Sunday, August 19, 2012

Random Broncos Thoughts - Preseason Game 2 - vs Seahawks

Seahawks 30 Broncos 10

Thoughts from the stands of my son's first Broncos game:

-As good as the Broncos looked last week was as bad as they did this week. Again, it's only preseason, and you can't get too worked up over third stringers doing great or doing terrible. But man, did they do terrible tonight.

-Peyton Manning was in command tonight, but made a few decent sized mistakes and again failed to throw a touchdown pass. (Although if Jacob Tamme could catch, he'd have had his first Bronco TD pass at the end of the second quarter.)

-Egad, something went wrong on Manning's second interception. Perhaps the receiver ran a wrong route, but it looked like the pass just got away from him.

-Despite throwing 2 picks and no touchdowns, Manning still had a decent stat line. 16-23 for 177 yards in 2 quarters of work ain't too shabby. I can look past mistakes in the preseason when they don't matter. The important thing is that when he gets it cranking, the Broncos offense feels pretty potent.

-I have blasted the Seahawks new uniforms, but they are starting to grow on me a little. I think the road whites are actually pretty swell and their new helmet is pretty swank.

-We already knew pretty much knew this, but after two preseason games, it is a lead pipe lock: If something happens to Manning, the Broncos are in serious trouble. Brock Osweiler needs a lot of work. The offense with him under center in the second half was worse than anemic. 5-11 for 38 yards isn't going to get it done.

-If you're a Bronco fan, you need to be concerned with how effectively the Seahawks were running the ball. 228 total yards, and they were gashing the Broncos for 5.2 yards a pop. Disconcerting, to be sure. The Broncos run defense needs to toughen up or teams will just ram it down their throats all season.

-There is something so right about the Broncos in orange!

-If I'm the Seahawks, I'm giving Russell Wilson some serious consideration as the starter for my team. I know they signed Matt Flynn from Green Bay this offseason, but Flynn seemed pedestrian with the first teamers, and Wilson was legitimately exciting in the second half. I won't be shocked if the former Wisconsin Badger is starting for the Seahawks before the season ends.

-Marshawn Lynch is a beast.

-If you take a four year old to a game, be prepared for a lot of wiggling. All in all, though, I'm proud of how well my son did. He did a great job of cheering when the game was exciting in the first half. In the second half, he was more interested in the location of the lemonade vendor than the football, but then again, he's only 4.

-Something that was reinforced to me tonight: Football is a difficult game to explain to someone who doesn't understand the rules. I was doing a lot of exposition on the goings on down on the field to my son. I'm not sure he retained all that much, but I do know that he enjoys punts. A for effort in trying to figure it out, though.

-I haven't been to a preseason game in years, and only went tonight because it was a chance to take my son. There have been a lot of positive changes made in the NFL in recent years, but one thing that hasn't changed...Preseason football pretty much sucks. 

Go Broncos!

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