Saturday, May 30, 2009

Vertically Striped Radio - Episode 2: The Vertical Socks Strike Back

Episode #2 of Vertically Striped Radio is in the can. On this episode, I was supposed to be joined by Bruce for the first time, but unfortunately, he was held up by issues of unloading his moving truck. He promises he will join us next week, and he will be held accountable for his lack of dependability, but I also understand because he is in the middle of moving to Colorado.

I ended up hosting solo, but it worked out alright, we were joined by The Ed who helped me discuss the current state of the Nuggets, and also let us know what was up with his T-Shirt business. I also was able to shoot the breeze with Face Ventura from the message board about Twitter and the history of the internet and we also had a long discussion about the NHL Finals. Face then hung on the line to help out with a Magnificent 7, Radio Edition, as we broke down 7 of the worst things in sports.
We celebrated the end of a great run by the Nuggets in a bittersweet way by playing two Nuggets fight songs one day after they were run from the playoffs by the Lakers. It was a fun show, and we will likely be back again next week. If you'd like to listen to the show, you can go to or you can listen to it from the blog by pressing play on the widget below.

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