Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Vertically Striped Interview: George Visger

What if the one thing in your life that brought you the most joy and brotherhood were also the thing threatening to tear your life apart? George Visger, a former defensive lineman for the Colorado Buffaloes and San Francisco 49ers, faces that with the game of football.

George joined us and told us about his story, from growing up playing Pop Warner football to running out to the field with the 49ers and winning a Super Bowl ring in 1981. George faced some debilitating brain injuries and had to battle through 9 different brain surgeries. He faced this adversity to become a successful wildlife engineer and motivational speaker. He told us of the battles he faces from his injuries in football as well as the positives that have come as his brothers from the University of Colorado helped him out of a tight spot.

George is a very positive and interesting guy, and he shared his life story with us. It was a great conversation, and you can check it out by going to
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