Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Chicken Socks

These are Luke's "Chicken Socks"

One of the best things about kids is how they see the world in a way that is completely different from us. You never realize how you don't see things through fresh eyes, until one of your kiddos gives you a glimpse into their non-jaded view of the world. I had just such an experience last night from my little boy.

We were getting ready to go to the grocery store, a chore that my kids absolutely love. They get to ride in the shopping cart that looks like a race car, they get a free pink cookie, they get to ride on the horsie ride that costs a penny. It's pretty much the best place in the world when you're a really little kid, I guess.

My daughter already had her shoes on, and my little guy was very excitedly grabbing his socks and shoes. My wife watches a little boy a few times a week, and he was over yesterday and his parents had dressed him in Denver Nuggets socks, as they are big Nuggets fans. As I am also a huge Nuggets fan, both of my kids also have a pair of Nuggets socks, and when they saw their little friend with Nuggets socks, they wanted to have their Nuggets socks on too. So the socks that my little guy had been wearing all day were Nuggets socks, and these were the socks which he brought over to me.

As he brought me the socks, I excitedly said to him, "Do you want to wear your Nuggets socks?" Luke is not quite yet two, but he has quite an expanded vocabulary for someone so young. As I asked him if he wanted to wear his Nuggets socks, he excitedly said in his ridiculously cute two year old voice, "Chicken Socks!"

I kept asking him if he wanted his Nuggets socks, and he kept saying, "Chicken Socks!! Chicken Socks!!" I'm not thinking like a two year old, and so I keep correcting him saying, "No, Nuggets socks!" We go through this for about a minute until it finally dawns on me...the only thing to which he relates the word "Nuggets" is Chicken Nuggets. One of his favorite types of food.

I began to immediately laugh at the cuteness of the situation, and also laugh at myself because I was so slow to pick up on the rather obvious (and creative) reason that Luke is declaring his Denver Nuggets socks to be "Chicken Socks." Kids are awesome, and I'll never look at his NBA licensed merchandise the same way again.

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