Friday, May 28, 2010

Boston Hopping: Day 1 - Landed in Boston.

So, it's almost 1:00 AM local time, and we've been in Boston for about an hour and a half. First impressions? A little dirty, but pretty dang cool.

The city is in a terrific mood, and at least 60 percent of the people we saw on the train to the hotel were wearing green. The Celtics have just clinched a spot in the NBA Finals, and it felt like St. Patrick's Day. I was decked out in an orange and blue polo with a bright orange Broncos hat, and I felt like the lone Protestant in a sea of Catholics on St. Patricks day. I stuck out like a bright orange thumb, which of course I enjoyed.

The Subway or "T" is pretty easy to use, which is good since we're going carless this trip. Looking forward to traipsing over the city and discovering cool stuff.

The hotel seems nice, but old. Then again, we're in Boston...everything is old. I'm struck by how many people here were wearing sports apparel. EVERYONE (or so it felt) was wearing either Red Sox gear or Celtics gear. Good for them, I say. I'm enjoying the spirit of the city already, and I haven't even been here long enough to watch the Lost finale.

Well, I'm off to get some sleep. Perhaps I'll post something with pictures in the coming days. No promises, but I'll try to keep posting a little something at the very least. From Boston, -Craig

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Steve G. said...

Ah, cool! I'm about 90 minutes away from Boston, so I visit frequently. Watch out about taking the T on game days for the Celtics and Red Sox - They get REALLY crowded, so you have to tack on some extra travel time. What hotel are you in, the Commonwealth?