Saturday, April 2, 2011

Vertically Striped Radio - Episode 103 - 04-02-11 - Stupid People Shooting Things

After a week off, Craig was raring to return to the fake airwaves, and a nasty sore throat could not stop him. An early bit of BlogTalk-style technical difficulties allowed Craig to unveil VSR's new technical difficulty music, but things got swinging relatively quickly with a newscast that had a very "shooty" feel to it.

We also had a story about the thirtieth anniversary of one the craziest letters ever written. Could you love Jodie Foster so much you'd be willing to kill the president for her? That might have happened...or there may have been a gigantic conspiracy to kill Ronald Reagan by the Bush family. No matter what...every option seems unreasonably wacky.

A new edition of "Something to Think About" allowed us to discuss selling personal naming rights, telemarketers and zombie intellectuals.

Craig's final segment was a Magnificent Seven list of the Top 7 Actors that increase his interest in seeing a movie. 

Craig finished things up with a lukewarm music recommendation of "For You" by Band. (Yes, that is really their name.) The recommendation was really more due to the story behind their name than their music which is only average, but their chutzpah is first rate.

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