Saturday, April 23, 2011

Vertically Striped Radio - Episode 106 - 04-23-11 - Whigs in 2012!

Craig, Face, and the Whale were all on hand for an odd but fun edition of VSR. We laid out the platform for the newly reformed (by us) Whig Party with a Magnificent Seven list which put forth the Top 7 Planks of the Whig platform. We had a curious edition of "Something to Think About" and we took a look into the oddly Hebrew world of Shalom Seasame, the Jewish version of Seasame Street. No, really.

 We finished up all of that silliness with a look at the Phallological Museum of Iceland and it's newest exhibit. And yes, that is what you think it is. After a bit of trying to stumble upon the next movie for the He-Man Movie Watchers club, we were just about to call it a day when The Ed showed up and blessed us with about 25 minutes of classic The Ed comedy. The Ed is a great guy, but not what I would describe as easy to get off of the phone.

After finally forcibly extracting Mr. Miller from the phone, we closed up with a Vertically Striped Music recommendation of "Down in the Valley" from the self titled album from The Head and the Heart. In my humble opinion, this was the best VSR in some time...I guess we were due.

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