Monday, August 17, 2009

The King of Commercials, but I'm iffy on the Beer.

Yes, Budweiser is trying to convince Brits that they would rather drink a Bud than, you know, enjoy a good beer. Generally in Britain they have a little more sense than Americans, as they tend to drink actual good beers such as Newcastle, Boddingtons, and Guiness rather than the mass produced swill that so many here in the States seem to prefer.

While I doubt Budweiser will be successful in duping our friends across the pond, they at least have a pretty slick advertising scheme in place. This commercial is pretty cool and creative as it co-ops a rather popular group that originated in a little town called Liverpool over in England. So enjoy the commercial, but don't believe the hype about Budweiser, it really isn't all that good.

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Trinket said...

That is a fantastic commercial!