Thursday, September 10, 2009

NFL Weekend Preview: Special Opening Night Edition

The Steelers and Titans renew hostilities this evening, as the NFL raises the curtain on the 2009 season.

GET IT ON! Our long national nightmare draws to an end, as this evening the worst offseason in sports officially comes to an end. That's right, there will be real NFL football tonight! As became my custom toward the end of last year on this blog, I will vainly attempt to predict the final scores of the action this year. I'll get to this weekend's action before the weekend gets rolling, but since the Titans and Steelers are going to all the trouble to stage a real game, I will attempt to predict what will happen, only to be made to look foolish based on what actually happens.

Steelers 20 Titans 16 - It's hard to go against the Super Bowl Champs opening up their season at home on a Thursday night. The emotion tends to favor the team that won it all, and the NFL did the Titans no favors by having them scheduled for this night. After losing Albert Haynesworth, many are expecting the Titans to fall from their perch atop the AFC. Count me among those that do not believe that Tennessee will repeat as AFC #1 seed, but I still think they are very good. I predict a close game in which the Steelers find a way to win with all the good vibes that come with the first regular season game for a champion. Plus, Kerry Collins is still prominently involved for the Titans, and I refuse to believe that he is actually a good quarterback. Plus, you gotta believe that the Steelers want revenge for the way that the Titans stomped all over the terrible towel last year. The regular season opens this fall the same way that last postseason ended in February, with a Pittsburgh win.

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