Saturday, April 30, 2011

Anytime you can draft a former basketball, you HAVE to do it. (Laughing at ESPN's expense)

The NFL draft is over, which is about the time I take a cursory glance to see what the Broncos did over the unbearably self-indulgent spectacle of an event. As much as I love NFL football, hearing gasbags pontificate on who had a good or bad draft makes me crazy...NO ONE KNOWS!! (And they won't know for several years in many cases.) Still, I like to check in to see what my Broncos did, which lead me to this gem from the not-exactly-overzealous editors over at (Click on the picture of the caption to see it larger, if you can't read the teeny-tiny print.)

Apparently, the Broncos drafted a former basketball named Julius Thomas in the fourth round. I didn't even know used gym equipment was eligible to be drafted, or that anyone would give a name to a former basketball, but it's good to know that anyone can achieve the dream to play in the NFL, even a former basketball. I do wonder what he did to reform from his "being-a-basketball" ways which makes him a former basketball.

It is also interesting to read that starter Daniel Graham and backup Richard Quinn are primarily blockers and they are not much blockers in the passing game...I think the people writing up recaps of the draft may have been running a little low on sleep when they produced this one. Not that I am immune from misspellings and terrible grammar, but is a one man show, not a multi-million dollar company...

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