Monday, November 29, 2010

Broncos Gameday Recap: Game 11 - vs. Rams

Rams 36 Broncos 33

It's pretty much to the point where Broncos fans should be cheering for losses to improve the draft position, isn't it? This season has been a rough one for the Denver faithful, made even harder by the fact that our coach is apparently taking after his mentor's example and running with it. It's bad enough that the organization was fined for illegally taping practices, but if you're going to cheat, shouldn't you at least win?

Enough moaning about the season, in the latest episode of the epic tragedy that is the 2010 Broncos season, the Broncos jumped out to an early lead, then let the Rams go on a rather unsightly 33-3 run before ALMOST coming back. In the end, it was another in a string of numbing losses that are beginning to just bleed together into a splendid tapestry of failure. I mean, when you're giving up 36 points to the mediocre at best Rams offense, you clearly have failed as a franchise.

Even the excitement of a comeback was not to be. Kyle Orton has put up some pretty good numbers this year, but one thing we have really learned about him this season is that when the game is on the line and he has his last opportunity to rally the troups, he will fold like a Texas-hold em player holding a 7 and a 2. Orton is good at garbage time, but he lacks the Elwayness (Yeah, I just made that word up.) to engineer a game winning drive.

Granted, Orton's defense didn't do a whole lot to help him. 36 points?!? To the Rams? I don't feel like breaking this thing down. I was there, and the crowd was dead. It was the most empty that Invesco Field has been for a game since the stadium opened. There is no hope for the Broncos, and the only thing that would energize the fan base at this moment is if Pat Bowlen would cut loose Josh McDaniels. It's dark times for the Broncos fan base, and we're just not happy with the team. Hopefully we can draft well and turn this thing around next year. As for now, Josh McDaniels has really changed the culture in Denver...used to be the Broncos were always competitive, even in their down years. Now we don't have the expectation of even mediocrity, and we're reduced to wondering how high our first pick will be next year. I liked the old culture better, I must say.

A few thoughts about Sunday's game:

Sam Bradford is the real deal. He looked about as composed as I've ever seen a rookie quarterback. I was impressed.

Brian Dawkins is washed up. He likes to flap his arms and gesticulate, and he will occasionally make a big hit, but that doesn't mask the fact that he's getting beaten in coverage, and he's more inclined to try to strip the ball than just make a tackle. Stripping the ball is good, but you really need to make a tackle, Brian.

Knowshon Moreno is improving and is actually starting to like like he may have been a good pick.

Dominating opening drives for the Broncos are not to be believed. For the third straight game, Denver opened the game with an authoritative drive down the field for an easy looking touchdown. Denver's record in those games? 1-2.

Brandon Lloyd is the brightest spot it a somewhat dark season for Denver. He's routinely making amazing catches and has become an elite receiver which no one saw coming, and still am scratching my head at that fact.

Eddie Royal is exciting. Not always in a good way, but the dude makes exciting things happen.

For a split second, the snow was falling, the Broncos had rallied from down 20 to down just 3 points left with the ball and momentum of having just partially blocked a Rams punt, and it felt like it was going to be a special game with a memorable ending. Sadly, it turned out to be another loss that will be quickly forgotten.

Can we never wear those blue pants again? The monochrome look just seems so minor league footballish. Yuck.

I'm not turning in my Broncos fanship, but I must say that this season has not been fun. I find myself wondering how Lions fans do this year after year after year. I have a whole new respect for them. And Mr. Bowlen, if you're reading this. Can we please get a different coach in here, already? I know, we haven't even given him two full years yet, but 5-16 over the last 21 games has not exactly been good times, you know? Oh well, Go Broncos!

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