Saturday, June 13, 2009

Vertically Striped Radio - Episode 4: Scientific NBA Finals Breakdowns and Dogs on Pot

Episode 4 of Vertically Striped Radio is in the can! On this weeks episode, we took some time to revel in the Penguins winning the Stanley Cup, and more importantly, the Red Wings NOT winning the Stanley Cup. We broke down the news including one of the weirdest news stories of all time, and a story about a dog with a hankering for the Marijuana.

We also broke down the NBA Finals, and did a scientific breakdown of which Finals team was the more likable, with unsurprising results... The hour flew by, and it was a ton of fun. I highly recommend checking it out! You can download the file as always at, or you can listen straight from my blog with the widget that is posted below. Hope you enjoy the Vertically Striped Radio, and thanks for listening!

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