Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The colorblind side of the NFL rears it's ugly head.

Yikes, did you guys get dressed in the dark? I am not sure which was worse on Sunday. The Houston Texans ran out onto the field at Reliant Stadium on Sunday sporting red jerseys, red pants, and their navy blue helmet. A uniform so ugly that I'm pretty sure many of the home fans immediately began to cheer for the Jaguars just because they couldn't stand the site of their home team. Those were bad, but...

...were they worse than what the Seahawks broke out Sunday in Seattle? The Qwest Field faithful have been through a lot, is it really fair to subject them to uniforms which make them look like highlighter pens? I was just in Seattle a couple of weeks ago, and I can give a firsthand report that this snot green color is all the rage up there. The Seattle Sounders (the new MLS team in Seattle) wear it as their main color, and you can also get all sorts of Seahawks stuff in this grotesque color. I even saw a Mariners shirt in the same shade of green, needless to say it was not attractive.

It's one thing to sell gear with this awkward color which is best left as a very slightly used accent color, but to deck your entire team out in the color and take the field against the Chicago Bears was surely an affront to the football gods.

Okay, so here is the question of the day. Obviously, both of these uniforms should be burned publicly, but which one do you find more objectionable? Please vote below for you choice of "Most Ugly." Is it any wonder that both the Texans and Seahawks went down to defeat on Sunday? You may say it is a coincidence, I choose to think of it as justice.

Who had the uglier uniforms on Sunday?
Seattle Seahawks
Houston Texans
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