Monday, September 14, 2009

Broncos Gameday Recap: Game #1 - at Bengals

I was flying to Seattle as this game was going down, so I only saw about half an hour worth of this game, and it was the end of the first half, so it wasn't THE play. Obviously my breakdown can't be too great, but from what I saw. The Defense looked good, although, to be fair, this was the Bengals. The offense looked as crappy as I feared, and Although the boys are now 1-0, I'm still standing firm on my 4-12 prediction, although I'll enjoy being undefeated for at least a week.

Now, HOLY CRAP! That was one of the coolest plays I have ever seen. An 87 yard game winning touchdown pass that was deflected by a defender to a different receiver it was intended for and then scoring with only 11 seconds left? You have GOT to be kidding me! That doesn't even happen in Friday Night Lights...okay, so it happens in Friday Night Lights every other week, but still... Was it complete luck? Yes. Was there any way the Broncos deserved to win? I'm going to say no. However, the first mark is in the W column and we aren't giving it back. As the ball is in the air, it appears that all hope is lost, but then Brandon Stokely saves the day, and he even tries to run out the clock, which looked like a move from a game of Madden.

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