Sunday, September 20, 2009

Vertically Striped Radio - Episode 18: Fantasy Comedy Draft

Today was the monumental Fantasy Comedy Draft on Vertically Striped Radio, that's right, we had 7 guys on the phone all at the same time, and we were drafting funny people to make up fantasy teams of funny people to compete in a contest where votes determine the winner. You say, "What a waste of time." I say, "Visionary new way to select the president of the United States."

Either way, I think the audio was mostly entertaining, it involved the seven of us picking our comedians, the Ed singing songs, MJ drafting himself (Oh yes, he did!), and a bunch of other randomness including the seven of us "autodrafting" for the one guy who signed up to play and then didn't show up.

I don't know if it was a commercial success, but I enjoyed myself greatly, which is really all I was going for with this crazy business. If you're interested, the teams are listed below for your perusal, and then you can vote on which is the strongest team above.

The teams:

Team Name: The Originals
Team Owner: MJ Amory a.k.a. MJA on the message board

Movie Star 1: Adam Sandler
Movie Star 2: George Carlin
TV Star 1: Steve Carell
TV Star 2: Danny McBride as Kenny Powers in Eastbound and Down
Stand-up: Louis Black
Wild Card: Adam Carolla
Message Boarder: MJA

Team Name: The Ed's Super Deluxe Funny Team
Team Owner: The Ed, a.k.a. Pey Pey 23 on the message board

Movie Star 1: Chris Tucker
Movie Star 2: Robin Williams
TV Star 1: Fred Sanford
TV Star 2: Dave Chappelle
Stand-up: Eddie Murphy
Wild Card: The Jerky Boys
Message Boarder: Dick Banks

Team Name: The Auto-Draft All-Stars
Team Owner: Dombag85 a.k.a. The guy who didn't show up

Movie Star 1: Dane Cook
Movie Star 2: Rob Schneider
TV Star 1: Carrot Top
TV Star 2: Bea Arthur
Stand-up: Carlos Mencia
Wild Card: Spanky Brown
Message Boarder: LiJay

Team Name: The Fashionable Males
Team Owner: Aaron from the No Name Show a.k.a. BonaduceSux on the message board.

Movie Star 1: Steve Martin
Movie Star 2: Chris Farley
TV Star 1: Phil Hartman
TV Star 2: Chris Rock
Stand-up: Daniel Tosh
Wild Card: Stephen Colbert
Message Boarder: Security Guy Irv

Team Name: Rant in E-Minor
Team Owner: Face Ventura

Movie Star 1: Christopher Walken
Movie Star 2: Richard Pryor
TV Star 1: Susie Essman (Susie Greene on Curb Your Enthusiasm)
TV Star 2: Jason Alexander
Stand-up: Bill Hicks
Wild Card: The Great Gonzo
Message Boarder: Jerry Fairish

Team Name: The Infamous El Guapos
Team Owner: High Plains Grifter

Movie Star 1: Will Farrell
Movie Star 2: Chevy Chase
TV Star 1: Jerry Seinfeld
TV Star 2: David Feeney
Stand-up: Tom Hanks
Wild Card: Flight of the Conchords
Message Boarder: Cousin Brandon

Team Name: Stand up and Deliver
Team Owner: Craig Dodge a.k.a. Me a.k.a. socnorb777 on the Message Board

Movie Star 1: Woody Allen
Movie Star 2: Gene Wilder
TV Star 1: Bob Newhart
TV Star 2: Conan O'Brien
Stand-up: Mitch Hedberg
Wild Card: Homer Simpson
Message Boarder: The Ed

Team Name: Fusilli Larry
Team Owner: Jerry Fairish a.k.a. Larry a.k.a. PhillyBillyRules

Movie Star 1: Bill Murray
Movie Star 2: Dave Letterman
TV Star 1: David Cross
TV Star 2: Norm McDonald
Stand-up: Gilbert Gottfried
Wild Card: Saturday Night Live
Message Boarder: Dave Dameshek

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