Thursday, November 18, 2010

NFL Weekend Preview: Week 11

I'm doing great at picks, if getting half right is great. (I'm pretty sure that's not correct.) Thankfully the Eagles salvaged a .500 week for me by throttling the Redskins. Here is this week's effort. I hope to get at LEAST half right this time. I'm very good at this.

Bears at Dolphins: Ah, what a great game this was in 1985 when the Dolphins were able to ruin the Bears perfect season. Tonight's game has slightly less importance, and I predict it will be infinitely less memorable. Dull game, with the Phins pulling it out. Dolphins 19 Bears 10

Bills at Bengals: For as poor as the Bills season has been, the Bengals are only one game ahead of them, and if my prediction comes true, they will be equally crappy record-wise at the end of this one. Yeah, that's right. I'm calling for a 2 game Bills win streak. Bills 26 Bengals 23

Lions at Cowboys: Is the Jason Garrett resurgence a one game phenomenon, or are the Cowboys legitimately going to be better if only because Wade Phillips is no longer calling the shots? I'll say Wade was that bad, at least when it comes to this week. Cowboys 33 Lions 23

Redskins at Titans: It's hard to come back from as rough of a butt-kicking as the Skins endured on Monday night against Mike Vick and the Eagles. I think the Titans lay the wood to Shanny and company, although I think Randy Moss remains a non-factor again this week for Tennessee. Titans 34 Redskins 17

Cardinals at Chiefs: Don't be fooled by the gaudy numbers he put up last week in Denver. Those were all in crunch time, and when the game mattered and the Chiefs needed him, Matt Cassel was a train wreck. He may put up decent stats and a win this week at home, but only because the Cards are a weak team. Chiefs by default here. Chiefs 23 Cardinals 17

Packers at Vikings: The final time the Packers will be on the same field as Brett Favre, or at least that's what we have been led to believe, and I'm clinging to the hope that it's actually true. Favre has atrophied to the point where he is nearly pitiable, although I still hope that Green Bay stomps him. I can't be completely rational in making this pick, but I'm going to make it a blowout anyway. Packers 37 Vikings 17

Texans at Jets: The Jets are pretty lucky to be in the spot they are, as they could just as easily have lost in Denver along with their past two games that both went into OT, so while they are 7-2, they could just as easily be 4-5. They are contending right now, but something about them makes me think they are not completely legit. I'll take Houston in a bit of a surprise win, as the Texans have been stumbling a lot lately, but they feel due. Texans 28 Jets 24

Raiders at Steelers: Common sense says take Pittsburgh at home, but the Raiders came in last year and pulled this game out, and I feel like they are poised to do it again. Why not? Raiders 20 Steelers 17

Ravens at Panthers: The Ravens are really good and the Panthers are really bad. Sometimes it's as simple as that. Ravens 44 Panthers 7

Browns at Jaguars: The Jags are masters of hanging around the playoff picture, despite not being any good. They did it last year, and they are doing it again. Cleveland is a team that is a legitimate threat to pull an upset every week, and although I really want to take them this week, I think Jacksonville finds a way to get this win at home. Jaguars 17 Browns 16

Buccaneers at 49ers: The Bucs have been solid but not spectacular all year long, and the Niners have been terrible. Naturally, I'm going to take the Niners here to throw you off the scent. 49ers 27 Buccaneers 20

Seahawks at Saints: The Seahawks are the division leader in this game, but they aren't going to look like it. The Saints are better and they are at home. Saints big. Saints 30 Seahawks 10

Falcons at Rams: This game is likely more important to the Rams than the Falcons, and although the Falcons are better I think I'm going to take the Ra... No, I'm going to take Atlanta. I was close to going Saint Louis, but the Falcons are just better. Falcons 26 Rams 19

Colts at Patriots: No matter who wins, it feels like we're going to see this one again in the playoffs. Huh? I'll take the Pats in the regular season this year. Patriots 31 Colts 27

Giants at Eagles: Can the Mike Vick match the performance from Monday night? Are the Giants going to rebound from the egg they laid against Dallas? Can I keep asking questions? What does it all mean? Eagles 20 Giants 17

Broncos at Chargers: Last week with the Broncos scoring 49 had a blind squirrel finding a nut feel to it. The Chargers are poised to take the AFC West, and this game will help. Chargers 38 Broncos 21

Week 10: 7-7
Season to Date: 80-64

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