Friday, August 10, 2012

Random Broncos Thoughts - Preseason Game 1 - at Bears

Broncos 31 Bears 3

Thoughts from the first night Manning donned the Blue and Orange:

-I have to say that it's weird seeing Peyton Manning in a Broncos uniform. That number 18 behind center looks so glorious, though.

-If you're going to try and glean something from watching Peyton play only 10 plays, you're clearly working with an insufficient sample size. Still, there is reason for both caution and optimism. Let's be honest, Manning looked rusty. His first completion probably should have been intercepted, and while the interception in the end zone was a great play by the Bears defense, it wasn't exactly perfect throw, either. Still, we saw flashes. He walked to the line, checked out the secondary, and gesticulated wildly a few times...always a Manning staple. Plus, he looked cool and confident in the pocket and made you feel like he knew what he was doing. (Which clearly he does.) 

-As I watched the game, I saw on Twitter someone posted "Manning is the only quarterback NOT to lead the Broncos on a touchdown drive tonight. QB CONTROVERSY IN DENVER!" Clearly, it's a joke. And it did make me chuckle.

-Why do Bears fans hate Caleb Hanie so much? Surprisingly strong vitriolic reaction for the Bears former backup QB in Chicago.

-No matter how dominating a 31-3 blasting of a strong Bears team feels, pinch yourself and remember it was just the first preseason game. Still, if you're a Broncos fan you have to be pleased with a game in which the defense looked strong, the offensive line was opening holes and protecting the quarterbacks, and just about everything was working. It feels good, even as you keep reminding yourself that it's just the preseason.

-How great a name for a running back is Xavier Omon? The 3rd year back from Northwest Missouri State is my early favorite for "Player I Root For A Little TOO Strongly Simply Because He Has the Best Name on the Preseason Roster" award.

-You have to admire the bravery of wide receiver Mark Dell sporting the number 15 with so many psychotic Tebowfiles still roaming the streets of Denver. Perhaps he wanted to see his number in the stands everywhere when he plays a home game. Between Tebow and Brandon Marshall, the #15 has more baggage than I'd want to carry with me if I were a fringe player trying to snag a roster spot.

-Watching the local broadcast, and spots kept appearing for Charity Water...a personal favorite cause of mine. They provide clean water for people in undeveloped countries as a way to help out places where people die due to the terrible drinking water available. Truly a great cause, and it warmed my heart to see so many spots for them. If you have a chance, toss a few bucks their

-I thought after Noah's Ark that God promised never to flood the earth again, and yet I was beginning to doubt that for awhile seeing the weather in Chicago. Just one more weather related reason I never want to live in the Windy City. A nice place to visit, but you wouldn't want to live there.

-I'm going to enjoy the Jack Del Rio defensive coordinator era. One, because he's a former head coach acting in a coordinator role, which always seems to work well. Two, because it appears his defense is going to be pretty good. And most importantly, Three: I constantly keep thinking of him as "Jack of the river" which is just fun.

-I'm a devout believer that Tebow is not a legit NFL quarterback and Manning was totally the right move, but even I have to admit that there were a few times when I saw Caleb Hanie collapse in a heap tonight that I became a little nostalgic for a little Tebow escapability. Yep, I missed Tim just a tiny bit tonight.

-Brock Osweiler looks like an NFL quarterback. He's got a ton to work on, but you can see why Elway made the questionable decision to draft the kid in the 2nd round when there were so many other pressing needs.

-Derek Wolfe is exciting!

-Man, I hate the preseason. September can't come soon enough.

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