Monday, September 7, 2009

Great Moments in NFL History: The Music City Fraud: 9 and a half years later

I'm so ready for the season to begin that I'm surfing YouTube NFL clips. I guess we can call this series of posted YouTube clips, Great Moments in NFL History. Here is a great one that features several deceased persons in it. (Tim Russert and Steve McNair and I'm not entirely convinced that they aren't pulling a Weekend at Bernie's type trick with Wade Phillips down in Dallas, either.)

This clip is the infamous Music City Miracle. I've watched the video of this thing several times, and the only thing I can conclude is that it was probably a forward pass, but I'm not sure how instant replay officials can overturn that play in that scenario and live to tell about it. Phil Luckett made the right call to save his life, although I tend to believe that the Bills got screwed on this call. There are some angles which make it look almost like a lateral, but my eyes show the ball being passed one yard behind where it was caught.

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