Saturday, September 12, 2009

Sing a Song of Bacon, The Meat of Kings!

Bacon Ice Cream, and idea whose time has come.

So apparently a week ago today was International Bacon Day, talk about a holiday I could get behind! Is there anything that bacon can't make better? I got into a conversation about that very topic with my wife, and she does not share my absolute love of bacon. She said that it would not work in desserts, at which time I declared that bacon ice cream is just waiting to explode on the scene. I figured it was my original idea, and that it would take off in the next decade in much the same way that cookie dough did in the late 80's and that I would be hailed as a pioneer.

Then I run into this page, (Candied Bacon Ice Cream) and apparently I am not the visionary that I thought I was, not that it matters, because I just want Bacon Ice Cream to take off even if it's not my idea, it's an idea whose time has come. There is even a recipe to make it, which puts me one step closer to tasting it. Now I just need to buy the ingredients and actually make it.

I also ran into this commercial from New Zealand for Kiwi Bacon, which made me happy, because apparently even vegetarians can't escape the true power of bacon. Plus, the commercial is funny.

So, to summarize this extremely random blog post...I love bacon.

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Craig Dodge said...

Now I was watching a TV show, and they made a reference to Bacon Flavored Ice Cream, I'm telling you this thing is about to blow up!