Monday, June 1, 2009

It's Monday, and I'm feeling lazy so it's time to break out a little "Hope and Change."

It's Monday, and I while don't really feel up to a full post today, I am a giver. I couldn't let you get all the way through this Monday without a little something. Therefore I thought I would give you some inspiration for these dark days, after all there's a repression going on. So I bring you Hope and Change. I don't even need to give you any details, it's strictly "Hope and Change" for my platform, and you'll eat it up! It's almost enough to make you want to get out there and vote right now, isn't it. Sadly, it's only June. Remember, for the change America needs, it's Vertically Striped Socks in 2009! Hope and Change, people.

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Scott Haynes said...

I like that last one.

"I dunno guys...I dunno."