Saturday, August 25, 2012

Vertically Striped Radio - Episode 175 - 08-25-12 - Best. Art Restoration. Ever.

This terrible art restoration by an 80 year old woman in Spain brought great joy into Craig's life this week.

It was the show that almost wasn't, but at the last minute a birthday party was moved and as a result Craig was able to do the show. Craig comes in hot, as he was a bit perturbed by the events of the previous hours, but he settled down and he and Face spent some quality time enjoying Spanish Art Restoration.

The main event saw us talking a good deal of football as Elevation joined us and the three of us made our annual preseason picks for NFL divisional winners. The game pits the three of us each other, random chance, and a 5 year old boy. Results pending and will be reviewed at the season's conclusion.

We wrapped up with a surprise visit from the newest regular at indiesarah. We questioned Sarah within an inch of her life and couldn't help but be unable to hide our general confusion surrounding the existance of a female regular. Sarah was most good natured about our interrogation, and she even dislikes she appears to be a keeper.

After a brief few minutes with The Whale at the end, we wrap up the show with a music recommendation from Middle Brother of their song "Blood and Guts".

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