Broncos actually scored that many. I still find it hard to believe days after.

Todd Haley: Get over yourself. It's not as much fun to be on the losing side of things, is it? Remember that you yourself won by 20 on this very same field 11 months ago. Shake Josh's hand, already. Oh, and we'll try to make sure that our instant replay system is operable next year for ya.

Orange Jerseys: The NFL needs to mandate that these things become the Broncos permanent jerseys ASAP. They are beautiful. The Broncos are supposed to wear orange.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Super Mario Brothers Song Tournament: 3 Seed vs 6 Seed

3 Seed - Super Mario Violin


6 Seed - Super Mario Banjo

You can vote for your favorite over at the Dameshek.com message board. To go to the section of the message board where you vote, click here.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Vertically Striped Radio - Episode 81 - 11-13-10 - A Lucky Silver Dollar and an F+

It was a special day on Vertically Striped Radio. Face and The Ed both called in right at the top of the show, and The Ed had a world exclusive for VSR. It appears that he and Little Bobby found a silver dollar. Yes, that was the big news. Granted, it was a silver dollar from 1796, he said, and he also said that he sold it for 1300 bucks, but that was the big exclusive that Ed brought to light on the show.

Then, in a move that has been much anticipated throughout the World Wide Web, my cousin Tawni called in to play "Pitch! Some! Woo!" After a large amount of demand, no one else called in, so we were left with Ed and Face showing how they would impress a woman. Face won in the grading as he got a C, and Ed got an F+.

After thanking Tawni for calling in, Face and I finished up the show by unveiling the Magnificent Seven: 7 Worst Candies list. Then we matched up the 3 seed and 6 seed in the Super Mario music tournament matching a violin with a banjo.

We signed off by making a music recommendation of the song "The World Spun Madly On" by The Weepies. A talented group with an unfortunate name.

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Friday, November 12, 2010

NFL Weekend Preview: Week 10

A photo of the Lions vs. the Bills, because bad teams need love too.

This is the final week of bye weeks, which means after this Sunday, we'll have a full slate of games each week AND Thursday games from now on. This makes me happy, because more football is more better. Here is the final short slate, and exactly how the games will go...except probably not. But humor me, anyway.

Lions at Bills – Every thing in my wants to predict that the Bills finally get over the hump and put it to the Lions and get into the win column for the first time this season, but the Lions feel better than 2-6, and I think they will beat Buffalo. I’m sorry, Buffalo. - Lions 33 Bills 27

Vikings at Bears – Favre has announced officially that this is his final season. Which means it’s at least a 30% chance this is his final game in Soldier Field. I think the Bears send him off as a loser in his final trip there, be it Sunday, or three years from now. - Bears 21 Vikings 17

Jets at Browns – The Browns are on fire after taking down powerhouses New Orleans and New England. Do they take down their third straight team that starts with “New” on Sunday? Sure, why not. The Brownies are powerhouses against “New” teams. - Browns 26 Jets 19

Panthers at Buccaneers – The Bucs think they are the best team in the NFC. They are wrong, but they are miles ahead of this divisional rival. The Panthers are so terrible that they omit a foul smell, sure, you can say that’s gym socks in the locker room, but it’s not…The players literally* have the stink of failure on them. (*This is not true.) – Buccaneers 30 Panthers 10

Texans at Jaguars – I have zero interest in this game. Just none. Perhaps it’ll turn out to be a barnburner, but ahead of time, I’ve got nothing. So, I wanted to pose a question into the blogosphere for anyone to answer if they feel inclined. Does anyone eat breakfast at Subway? I know they are non-stop pumping out ads of late for their delicious breakfasts, but I have never once thought to myself in the morning. Hey, I’m going to stop at Subway for breakfast. Have you tried it? Is it good? Why are they serving breakfast? I’m so confused by the whole Subway for breakfast movement. Anyway…- Texans 21 Jaguars 10

Bengals at Colts – When people bring up Carson Palmer and his struggles, they inevitably say that he’s coming back from a knee injury. While I realize that knee injuries are tough and require some serious time back…his injury happened January 8th, 2006. We’re almost FIVE YEARS REMOVED FROM IT!!! Perhaps if he’s struggling now, it’s because he’s not any good anymore, not that he needs a bit more rehab. The Colts are beat up, but the Bengals have listed their psyche on the injury report as “Doubtful.” Colts big. - Colts 34 Bengals 19

Titans at Dolphins – Randy Moss makes his Titans debut, whilst the Dolphins debut a new Chad that is also their old Chad. Can Pennington lead in his Chadlike way in an area where Henne’s Chadness failed? Also, how ironic is it that if any city in the league were to have two quarterbacks named Chad that it would be Miami, a place that became very well known for hanging Chads in the 2000 election? Oh yeah, the pick. - Titans 27 Dolphins 23

Chiefs at Broncos – When last we saw the Broncos at Invesco Field, they were getting drubbed by 45 against Oakland. Thankfully the City of Denver has had a few weeks to process this, and although our confidence is shattered, we’re still going to hope for the best in this one. I’ll be there clad in orange and blue and as of this moment at least, feeling oddly confident. The Chiefs are better than the Broncos, but Denver is due. God, I hope they are due. - Broncos 20 Chiefs 16

Cowboys at Giants – The Cowboys did not care last Sunday night, as they lost by 38 to Green Bay. It was obvious they weren’t trying for Wade Phillips, and I have a hard time believing they are going to start caring a whole lot more for Jason Garrett. They keep it slightly closer, but the Giants are a better team that actually cares about trying to win right now. The Cowboys are a lost cause this year. Giants 31 Cowboys 17

Seahawks at Cardinals – Is it easier to bounce back from a monumental collapse or being manhandled? The Seahawks were drop kicked at home by the Giants 41-7, while the Cardinals inepted (Yes, I just made that word up.) away a late fourth quarter 14 point lead to the Vikings. Neither of these birds are any good, so let’s give the edge to the home team since someone has to win. (Technically, a tie is a possibility, so someone DOESN’T have to win, but I don’t feel like being so cheeky as to predict a tie.) - Cardinals 19 Seahawks 16

Rams at 49ers – The Rams, also known as the team I like to win the NFC West, head to Northern California to try and put a rather sizable nail in the coffin of the 49ers. Odd as it seems, the should the Niners win this game they could be as close as 1 game back of the division lead. Perhaps San Francisco owner Jed York won’t seem as crazy as he did when he announced the 49ers would win the division the day after the team fell to 0-5. Although, the Niners aren’t very good, so my money is still on that sounding crazy. - Rams 20 49ers 13

Patriots at Steelers – Clearly the game of the week, here. The winner puts themselves into excellent position in the AFC, plus we get the added bonus of hearing each team’s fans debating which franchise was the “Team of the Aughts” which is always fun. The Patriots are back to their “winning while the other team scratches it’s head wondering how it lost” ways of the pre-Randy Moss era. I feel like the Steelers may be scratching their heads come Monday morning. - Patriots 21 Steelers 17

Eagles at Redskins – If there is any team in the NFC that I want to see as much as possible right now, and whom I would love to advance deep through the playoffs to the Super Bowl, it’s the Philadelphia Eagles. And for one reason: Mike Vick. I know he’s a bad man whom PETA types will always consider an enemy of their loopy state, but when he’s in the open field running around, that man is flat-out entertaining. And if Iike any type of entertainment, flat-out entertainment is right at the top. On the other end of the field, it will be interesting to watch to see who my man Mike Shanahan can alienate this week. We should put together a bingo card with the names of all the most talented players on the Redskins and play along. If you place your mark on Chris Cooley, you can just hope that some sort of anti-tight end sentiment gets expressed by Shanny and watch the sparks fly PLUS you’d win a prize. Sounds great to me! – Eagles 33 Redskins 20

Week 10 Thursday Night: 1-0
Season to Date: 74-57

Thursday, November 11, 2010

NFL Weekend Preview: Week 10 (Thursday Night Edition)

Thursday football is already upon us, which means that crappy weather is soon to descend and that we are closer to the end of the regular season than the beginning. This makes me sad, but try to remember to hold on to the football while we have it, as the football season grows up too quickly, and before you know it you’re standing at the Super Bowl as a proud parent watching your season get it’s diploma in it’s cap and gown and thinking to yourself, I remember when you were just a little preseason! My point, life moves quickly, so watch a lot of football or you might miss something.

Ravens at Falcons – Pretty good game to kick off the Thursday slate what with two of the six teams standing at the top of the league standings with 6-2 records. So on a technicality of three days, the winner here gets to be the first team to seven wins in the NFL. The Falcons are tough to beat at home with Matt Ryan. He’s only lost once ever in the Georgia Dome, and I only bring it up because he lost to…THE BRONCOS! (Look, Broncos fans have limited opportunities to brag these days, so when I see one, I jump on it.)

This game matches up the two quarterbacks with some of the dumber nicknames in sports. Matt Ryan has picked up the nickname Matty Ice, clearly a dumb reference to a terrible beer, however that nickname is at least somewhat organic and not nearly as objectionable as the nickname which was “given” to Joe Flacco in a produced event called “The Nickname” earlier this year. (I swear I’m not making this up.) The NBHHCM (which is short for the National Basketball & Hip-Hop Culture Month Foundation, but I’m sure you already knew that.) had this event which they called “The Nickname” in the misguided spirit of following after LeBron James’ “The Decision.”

In this event (held on September 10th, 2010) the NBHHCM in association with something called “Dunkadelic Sports Marketing” released the new official fan logo and nickname of Joe Flacco. The name? “BL Cool J No. 5” (BL can stand for Be Like OR Baltimore Loves, of course.)

And here of course, is the new BL Cool Joe No. 5 logo...

Joe, I’m not sure how you got caught up with the good folks over at NBHHCM or Dunkadelic Sports Marketing, but I just want you to know. It’s okay to say no, man.

Look, I know I just put the Ravens at number one in the Powerlines rankings, but I cannot feel okay about myself and pick the Ravens this week after learning about BL Cool J No. 5. So, I’ll go with the home team in a game that I think should be pretty close. Falcons 20 Ravens 17

Week 9: 9-4
Season to Date: 73-57

Powerlines: Week 10 NFL Power Rankings

The Squirrelroo is a friendly is slightly nutty creature. Kind of like me, really.

It's been a few weeks, so I thought we were due for a power poll update. Seeing how this season is THIS SEASON, these will likely be remarkably different in three weeks.

1. Ravens (6-2 +36) – The team I’d least want to play in the NFL right now. Not overly flashy, but they just tend to lean on you until you collapse. The Ravens are exceptional at applying consistent pressure and suffocating opponents under the strain.

2. Steelers (6-2 +51) – A week after being dominated in New Orleans, they came dangerously close to blowing a 20 point in Cincinnati, which is cause for concern.

3. Patriots (6-2 +31) – Used to be that losing to the Browns would drop you significantly, but the Brownies are threatening legitimacy, and the Patriots are still not to be taken lightly. You get the feeling that Bill Belichick prefers coaching a smoke and mirrors team like this where on paper they don’t seem like much, yet at the end of the day they win to a dominant team like the 18-1 Pats of 2007.

4. Giants (6-2 +56) – Yes, they have run off five straight wins, which is an accomplishment that puts them in contention for the top NFC spot, but their most impressive win is over a middling Houston team, and they have padded their stats with wins against dregs such as Seattle, Detroit, Dallas and the average Bears. The second half of the season will tell us more about the legitimacy of the Giants than the first half did, as they will face up against the Packers, The Redskins and Eagles Twice, and Brett Favre’s Vikings, after which we should have a better feel for the actual strength of this team.

5. Eagles (5-3 +17) – Philly has a luxury that many teams would kill for. They appear to have two quarterbacks capable of leading them to wins, when many teams don’t even have one. How fun is it to watch Mike Vick pinball around the football field right now? The league is more fun when he’s doing his Superman thing.

6. Falcons (6-2 +42) – Much like the Giants, the Falcons have gotten fat off of a favorable schedule defeating the likes of the Cardinals, Niners, Browns, and Bengals. They do have wins over the Bucs and Saints which are important within the division, but they have lost their two toughest games to the Eagles and Steelers. If they want to advance in the playoffs, they will need to beat the good teams, as very few cupcakes make it to the postseason.

7. Colts (5-3 +49) – Peyton Manning and the Colts are right where they are most dangerous. Kind of an afterthought right now, and lurking just below the surface. I can easily see them peaking late in the season and poising for a postseason run.

8. Jets (6-2 +52) – I saw this team struggle mightily against a rather poor Broncos team in a game they should have lost. I have seen them get shutout at home against the Packers, and get very lucky against the Lions. I have my doubts about Mark Sanchez, and the whole Jets offense. (Although I have been shocked by the rejuvenation of Ladanian Tomlinson, who I thought was DONE.) All in all, despite a good defense and an offense that seems to come through when it’s most needed, there is a certain je ne se qua missing from the Jets. I feel like they are destined to make the playoffs, I just don’t see them being able to get very far once they are there.

9. Packers (6-3 +78) – Always in a game, if they aren’t destroying teams. Have only lost games by three points this year, and two thirds of the time it happens in OT. I could easily see this team making the Super Bowl, as there are only two NFC teams above them in my power rankings right now, and I could see the Pack defeating either. I think they’d have difficulty in the Big Game, though, as to beat whoever survives the AFC, I think you’ll need to have a better run game than the Pack has going for it right now.

10. Saints (6-3 +78) – The offense that was so dominant last season is consistently struggling this year, yet the Saints keep finding ways to come out ahead in games. As average as they have looked this year, they still possess the ability to put it together in the second half and make a good run at repeating. The NFL is so wide open that I have the champs at team number ten, and I would not even be remotely shocked if they repeated.

11. Titans (5-3 +74) – The big question that starts to get answered on Sunday…Will Randy Moss try for Tennessee? He may be finished, and he may have more in the tank, but with Moss, it’s impossible to tell. I have my doubts that he makes the Titans better.

12. Chargers (4-5 +42) – After a brutal start, the Chargers are looking dynamite. (This is a recording.) Although, what is wrong with the special teams in San Diego? Beyond dreadful…5 blocked punts???

13. Raiders (5-4 +47) – The stampede they started in Denver has grown all the way into their first three game win streak since 2002. If they can manage just two more victories this year, they will have their best season since that same year when they last went to the Super Bowl.

14. Chiefs (5-3 +38) – First in the AFC Standings right now, but I think they may just be the worst team of the three competing for the division. However, in their favor, their remaining schedule is pillowy soft.

15. Dolphins (4-4 -32) – Getting spit on and having a fumble taken away from them are the two most interesting things to happen to the Dolphins this season. Even their record is boring.

16. Buccaneers (5-3 -33) – Josh Freeman and the Bucs are proving that when you draft well, you can rise out of the basement quickly. This is a frisky team.

17. Rams (4-4 -1) – Sam Bradford and the Rams (copy and paste everything I just said about the Josh Freeman and the Bucs in the previous item.)

18. Texans (4-4 -33) – This is an emotionally frail and perpetually underachieving team. Gary Kubiak may be on the hot seat at the end of the if only due to lack of progress being made in Houston.

19. Browns (3-5 -4) – The Browns and the Peyton Hillis Express has the city of Cleveland almost forgetting about LeBron James. Okay, perhaps that is a slight overstatement, but the Brownies are the feel good story of the city right now after back to back wins over the Saints and Patriots.

20. Vikings (3-5 -12) – Brad Childress was three quarters out of the door in Minnesota when Brett Favre came from behind by two touchdowns in the 4th quarter and won a game on muscle memory. Either that was the spark that rights the ship in Minny, or it was the last gasp of an old team before sputtering to the finish. I’ll guess the latter, while acknowledging that either is a possibility.

21. Bears (5-3 +15) – Technically the Bears have a winning record, and perhaps Lovie Smith had a horseshoe surgically implanted before the season started, because they should have lost to the Lions in week 1, they came dangerously close to losing in Toronto to the winless Bills, and the rest of their wins have been over the dregs of the NFL coming over the likes of the Lions, Cowboys, and Panthers. Their lone impressive win came on an emotionally charged Monday night home game over their longtime rivals from Green Bay. They haven’t been overly impressive in any win, and I just don’t believe they are all that good.

22. Redskins (4-4 -15) – How can Donovan McNabb have any confidence left? If someone thinks that Rex Grossman is better at anything than you, that has to be devastating. If Mike Shanahan told me that Grossman was better at Tetris than I was, I think I’d go into a funk. The only thing Rex Grossman should be considered better at than any other quarterback is debilitating game ending fumbles for touchdowns. If that were an Olympic event, he’d have a closet full of gold.

23. Jaguars (4-4 -61) – Strange team the Jaguars, they seem to either win big or get blown out, only two of their games have been within 10 points, and they have been on either side of these scores this year: 38-13, 28-3, 36-26, 30-3, 42-20, 35-17.

24. Seahawks (4-4 -51) – Things may be deteriorating in Seattle, at least that’s what I would assume after the Seahawks have lost their past two games by a combined score of 74-10. Charlie Whitehurst…Egads! I’m going to go out on a limb and say that he is not the answer, unless the question is “What crappy quarterback can submarine any chance Seattle wins the NFC West?” He does have a tremendous beard, though, so not all is lost.

25. Lions (2-6 +15) – Detroit seems like the best 2-6 team in the league, and also the most snake-bit. It seems that if it weren’t for bad luck, the Lions would have no luck at all. Whether it’s having their kicker get hurt only so long as to have a rookie Defensive lineman miss a kick that would have prevented overtime or have a winning touchdown overturned on a technicality, this team is just good enough to break their fans hearts week after week.

26. Bengals (2-6 -23) – What gets a worse rating? The T.Ocho show on Versus or the idea to bring those two together to play on this team thinking it would lead to football glory?

27. 49ers (2-6 -41) – As weak as the Niners have been all year when people were expecting great things, technically they are only two games back of the division lead, and it isn’t completely inconceivable that they could still win the division. I think the Rams will do it, and I think the 49ers are bad, but it’s not outside the realm of possibility is all I’m saying.

28. Cardinals (3-5 -68) – I can’t take any team trying to win with Derek Anderson seriously. I was watching the Cardinals-Vikings game this week, and a pass that he wasn’t throwing away on purpose still ended up four rows into the seats…which is to say his accuracy may be slightly off.

29. Cowboys (1-7 -71) – Remember how at the beginning of the year all the talk was about how the Cowboys could be the first team to play the Super Bowl in their home stadium? AHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAA!!!

30. Bills (0-8 -83) – No, they have not won a game yet. However, they are getting very good at the excruciating loss, which makes me think that they are better than at least two teams in the league, and other teams in the league don’t face the handicap of having to play home games in Canada.

31. Broncos (2-6 -69) – Quietly sobbing to myself.

32. Panthers (1-7 -96) – Just dreadful. The odds they win another game seem slim, as I peruse their schedule, the only one I see as a possibility even is a home date with the Cardinals.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Super Mario Brothers Song Tournament: 2 Seed vs 7 Seed

The 2 Seed - Eminence Symphony Orchestra


The 7 Seed - Brendon Urie from Panic at the Disco

Click here to go to the voting page on the Dameshek.com Message Boards and cast your vote.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Vertically Striped Radio - Episode 80 - 11-06-10 - The Most Interesting Ed in the World.

The entire sports world has lost it's mind, so it's up to VSR to try and set the world back on it's axis. That's a tall order, and we are woefully unqualified, but Face, The Whale, and Craig tackled the major sports issues of the day including the Randy Moss, KG calling people cancer patients, the ongoing Brett Favre saga, and even the fact that apparently Mike Shanahan has lost his mind.

We didn't stop at sports, as we discussed ways to make hearing political commercials more entertaining, and even the wildly disturbing thought that Face would take a run at Snooki.

Round 2 of the Super Mario Brothers music tournament matched up 7 Seed - Brendon Urie of Panic! at the Disco with the 2 Seed - Eminence Symphony Orchestra. John Kline of ElevationRadio.com joined us for the final 45 minutes or so and we did the Magnificent Seven List of 7 Magnificent Beer Commercials. We developed a new law of nature which states, "The better quality the beer commercial, the worse quality the beer." It appears to be an immutable law.

We also premiered The Ed's, "Most interesting Ed in the world." commercial. The show wrapped up with the Vertically Striped Music Recommendation of a couple of songs from Tired Pony. "I finally love this town" and “Dead American Writers.”

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NFL Weekend Preview: Week 9

This is legitimately the longest weekend of the year. Even longer for me since it's the Broncos bye week, although perhaps that is a good thing. I am guaranteed not to have to suffer another Bronco loss this weekend, and there is still captivating NFL football upcoming. The league is more unpredictable than normal this year, and it's showing in my picks which are far from stellar. Oh well, here is this week's pathetic attempt at perfection...I'm destined to fall flat on my face, but this is fun for me.

Buccaneers at Falcons - The Buccaneers have clearly enjoyed a charmed season, but I'm still not sure they are good, or at least good enough to win this very important NFC South game on the road. I think the Falcons are just a bit better. Falcons 27 Buccaneers 20

Bears at Bills - Playing home games in Canada still seems like a slap in the face to me. Despite the fact that this Bills team is winless, I think there are several NFL teams worse than they are. Feels like they are due to get their first win this weekend, but I'm not going to predict it. Bears 24 Bills 20

Patriots at Browns - The Browns may not be a good team, but they are capable of putting the fear of God into good teams, which is a good start. The Patriots show up in Cleveland with a single loss, and I feel like they get a good scare a week after Halloween, but not their second loss. Patriots 26 Browns 23 (in OT)

Jets at Lions - Although I can't say why, exactly. I think the Lions get this one. Lions 21 Jets 13

Saints at Panthers - The Saints have struggled thus far this year, but the Panthers could teach classes for college credit about struggling. A week after beating the Steelers, the Saints continue to get healthy in Carolina. Saints 34 Panthers 13

Dolphins at Ravens - Game of the week on paper. If the Ravens are a legit contender, they need to get this one. Also, I'm not saying Miami is bad at scoring in the Red Zone, but consider this: They have scored 10 Field Goals in their past two games and only 2 Touchdowns. You need to put it into the end zone to beat Baltimore. Ravens 27 Dolphins 16

Chargers at Texans - The Chargers have the AFC West right where they want it. They appear to be hopelessly out of the race. The Chiefs have a healthy lead halfway through the season, but will I be shocked if somehow San Diego flies to the finish and wins the West? Not really. I think they get another win this weekend. How bad are the Chargers special teams? Statistically they are first overall in the NFL offense AND defense, and yet somehow they are 3-5. Chargers 31 Texans 28

Cardinals at Vikings - I would be uncomfortable that Brad Childress was in over his head if he were the night manager at Wendy's. This latest three week rental of Randy Moss at the rather exorbitant price of a 3rd round pick is a tour de force of incompetency. Despite the fact that this team seems to be run by an invalid, I can't pick against them when their opponent is the Cardinals on the road. Vikings 21 Cardinals 10

Giants at Seahawks - While not a great team, the Hawks are pesky at home in the Northwest. Seems from things I've heard, picking them to win at home is the trendy pick. When the starting quarterback is Charlie Whitehurst making his first I don't feel like being trendy. I'm not saying Whithurst is bad, because who knows? Dude was drafted in 2006 and his career stats to this point are zero passing yards, 13 rushing yards, and a rushing touchdown. Tim Tebow is more established as an NFL player at this point. I'm going to pick against the unknown commodity, even acknowledging that he may be great. Here is a photo of the dude...I don't know if he still looks this awesome, but if so, I'm cheering for the guy. You gotta like a quarterback that looks like Stoner Jesus. Giants 33 Seahawks 20

Colts at Eagles - Allegedly, The Eagles are favored in this one. I don't understand why. Colts 31 Eagles 17

Chiefs at Raiders - When was the last time this was a big game? It's been at least 20 years, right? This game is like Aliens vs. Predator for a Broncos fan like me, no matter who wins, I lose. I still am skeptical of the Chiefs, but putting my faith in the Raiders feels wrong too. I just don't know how to pick this one, but I guess I'll go Silver and Black. Raiders 27 Chiefs 24

Cowboys at Packers - One of my favorite uniform matchups ever. At the beginning of the season this looked like it would be a big important game, but that was before the Cowboys folded like a poker player holding an 8 and a 2. Gotta take the Packers here, right? WRONG! For no reasonable reason, I'm going to take the dreadful 'Boys led by the incomparable Jon Kitna and Wade Phillips. Cowboys 28 Packers 13

Steelers at Bengals - Steelers are due for a bounce back, and the Bengals are just not very good. Steelers 37 Bengals 14

Week 8: 6-7
Season to Date: 64-53

Monday, November 1, 2010

Vertically Striped Radio - Episode 79 - 11-01-10 - Monday Sucks Edition

It was the Monday Sucks edition of VSR. Face Ventura and Major Minority called in as we discussed our displeasure with the first day of the working week.

Face and Craig also unveiled the Dameshek.com hockey team, and I finished off the Monday special with a music recommendation of "Peace Train" by Cat Stevens.

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