Sunday, August 26, 2012

Random Broncos Thoughts - Preseason Game 3 - vs 49ers

49ers 29 Broncos 24

-This is more like it! Broncos fans couldn't be happier at today's result. Preseason football is a wonky thing. The Broncos left, but because they were up 17-0 when Manning left the game, it feels like a huge win. Who cares how the scrubs fell apart.

-Confession: Seeing as how this is preseason football, I missed the entire first half at a birthday party. I justify this by saying IT'S ONLY PRESEASON!!!

-The Broncos scrubs are very bad. I had the "pleasure" of watching the second half and a 24-10 lead turned into a 24-29 loss. Couple this with a 10-9 lead last week turning into a 30-10 loss against the Seahawks and the guys trying their best to make the Broncos have been outscored 40-0 in the second half of the past two games. I'd say this is cause for concern if 60% of these guys weren't going to be driving cement trucks in three weeks and the other 40% weren't going to be riding the pine in the NFL, but they are.

-Again, it's okay to miss some or all of a preseason game. In fact, it should be encouraged. The fact that the NFL foists this terrible football upon us is a terrible deed which is forgotten every September as the real thing descends upon us and we greedily lap it up and forget our August disgust at paying full price for this exhibition schlock.

-Just one final thing before I go. The Manning stat line. The glorious Manning stat line.

10/12 Passing
122 Yards
10.2 Yards per throw
2 Touchdowns
0 Interceptions
148.6 QB rating

THIS is why we don't miss Tebow!

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