Thursday, October 15, 2009

My NFL Network audition tape and photos from the wacky Broncos retro day.

So, I'm hoping to get a gig announcing NFL games. I think I do a pretty professional job as a TV analyst. Granted, I probably wouldn't be able to scream and yell and celebrate when the Broncos score, which would be difficult, but I'm at least as good as Joe Buck.

Sunday was a good time out at Invesco with my brother Bruce, it helped that the Broncos took down the Pats and that we got to enjoy the so ugly they are beautiful Vertically Striped Socks uniforms to which I am so partial. Here are a few photos from the game...

As you can clearly see, I came dressed for the occasion!

Vertically Striped Socks forever! There will be very few opportunities to wear these and actually be appropriate, so I took advantage of the situation.

Our season tickets aren't too shabby!

Both teams looked cool on Sunday.

Even if he didn't play well, Tom Brady looked good.

The retro flag was a nice touch.

Even the cheerleaders got into the retro spirit, those pom-poms are so large they had their own weather systems around them.

Man I love those crazy threads!

Even the scoreboards were retro, they would show replays in color, but most of the time the jumbotron was made to look like an old school black and white TV. This was cool for about three minutes, but it got very old very fast. One thing that was interesting is how much different the uniforms looked in black and white. Yellow doesn't translate AT ALL in black and white.

There was cool retro stuff...


I am still trying to figure out how Jabar Gaffney thought to twist his socks to make them look like a barber pole. Very creative!




I seriously took over fifty pictures by halftime, I went a little nuts.

And Bucky was there to look over it all.
(Yes, the horse on the stadium is named Bucky. Seriously.)


Unknown said...

The Broncos did a nice job with the retro stuff at the stadium. And wearing your own pair of vertically striped socks was a fitting tribute. You should wear them to work every Friday.

Thanks for the pictures.

Unknown said...

Excellent report....I want a pair of those socks? where did you find them?
techservant AT msn DOT com

Robert Ullman said...

Nice report, and great photos!