Monday, October 5, 2009

The last 10 days were so epic, I just had to write about it.

Life has been nuts lately for me. Not "I'm getting sex reassignment surgery and changing my name to Gertrude" crazy, but some stuff has happened. More stuff than usual, even.

It started a week ago last Saturday with a TNL (my church, The Next Level Church) trip to Crooked Creek ranch in the mountains. I was part of an epic wiffleball team that reached the finals of a sixteen team tournament before falling tragically short by a single run 5-4. Such a collection of wiffleball talent has rarely been seen before or since, and how we managed to not win it all is still a source of bitter disappointment.

No one strikes out at wiffleball with more grace and power than yours truly.

Not only were we an amazing talented wiffleball team, we also excelled at creating letters with our bodies. Note how adroitly we create the letters TNL. You can't teach this stuff.

As if 2nd place in the wiffleball tournament wasn't enough drama in my life, later on that same day I got home to find that I had won the first round of the Fantasy Comedy tournament (a fantasy league I created where eight guys drafted funny people in an effort to create the funniest team possible) versus the soon to be World Famous The Ed. Ironically, I had drafted The Ed to be on my team, so The Ed helped defeat The Ed.

The drama came in that after I declared the vote to be closed with me as the winner, three people came along to vote for The Ed's team after it was over. Suddenly my victory by two votes turned into what looked like me trailing by 1 vote. I had already set up the second round, and now it looked to the Ed like I had cheated. This resulted in a lot of drama, and the Ed saying some rather unflattering things about me. I also ended up as #1 on the Bad Side over at, which is pretty severe since Dave Dameshek had been #1 on the Bad Side pretty much since the inception of Ed's website. I never imagined that I would be the one to knock Dave out of the top Bad Side spot.

Things got better a few days later though with the release of the greatest Vertically Striped Animation Studios video EVER! The world renowned "Oh No" video. Here it is, just in case you missed it the first time, be careful though, as it'll change your life. (Slight Hyperbole)

When The Ed saw the new video, I was quickly declared to be off the bad side, and sure enough...I made it to #1 on the Good Side. Giving me a record for quickest to legitimately disappear at #1 on the Bad Side and reappear at #1 on the Good Side.

With The Ed drama behind me, it was time for my 33rd birthday. The day started off with a bang, as Steve from Alabama was able to get the my radio show Vertically Striped Radio unbanned in Alabama. For a short time, the show had been made illegal in the heart of Dixie.

I had to go to work on my big day, but only for a few hours, because as a birthday present to myself, I kicked off of work early and walked on over to Coors Field to take in the Colorado Rockies game. Not only is it cool to skip work to go see a ballgame, but if the Rox won, they would clinch a playoff spot. The weather was cool, but the crowd was out in full force, and the Rockies rewarded us by thumping the Brewers 9-2 and clinching a postseason berth. The 9th inning was fun, and the celebration really broke out after Alcides Escobar struck out looking to end the game.

Coming home that night, my wife made a delicious breakfast for dinner, always a fan favorite at my house, and she really topped herself by following THIS RECIPIE for Bacon Ice Cream. That's right, she knew I had been preaching the virtues of the potential for Bacon Ice Cream, and she honored that vision by making some for me. Let me tell you, this is gonna be huge. It is delicious!

Forget Red Vines + Mr. Pibb, Bacon Ice Cream = Crazy Delicious

Not all the crazy stuff has been great...Friday and Saturday I felt like death warmed over. My wife Jen says she heard via the local media that if you think you have the H1N1, you probably do. I'm about 90% sure I had the Swine Flu. At it's worst on Saturday morning, I lacked the energy to blink. I'm feeling much better now.

I can neither confirm nor deny that this is how I contracted the Swine Flu.

Then, to cap things off yesterday, I was able to attend the crazy exciting come from behind victory by my Broncos over the Cowboys to increase their record to a logic defying 4-0.

Yes, it's true. Somehow the Broncos are 4-0.

So that's my crazy (not overly crazy) life over the past 10 days. Plus, it keeps getting better as my buddy got us tickets for Saturday night's Rockies playoff game, and then on Sunday, I'll once again be at Invesco to see the Broncos take on the Patriots in the uniform which gave birth to the name of this blog! How sweet it is! The Vertically Striped Socks are coming!

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Scott Haynes said...

sounds like a pretty good week. top 10 quality!