Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Knowshon: Get thy butt in camp!

Memo to Knowshon Moreno: Get your butt into camp ASAP. Today was the fifth day of training camp that he has missed as a result of his holdout as he and the Broncos attempt to figure out where the final figures will fall on his rookie contract. Knowshon, I know that tons of first rounders are not signed yet, but get this stuff worked out right quick as there is tons of competition at your spot, and just because you're a high draft pick it doesn't mean you automatically are the starter.

If there is good news Broncos fans can take from this, it's that there is still a ton of time, and Knowshon plays a position that isn't as difficult to pick up quickly as say inside linebacker or quarterback would be. However, the fact remains that this will likely be a difficult enough season for Josh McDaniels and the sisters of the poor we like to call our Denver Broncos without increasing the difficulty level by having the drama of a holdout. Let's get this going in the right direction and get signature on contract so we can focus on the plan for attempting to reach the impossible dream of an 8-8 season in Denver. (Nothing like high expectations, eh?)

In a bit of good Broncos news, in addition to wearing the AFL throwback Vertically Striped Socks uniforms twice this season, the Broncs will also be donning their beautiful alternate orange uniforms two times this year. The Broncos will dress in what (in a perfect world) should be their permanent uniforms against the Cowboys in October and the Steelers in November. Denver should wear Orange, so for at least two games this fall, they'll look right. Good news indeed. They may not play well this year, but at least they'll look good playing badly.

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