Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Gazing into the Crystal Ball: My preseason NFL predictions for the entire league.

Predictions from my Crystal Ball are cloudy at best, but here's what I see...

Here are my preseason predictions for everyone's records in the NFL. If you look closely, I'm sure you'll that many of these numbers contradict my over-under predictions for the season. These numbers were derived by a very scientific process of me looking at every game for the whole season and guessing which team will win and then tallying the results, whereas my Over-Under predictions were just random guesses about a specific team without looking at everything else.

Yup, my Super Bowl matches up the Colts with the Packers, with the Pack taking home the Lombardi Trophy. Which means that the Colts will probably be the 6th seed in the playoffs, and the Packers will finish at 7-9. My predictions are not usually super strong, but that doesn't mean I can't still pretend to gaze into the crystal ball.

AFC Predictions:
AFC West:
Chargers 10-6
Chiefs 9-7
Raiders 5-11
Broncos 4-12

AFC North:
Ravens 12-4
Steelers 11-5
Bengals 6-10
Browns 2-14

AFC South:
Colts 12-4
Texans 10-6
Titans 8-8
Jaguars 6-10

AFC East:
Patriots 11-5
Bills 8-8
Dolphins 7-9
Jets 5-11

NFC Predictions:

NFC West:
Seahawks 9-7
Cardinals 6-10
49ers 5-11
Rams 4-12

NFC North:
Packers 11-5
Bears 11-5
Vikings 10-6
Lions 3-13

NFC South:
Panthers 11-5
Falcons 10-6
Saints 6-10
Buccaneers 5-11

NFC East:
Giants 12-4
Eagles 11-5
Cowboys 10-6
Redskins 6-10

Playoff Predictions:

Wild Card Round:

Patriots over Texans
Steelers over Chargers

Panthers over Bears
Eagles over Seahawks

Divisional Round:

Ravens over Patriots
Colts over Steelers

Giants over Eagles
Packers over Panthers

Championship Games:

Colts over Ravens

Packers over Giants

Super Bowl XLIII:
Packers over Colts

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