Sunday, August 30, 2009

Broncos Gameday Recap: Preseason Game #3 - vs. Bears

At least we still have this man, in only his second year, he is one of my favorite Broncos already.

The Cutler bowl ended just a few hours ago with the Bears whooping the Broncos 27-17 at Invesco Field. I can't go as in depth on this game as I have in the two previous preseason games, because I was only half watching it with a group of friends with the volume turned down. What I did notice is this: the Broncos offense is erratic and not able to get consistent pressure on their opponents, and the Broncos defense is not able to get the opponents off the field, or stop them in pressure situations such as the end of a half. Same crap I've been seeing the first two preseason games with little improvement.

Hopefully tis but a scratch, if it's more than just a flesh wound the Broncos only remaining healthy quarterback is the immortal rookie Tom Brandstater.

A few quick hits: 1. It was good to see Brian Dawkins out on the field, and hopefully he will add something that was sorely needed to the Broncos D. 2. Kyle Orton's finger looked gross, hopefully he's okay because... 3. Tom Brandstater is a terrible NFL quarterback, he throws a bad ball with a lot of flutter, he hangs on to the ball way too long, and he gets hit harder than any player I can ever remember. You're not bringing a whole lot to the table here, Tom. If Orton is hurt more seriously than just a flesh wound, Brandstater is the only other healthy quarterback on the roster, which is not a positive sign. How surprised would I be to hear that the Broncos picked up Kevin O'Connell of waivers from the Patriots? Zero surprised, I'm almost expecting it at this point.

Tom Brandstater isn't going to make anyone forget John Elway, or Gary Kubiak for that matter.

It's still only the preseason, but not much to be encouraged about for the Bronco faithful. I'm expecting a long year. The best two things to come from tonight's game: 1. The fans brought their A game when it came to booing Cutler and having creative signs. My favorite being the two guys, one in a Bears jersey holding a sign that said, "Chicago loves Cutler" and then his buddy in a Broncos uni holding a sign that read, "I'm with stupid." It's an old joke, but it cracked me up nonetheless. 2. Those orange uniforms looked good. They need to break out that look much more often, as it is awesome to see the Broncos wearing the appropriate colored uniform.

As for Jay Cutler, the dude is good. It pained me to see him making the touch throws and the rocket armed throws wearing the wrong blue and orange uniform. If you believe the stories coming out this past week, perhaps he is still a Denver Bronco if Pat Bowlen still had a short term memory. Cutler is a stud, and although he was a bit of a baby, he still has the goods on the football field. He will be missed. Also, he is going to miss the Broncos offensive line, as the Bears line is not so good, and he was scrambling all over the place out there tonight.

Cutler played well but...

...Broncos fans were not impressed

Apparently Broncos fans think Cutler is either a baby...

...or a woman.

Safe to say, Cutler is not as popular in Colorado as he once was.

That's about it for the recap, nothing much to take from it other than we are only two weeks away from doing this for real, and few optimistic signs have appeared in the exhibition season. We'll see how it goes down on opening day in Cincy in just a few weeks.

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