Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Here is my Elephant, I'm sure Pixar will be calling soon...

I am a child of the video game generation, and although I have cut down my gaming quite a bit as an adult, I still like to get my game on. I don't have any of the new consoles or anything, but I have kept my gaming alive with my system of choice...the Nintendo DS.

I have owned every generation of the DS, and the latest version is a doozy! It's called the DSi, and it has the ability to take photos and download games called DSiWare from the Nintendo DSi store. Occasionally Nintendo makes items available for free, and they have just made a program called Flipnote Studio available on their store for free...and it's AWESOME! It allows you to make your own animations in much the same way I did as a third grader with my Grammar book, by flipping pages. One thing I can do that I couldn't do in third grade was add sound, but I can in 2009 as a 32 year old with my Nintendo portable video game system. Yes, I am very cool.

So anyway, here is my very amazing first cartoon, I hope you all enjoy it. I'm sitting by the phone just waiting for the call from know, in case they are wanting to do something in the choppily animated elephant genre. And yes, I did all my own drawing, sound effects, and stunt work for this film...I'm very good.

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Scott Haynes said...

i bet peanuts are involved in the sequel.