Wednesday, September 8, 2010

NFL Weekend Preview: Week 1

Football!!!!! Yeah, baby!!! The NFL is back!!! We've waited all year for this weekend, and it's finally here. I know people like to sing that Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, but clearly, they are wrong. When the NFL returns, all is right with the world. We're at that time of year where everyone can dream big. Even Broncos fans are having dreams of finishing 8-8 dancing in their heads as the season gets ready to kick off...hope springs eternal! Thursday night is the appetizer, and then Sunday is the main course. We even get two Monday night games for dessert. Life is good during Week 1. The only drawback to week one is that we have no feel for what our teams are REALLY like yet. So here are my best guesses, which are sure to be terrible, but I make them anyway. Enjoy the games, people!

Vikings at Saints:
The Super Bowl champs ALWAYS win this Thursday night game. I don’t think Brett Favre’s body is totally ready to hit the field for four quarters just yet, but he’s going to attempt to do just that in his return to the scene he was battered like a punch ball in the NFC Championship Game. I foresee bad things for the men in purple. I think they make it a good game, but the Saints prevail. Saints 34 Vikings 27

Panthers at Giants: Matt Moore gave the Panthers some life at the end of the year last season, but I am not sure he will be enough to put Carolina up over the top of the Giants as they open up their new home on opening day. I think the Giants get out to a strong start opening weekend. Giants 31 Panthers 17

Falcons at Steelers: Dennis Dixon under center for the first of what should be four games until Ben Roethlisberger takes his job back for the Steelers should make me nervous, as should the idea that Matt Ryan is starting year three for Atlanta, and theoretically is going to really start putting things together to get closer to elite status after a down Sophomore year. However, as the season is ready to kick off, I sorta like the Steelers chances this year and I’m a little down on the Falcons. I like this to be a good but low scoring game that Pittsburgh pulls out at the end. Steelers 16 Falcons 13

Browns at Buccaneers: On paper, this is one of the uglier matchups of opening weekend…So I’m going to predict a crazy, fun, high scoring game between two bad teams, because those are always a good time and they seem to happen once or twice a year. Browns 41 Buccaneers 38

Broncos at Jaguars: I expect this will be an ugly slugfest. I am hoping my favorite team has something this year, but I’m not expecting a ton. This is one they COULD win, but I just have a feeling they fall just short. Jaguars 17 Broncos 10

Colts at Texans: Um, the Colts ALWAYS beat the Texans. I don't see why this game should be any different. Colts 27 Texans 21

Dolphins at Bills: The Dolphins are not an exceptionally exciting team, but they seem to play a solid brand of football. The Bills don't even know which town is their permanent home. Plus, the Bills are just routinely bad. I'm going to take the Fish (Yes, Dolphins are mammals, but it's more fun to call them "the Fish" than "the Mammals". Dolphins 24 Bills 16

Lions at Bears: I think the Lions might actually have a decent season, but they have won only two games in the past two years, so history tells me to go with the Bears. Although, I think at the end of the year, Detroit might actually have a better record than Chicago, I think the Bears take the early lead in the race to stay out of the bottom of the division. Bears 19 Lions 16

Raiders at Titans: The Titans are a mystery, but the Raiders are a known commodity...we know they suck. I'll go with the known commodity to do what it does. Titans win big. Titans 30 Raiders 10

Bengals at Patriots: The Patriots are entering that territory where they have been good for so long that they are getting boring. It's probably more fun to pick this wacky Bengals team, but in the end, I'm going with boring but excellent over enigmatic but interesting. Patriots 27 Bengals 17

Cardinals at Rams: This game ties Browns/Bucs for least interesting matchup. I don't think this one will be fun to watch, though. Cardinals 17 Rams 3

49ers at Seahawks: The world has annointed the 49ers as the de facto favorites for the NFC West, Therefore, I like this weak Seattle team to shock them on opening day. Clearly, I could be wrong, but this is my upset special. Seahawks 20 49ers 10

Packers at Eagles: The Pack has had expectations raised, and I think it may be deserved. I'm wary of the new look Eagles with Kevin Kolb at quarterback. We're used to seeing them be a good team, but there is no guarantee that will continue. I think the Eagles struggle this year. Packers 29 Eagles 23

Cowboys at Redskins: Donovan McNabb makes his Redskin debut against a familiar enemy. There is a lot to like about what's going on in Washington, and as a Bronco fan, I will always have a soft spot in my heart for Mike Shanahan, but I think the Cowboys are just the better team here. I'll take the visitors from Dallas in a close game between these two blood rivals. Cowboys 17 Redskins 16

Ravens at Jets: We've heard a lot of noise from the Jets during the offseason. Time to put up or shut up, and they're going to have to open with a mighty tough team. I think this is the beginning of a tremendously disappointing season for Gang Green. Ravens 24 Jets 21

Chargers at Chiefs: The Chiefs are not nearly as talented and San Diego, but they always seem to give San Diego a good game at Arrowhead. Add the excitement of an opening night game in front of a National television audience, and I think they'll be ready to give Philip Rivers and company a challenge. Chargers 27 Chiefs 24 (O.T.)

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