Saturday, February 5, 2011

NFL Weekend Preview: Super Bowl XLV - This Super Bowl is going to the birds.

I have no clue who is going to win this game. Seriously, how is one supposed to pick between two teams with yellow pants? I started out thinking the Packers easy, then all this week I started feeling like it was going to be the Steelers, now I'm back on board with Green Bay. All I know is that a lot of people will be watching, many of whom will be pretending that they're big football fans at a part where large quantities of chips and dip will be consumed. I'm cheering for the Pack, because of this trip I made back in 2008. I've got a soft spot in my heart for the Packers, and Steelers fans typically annoy me with their "We're God's gift to football, and the only franchise that matters" attitude.

So, rather than pretending I'm doing hard hitting analysis of the game to decide who will win. I'm leaving it up to the birds. Parrots, specifically.

Super Bowl XLV - Green Bay Packers vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

The case for the Packers:

I think this guy might be a little confused with the Packers in the Super Bowl and Brett Favre having not been there for three years. Still, he does appear ready for some football, which is nice.

Sam is just hanging out, being a bird. Suddenly with a raise of his wings, he summons the spirit of Lombardi. This bird is inspiring!

Dusty has spirit, and he likes cheese. Add to that the sweet head of feathers, and this guy has to be a good omen for his Packers.

This might be my favorite football fan parrot. Who's YOUR daddy, indeed!

The case for the Steelers:

Kona is kind of impressive, although I feel she might sing out the charge chant for anything that dude said.

This African Grey parrot's owner cracks me up. Although we never see her, I'm picturing an old but sweet lady who is a little TOO into her parrot and a little TOO into her Steelers.

Another African Grey Steeler fan. This one seems abandoned, as it sound like some type of financial conference is going on in the background as the bird roots on the black and gold.

Apparently, half of all Steeler fans are African Grey parrots. This one seems a little cheeky, although that's probably just because he's speaking in French before he starts declaring that Pittsburgh's going to the Super Bowl. Yeah, I'm cosmopolitan AND I cheer for the Stillers, what of it?

Sha-ra doesn't appear to know her name, but she really wants the Steelers to go. I think my favorite part of this video is the fact that the parrot owner appears to be getting angry at his bird because it doesn't want to say it's name, but just wants to sing about the Steelers. Perhaps the owner is a Browns fan.

After a careful analysis of the parrot evidence, I find in favor of the Packers. The Steelers parrots all seem slightly douchey, and the Packers birds all seem to have their heads in the right place. With that kind of advantage in feathered supporters, I'm going to say the Pack pull out the win in a surprisingly easy way. Packers 28 Steelers 13

And just to show that there is hope for a brighter tomorrow...

Conference Championship Round: 1-1
Regular Season: 161-95
Playoffs: 3-7
Year to Date: 164-102

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