Sunday, October 31, 2010

Broncos Gameday Recap: Game 8 - vs 49ers in London

49ers 24 Broncos 16

Painful first half, glimmers of hope, ceiling falls in, too little too late at the end. For Broncos fans, it was less painful than last week, but at the end the Broncos once again came up short.

I'm running out of ways to express my disappointment in this Broncos, but let's just try to sum up briefly all the things that went wrong.

Time of Possession: 49ers - 33:34 Broncos - 26:26
Turnovers: 49ers - 0 Broncos - 2
Broncos 3rd Down conversions: 2-10
Broncos Missed Extra Points - 1
Exciting Game Changing Broncos Touchdowns overturned by Penalty - 2
Total Rushing Yards: 49ers - 143 Broncos 59

The Broncos had a shot in this game, they really did. However, there is just something missing with these guys that it's hard to put a finger on...Oh wait, it's talent. Talent is missing on this team. Fortunately, our boy wonder coach fixes that problem by trading away good running backs for 3rd string quarterbacks, trading away 3 valuable draft picks for a quarterback who apparently is only good at running for 2 yards, and chasing away mega-talented wide recievers and quarterbacks. (Well, calling Jay Cutler mega-talented may be a bit of a stretch at this point, but you gather my point. And that point is saying Josh must go.)


Brandon Lloyd: I don't know where this guy came from, but if you were fortunate enough to pick him up on waivers for your fantasy team week 1, you've been well rewarded. Seven catches for 169 yards in London on Sunday for the NFL's leading receiver. That's right, he's number 1 right now.

The Broncos didn't lose by 45 this week: I don't know if that qualifies as a positive, but I'll take it.


Stupid Penalties: The Broncos had a beautiful flea-flicker for a touchdown, only it didn't count because of a chop block call that seemed to be mostly bogus. Then there was an obvious clip in the back that called back a punt return touchdown. Either score would have had a profound effect on the game. Sigh.

Run Defense: They are barely trying at this point, it feels like.

The Mojo of the Broncos: It feels like they are waiting for something terrible to derail each game now. And as soon as it happens, it snowballs.

Final Thought:

I'm sorry it took two days to get this up, but the fact is that I'm getting fed up with the effort, the coach, and my team in general. At this point, I'll consider a 5-11 finish to be a resounding success. Hopefully next season we can get things pointed in the right direction, but right now, there is no joy in Broncoville. Ah well, I remain a faithful fan (if a somewhat lazy recapper), despite the terrible results of late. Go Broncos!

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