Sunday, May 24, 2009

Vertically Striped Radio - Episode 1 - Now playing on a computer near you.

Okay, so the Vertically Striped Socks brand is branching out. I have stepped outside my comfort zone of writing, and have decided to go multi-platform. That's right, I have started my very own Radio Program. It's mostly sports talk, but it may venture into all sorts of other goofiness.

The first episode is in the can, I was surprised at how much more difficult it is to produce a radio program than it is to listen to one. I feel like I did okay, and it was fun to have a creative challenge. You never realize how hard it is to monologue until you try it, very awkward feeling, but when I went back and listened to it, it really wasn't that bad. I'm no Howard Stern, of course, but it wasn't awful.

My first show I spent talking about the NBA Playoffs, then I got a call from The Whale off of the message board, and then I spent a ton of time talking to The Ed, who is fantastic radio, and he really carried the program along to another level. It's much more fun to talk to people than it is to try to just blab on my yourself. My brother Bruce is planning to join me shortly as my co-host, which I welcome, but it's a lot of fun doing the radio program. If you'd like to take a listen to the first episode, you can listen in or download the MP3 file at Or you can also just listen to it now by simply pressing play on the box below! See how easy I make it for you?
Hope you enjoy it! There will be more to come.

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