Friday, October 9, 2009

NFL Weekend Preview: Week 5

How sad is the lineup of games this weekend? Texans versus Cardinals is one of the GOOD games.

Bills 19 Browns 13 - Which city is more depressed? It's a toss up, as is this game. Neither team is much of a postseason threat, but the Bills are maybe a marginally better team. If you're at a party at a place that has Sunday Ticket, I doubt many are clamoring to watch this one.

Steelers 38 Lions 10 - This is not a weekend with a lot of great match ups, The Champs get to head to Detroit where I don't know that they are going to increase the morale of auto-workers. I'm guessing the home team goes down hard, but at least they have gotten used to that of late up in Michigan.

Cowboys 20 Chiefs 7
- After seeing them in person last Sunday, I can confirm that the Dallas Cowboys are not what one would call a confident team right now. Tony Romo was atrocious and the Cowpersons looked extremely tentative. That said, the Chiefs are in disarray, and a game against them is a good way to get your confidence built back up.

Vikings 30 Rams 10 - Do the Rams have a football pulse? I consulted the Magic 8 Ball and was told, "My sources say No." I think the 8 ball has good sources. Vikings roll again through the mush of their early season schedule which was surely approved by the schedule makers for Nebraska and Kansas State.

Giants 48 Raiders 17 - Oh look, another crappy game. If you're a huge NFL fan, but you have to miss one week of the season to do yard work or something, this may be the week to get it knocked out. Can Jamarcus Russell's precision possibly get worse? I've seen terrorists hit John Rambo with greater accuracy.

Eagles 19 Buccaneers 3
- It's almost like the NFL schedule maker is laughing at us this weekend. On the plus side, no one in the world is getting knocked out of any eliminator pools this weekend.

Panthers 10 Redskins 9 - This game is actually almost interesting. Two teams that had much higher hopes entering the season than the results on the field have yielded to this point. Plus, both teams desperately need to win this game to make a season of it. I have selected the Panthers to be victorious, but don't interpret that as a vote of confidence in Jake Delhomme, because I have none. I just happen to think that the Redskins just may be terrible.

Ravens 27 Bengals 24 - Are the Bengals actually a solid team as many of their results have suggested so far, or are they the team that can barely beat the Browns? I can't see the Ravens dropping this one after the heart breaker in New England last weekend, but I think the Bengals may actually be a decent squad.

49ers 20 Falcons 16 - The 49ers are a team that have impressed early on, they are a Favre desperation heave away from being undefeated, and I think they should be able to handle Matt Ryan and company.

Jaguars 23 Seahawks 20 - These two teams are complete opposites to me. I figured the Seahawks would be decent, but since a good first week, they have been dreadful. The Jags are a team I thought would be stink on ice, but they've actually been somewhat strong, or at least not completely dreadful. I'll follow the early season trends and take the Jags to win.

Cardinals 33 Texans 28 - The Texans have survived an early season malaise to be 2-2 at the quarter mark of the season. This is an important game for them if they are going to break through as many thought they were bound to do this season. I don't know if they can actually put it together, though.

Patriots 28 Broncos 17 - The Broncos have easily been the surprise of the early season, but I'm not sure they will be able to stand up to the brutality of the schedule in the next month. This is a great opportunity to show they are for real, but they need to take advantage of it, and I'm not sure they'll be able. I'll be at Invesco Field watching this one and hoping, but I'm not expecting that Denver will be victorious. No matter the result it'll be fun to see Denver wearing these...

Colts 37 Titans 16 - The Colts look like world beaters to this point, and the Titans look like road kill so far. I expect both of those trends to continue.

Jets 29 Dolphins 14 - The Dolphins obliterated the Bills last week, but the Jets are better than Buffalo and they're probably a little bitter after dropping their first decision last week to the Saints. I expect New York to dominate this divisional Monday Night match up.

My Picks Scorecard:

Last Week: 9-5
Season to Date: 43-19

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